May 31, 2010

Mt Kinabalu

Sunset at Tanjung Aru

Group gettin gready to take pixs with the Rose Cabin owner

Me, Afiq, Loke, Chey, Agnes & Steven - Yes we did it

Prayer's hand as the peak

Afiq, Moon, Kar-Mun, Steven, Agnes and of course me lah at the peak

Climbers up to the peak

Morning View


Meeta, Agnes, Steven n Loke at 5km via mesilau

May's Group

Steamboat dinner

Got home at 2am this morning from Kota Kinabalu and have to be in office before 9am.
The weather was clear from 2am till we come down from the peak, it was raining from 7pm till 1.30am.
The climbers were wondering whether the climb to the peak is on as it was raining thru 'out however at 1.30am its stop bit it was slippery.
Started at 2.35am and reach the peak at 6.05am, Chey was inspiring the climbers whith his 1Malaysia as any of the climber come, he will just ask come and take pixs.
One of the Mt Guides ask, not boring every year you come told him 'to be healthy' as lond as i can.
Come this oct. will be the climbathon and will start the preparation this weekend with a hike to Gng Nuang till the race day.

May 24, 2010

Mt KK - May 27 - 30,2010

This thursday, will be at Mt KK foothill and Friday will start the to Laban Rata.
out of 12ppl joining me 7 are 1st timers and hope the weather will be good.
The above pixs were taken in last month climb.

May 22, 2010

Singapore Marathon 2010

Rec'd an email from Mohan a fellow runner from S'pore.

'The event has been renamed as 'Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon' with Asics as a new co-sponsor.

The official website is

The even is very very cheap at S$45 (S$38.25 if pay with SC credit Card) new routes this year.

If you keen do sign up early bird up to June 4.


Gunung Nuang - June 6

At Gunung Nuang Peak

Met Tammy this morning at Gasing Hills, she and gang will be joining me to Gunung Nuang on June 6. Its part of their training from Nepal.

Those keen, meet at the Park Office, Ulu Langat 7am or email me.



April 2010 Group at Low's Peak (Mt KK)

Next week MAy 27 - 30th, its my 19th climb to Mt KK, leading a group of 12.

Most of them are 1st timers and training have been done the last 2 months.

This morning even its rain, Aaron, Kar Mun & Jenny were at Bkt Gasing for 2 hrs hike
before the actual on Friday.

Its Kaamataan Festival (Harvest) in Sabah.

More pixs when back.

May 20, 2010

Kilimanjaro Peak

Sunset at Kilimanjaro

Slow walk by Alex to Peak - Kilimanjaro

May 16, 2010


Ngae left this world yesterday to be with the Creator,

Rec'd sms from his wife Pin Pin "Wake service will be on Monday from 1pm at PJ Modern Casket, Room 7 and Cremation on Tuesday 2pm preceeded by service. Time to be confirmed, Short Period per Ngae's instruction.

I got to know Ngae 10 years ago at Lake Garden and he has been inspiring to many runners and also take on challenges.

Rec's and email for Gary Goh and informed that Wan Yew Leong invite those who know Ngae come this Sunday at Bkt Aman 6.30am 'Run in Memory of Ngae'

To Ngae, we will miss you.


May 13, 2010

NB15km Run

This sunday NB15km run at Padang Merbok, as usual i be the motorbike marshal.

Will be at Padang Merbok this sat for briefing and also to check on the route after training at Gasing hills .

2 weeks to Mt KK climb and the climbers are all set for this trip. The climb to Mt KK is in conjunction of Sabah Harvest Festival week (Kaamatan).

Hope to see some local activities.


May 10, 2010


In the last trip to Mt KK ie April 20 -24, 2010. A climber who was fatigue
was carried down by the guide from Low's peak to the 8.5km

If you want the guide to carry you down, the fee is RM100 per km, therefore
those intending to hike Mt KK, trianing is essential.

Last week end , lead a group of 25 ppl to Pines Tree hills, 7 did the twin peak lead by Chong.

This is part of the May KK training for the climbers.

its 3 weeks to that climb and 5 months to Mt KK climbathon which todate got abt 40pax confirmed.

This week will be at Gasing, however MAy 23rd probably Gng Nuang as Leng & gang.

WIll be getting the T for the May climbers tis week..


May 2, 2010

Pines Tree Hills - Fraser's

View from Twin Peak - Fraser's Hills

The above pixs were taken last month, and noted that the ropes
are all worn out.
Labour day was at gasing hills in the morning, together with Chey, Aaron and Siew as part of the Mt KK training for end of May.
This sat May 8, will be at Pines Tree Hills Fraser, where the group will be training there as its 6km trail to the peak. It good training prior to the Mt KK in view of the weather, will stay a nite.
will be putting the new ropes together with Chong , 30meters to the peak at the existing ropes had worn out and also the roots are not safe to hold.
Today is Bomba run at dataran, didn;t register but ran early with Siok Leng as she's preparing for the passion run in Singapore.
Gunung Ansi Challenge at Kuala Pilah, KC & gang going , Michelle, Ray, Lydia, Dave a few more will be going, miss this challenge as off to Fraser's Hills.
May 16, NB 15km run at Lake Gdn, will be the motorbike marshall.
Have a great week ahead.