Aug 26, 2009

2 days to Mulu Pinnacles

Leaving on Friday morning 7:25am AA flight to Miri then to Mulu.

On Sat will start the 2 hrs boat ride then 8km walk to Camp 5, the trail is flat but leeches are waiting so be prepared to 'donate' some blood.

Pinnacles climb will be on Sunday.

So now updates for the next 5 days... however Sat Sept 5. Gng Ansi...

This evening met Chey's fren, whose company is promoting a new energy drink, will be working out the details and hope to get sponsorship for the Mt KK and Powerman.

details of the energy drink will be posted whne i back from Mulu and finer details need to be discussed.

Have a great Merdeka holidays....


Aug 24, 2009

4 days to Mulu Pinnacles

Pinncales at Camp 5

"Abe Lincoln' side view from Deer Caves

Bats Exodus from Deer Caves

The above pixs were taken last yr.. so this week will also capture the same but at different angles... will post pixs when back from Mulu next week

Look like Mulu Pinnacles is going to be my anniversary trip... and the cost it much lower than Mt KK next yr but U need to be in group of 5 cost effective.

Pinnacles climb is very much different the Mt KK, tho' the distance is 2.4km .... those who have not been there shd go try....

Will be back on Sept 1 and updates the latest from Mulu Caves/Pinnacles...

So Sept 5, if u guys keen Ansi Kuala Pilah.. email me ya...

Aug 23, 2009

Gng Ansi - Sept 5

Gng Ansi Sept 5, part of Mt KK training in view of the climb on Sept 27 -30.

Will be back from Mulu on Sept 1 then on sat off to Gng Ansi.

Those who keen to join, meet at Senanwang Toll at 7:30am then will head to Ulu Bendul. Pls. note and entrance fee of RM5 need to be collected as this is for the Park maintenance.

The group to Mt KK end of Sept are the senior citizens, and the oldest is 68 yrs old lady. will upload her profile soon....

come oct 25th its the Mt KK climbathon, yee choy, Ray Ng, Steven Yip, Tey Eng Tiong and me will be taking part and the time to complete from Park Office to Low's PEak and back its 6 hrs for veteran and 5 hrs for Open. Total distance its 21km .. our preparation will start when i back from Mt Kk end of sept.

Merdeka Weekend

Pinnacles at Mulu park Sarawak

Merdeka Merdeka...on that day Aug 31, i will be at Camp 5 Mulu....after the Pinnacles climb.. will be joining the ppl there to celebrate the Merdeka Day.

The Group led by Ray Ng will be at Jerankang Maran for camping. The group is busy with the makan menu... and the chef will be yap.. while kelvin will do his speciality ie 'tong suey'.... this was discussed this morning after the run at bkt aman... hmm miss the boat...

Yesterday at gasing met Joanne (lady got stung by hornet at Pines), she was ok but hae a phobia when any bzzzzzz flying around her.

She will be off to Mt KK this thursday... and all the best... same goes to Mei Mei.

The Mulu team are all set and have dry fit T shirt ready for them with a printed words...

"Mulu Pinnalces, Sarawak, Aug 29 - Sept 1, 2009."

Hope weather will be ok during the hike.

Aug 18, 2009

Lightning Bolt

Rec'd sms from tomatoman and was fascinated to watch Usain Bolt crack the 100m dash with a time of 9:58 secs leaving behind the other runners.. this time he really ran all the way with Tyson Gay trying to catch him...

Bolt had a good start and the rest its in youtube to see him run...


Mt KK & Mulu Pinnacles Cost

Sept 1st onwards the cost at Mulu park have increased therefore going to the Pinnacles, caving and Mulu Peak, additional 10 - 20% have to factor in, further details visit mulupark website.

Yeasterday I rec'd the price list for next year for Mt KK , the cost will be abt 30% more, if u take the basic package 3D/2N via mesilau done by SanctuaryLodges(Sutera Harbour) its RM850, exclude transport, climbing fees, porters, guide fees, insurance and certificate.

The dormitories rate went up by 45% ie RM100 to RM145, so if u keen to go next year .. instead of just climb Mt KK do also the via Ferrata , pay slighthly higher and enjoy both activities...

look like have to explore to China and Indo China mountains next year....


Aug 16, 2009

Bkt Tabur - Tmn Melawati

It was crowded this morning at Bkt Tabur , it final training for the 12 climbers for the Mulu Caves/Pinnacles training.

Took 4 hrs to complete the route ie Tabur A (Orchard) and all did well with huffing and puffing.

Chey, Alex, Janet, Ana & Annette join the hike the morning it was cooling and misty but later in the day was hot.

Those planning for Mulu/Pinnacles climb, Bkt Tabur is the best place for training but you need to cover A & B.

Will be hiking the Pinnacles on Aug 30, other than me all are 1st timer.

Bte, the cost at Mulu Park for all the activities will be increased on Sept 1, 2009. Visit the mulu park website to check on the new rates wef Sept. 1.


Augtust Babies

On Sat nite.. the group gathered for makan to celebrate the august babies...
Who r they ?
Me, Lee, Wei Kong, Lydia, Victor and Jezamine..

Had ikan bakar at Bt 18 Ulu Langat.. many thanks to Kelvin for organising....

Ngae said once u reach half or of age.. the next yr u will be getting younger .. i agree to him

In the morning, Lee, Yap, Ray Ng, Kelvin, Sally, Jez, Gerard, Johd and me did cycling at Bt 18.

This is part of the 1 series simulation training for the powerman in Nov 8. The next training will be at putrajaya probably the raya holidays and will do a time trial and the training will be in Oct.

It will be a time trial and actual distance ie. 11km run, 64km bike and 10km run within 5 hrs.

So guys get cracking ..but my butt still sore lah as not been cycling the last 3 months... need to buck up.

Rec'd sms from Yee Choy.. on Tokyo marathon next yr in Feb.. hmmm thinking abt it have to check the claendar la..


Aug 13, 2009

The above article I rec;d from Vivian... (thanks Vivian) its from NST .
i told her that i got stung at Pines Trail on sat when i visited her on sunday after the bkt tabur hike. showed her my 'big' foot.

If u keen to have the articles pls. email me


Mulu/Pinnacles - Aug 28 - Sept 1

Pinancles View

Deer Cave - Abe Lincoln side view

Bat Exodus in thousands from Deer Cave

Two weeks i be off to Mulu leading a group of 15 climbers.. and this time 12 ladies have to take care as all of them is their 1st time to Mulu....
Mulu Park , it fully booked in view on Merdeka day..
Will be at Camp 5 on Aug 31, and sing Negara Ku. with the folks there.

This sunday will be at Bkt Tabur for training as the terrain is similar to the Pinnacles for climbers have to get acquainted with the weather.

Planning to meet with Roland at Mulu to plan for next year hike to Mt Murud at Bario Highlands (Sarawak Highest mountain) its the Shangri La of Sarawak where there's apple orchard and also the Highland rice.

Aug 11, 2009

Sat - Ulu Langat and Sun Bkt Tabur

This Sunday, Ulu Langat Bt 18 for Powerman simulation training 1st series.

Meet at Bt 18, at 7am, Will cycling from BT 18 - Perez - Terkala - Bt 18. When back to Bt 18, start to jog toward Ponsoon 3 km and U turn after the 3rd miles stone.

Its the 1st of 3 simulation Training for Powerman race on Nov 8... the 2 sereis Sept probably on Raya holidays .. after the simulation can visit PM for open house hahahhaha..this will be 1st of the 2 series time trail. its will be actual distance and a small fee will be collected for water/fruits/snacks after the practice. Oct simulation will be 2 weeks before the race.

This Sunday, those keen to join me for Bkt Tabur, meet at BHP station Tmn Melawati at 6:45am as part of training for the Mulu/Pinnacles for the group which i be leading during the Merdeka holidays...

Have a gret week ahead.. will email u guys...


Hornets at Frasers Pines Tree Hills Trail last Sat

My left foot swollen after been stung by a hornet after I went to help Joanne as her head was full of hornets.... she got 3 stung on her head 2 at her left ear and a few at her arms .

The place some of the group of hikers got stung was 600meteres from the the entrance.

At 10 am after the briefing on the trail to the hikers, we start to trek and as usual i was the seeepe. Since most of the group are beginners other than Chey, Agnes, and the GAP group (which have gone in earlier) I ask Agnes to lead the way.

About 20mins, I heard someone (lady voice) screaming, and i rush saw a few hornets was attacking her, manage to calm and as gave anti histamine in view of the hornets stung as it slow dowm the swelling and allegy so that will have time to sent her to the clinic.

After checking her, i told the climber that i have to take her to the clinic as the reaction will come in within an hour. Before that, I decided to check on the trail where the hornets were. As i trek down , up again , there seem none, so i ask the climber to go one at the time, Alex and family trek first were ok so doe Siew, Agnes, Catherine, Aik Poh and Lili...however Joanne didn't manage as she was screaming for help as i rush to her .. there were pool of hornets on her head , and i brush it off.. .by then she was crying in pain. Told Chey to give her the anti histamine fast.
Those behind me decided not to continue, as i told them I need to take these 2 ladies to the neraby clinic fast.

Rush them to the clinic and both of them were given the jab, but Joanne was still crying in view of the pain. We stay at the clinic abt 1hr 30mins to ensure that these 2 ladies show no sign of shock or difficulty in breathing.

later, Kelly called me and informed me abt the hornets as she was stung .. 1:45pm Agnes called that the group have reached the peak.

While Joanne was rested, Chey and myself decide to trek around Fraser hills other the we proceed to the Bishop trail, i analyse and think why the hornets attack these 2 ladies..

Then i recall, both of them were wearing white and I was wearing white socks.

The ealier group that went after i check the trail were not wearing white, Joanne were attack as she covered her head with white towel, while another lady she was attack at her body as she was wore white T. I was wearing red T while helping Jo to get rid of the hornets at her head and none attack me but got stung at my left foot 'cos wearing white socks.. at that time i was wearing dark short.

So guys, i suggest no white color attire .. unable to comment Y the hornets were attacking those wearing white but need to check further.

The group led by Agnes came out at 5.22pm and Catherine/Siew got stung on the way back, took both of them to the clinic for the jab. Janet and her twins oso got a few ...

The doctor told me that last week a few of climbers got stung also... I have informed the police and there were some hikers were cautioned were warned when they trek after the incident.

Fortunate that all were ok.. so please have anti histamine to carry with you when go hiking.

My leg started to swell when i send Jo home, went to the clinic for a jab 'cos next day have to lead the Mulu/Pinnacles group.

It was hot/humid on sunday at Tabur but cooling at Fraser Hiils ..

As Pines is my favorite place to hike will take a break for a while before go there again.


Aug 3, 2009

Fraser Pine Tree Hike on Aug 8

Was at Pulau Perhentian for a week, unable to login as the wifi was down... wah like lost myself in the world of news....

This sat, m leading a group for the above hike. Its part of the Mt KK training for
end of Aug & Sept.

Those keen meet at the Fraser Gap at 9am when it open. Will start to hike at 9:45am.

Level difficulty 2.5 out of 5 and well marked. I will be laying up the ropes at the slope going to the peak. It time to replace...

Total distance is 6km one way (approximate 2 - 3hrs)

Todate abt 15ppl will be joining..

On Sunday will be taking a grp training for Mulu/Pinnacles at Bkt Tabur Melawati, so if u keen
meet at the BHP/Caltex station Tmn Melawati at 7:45am.