Mar 29, 2010

Camp Pacat - Gng Nuang

50 meters to the peak

Ah Wong
View from Pines Tree Hills Peak Getting ready to go down
Got back from Fraser's Hills yesterday leading a group to hike Pines Trees Hills therefore miss the energizer run. Weather was cooling as compare in KL, misty during the climb. Took 7 hrs return as most of them are 1st timers
This is for the preparation of the Mt Kk Climb in April and May.
So this sat. Kem Pacat, Gng Nuang, will be meeting Yen Erl & gang at Tesco Ampang at 7am before heading to Gng Nuang. This is 2 nd last training for the April Mt KK climbers , its a mental test for them to walk up to kem pacat and back totaling 7hrs.
On April 11, will be going to Gng Datuk, however it wil be back to back for me as on Sat April 10, its the gng datuk challenge.

Mar 22, 2010

Mt KK Climbathon Oct 23 - 24, 2010

The online registration for Mt Kk Climbathon on Oct 23 - 24, 2010 is now open.

"Deemed as “the World’s Toughest Mountain Race”, the Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon is the ultimate challenge to take for those game enough to test their endurance by running up and down Mount Kinabalu for a total distance of 21 kilometers. "

Ok , are you ready for the “the World’s Toughest Mountain Race” ie. to run up and down Mt KK within the stipulated time. If yes, come and join me as todate 35 climbers will be taking part tgo test their endurance.

Its a different type of race where the weather can just change from the starting point to the peak as you will be running from 6,000 ft to 12,000 feet within (2 hrs 30mins - Men Open, 3hrs 30mins - Men Veteran & Women).

Witness the top runners how they can completed within 2 hrs 45mins and see them do the 'daredevils' stunt when coming down from the peak..

So sign up if you want to test your endurance...


Mar 20, 2010

KL Towerthon

Tmr is KL towerthon more than 1,000 participants taking part/

The race will start 800m from KL Tower, the runners will assemble car park next to Weld..

Lee, Yap, Pathma, Ngan, Yen Erl & Gang will be taking part as for me its will be slow & easy lah..

800 meters run and climb 2,058 steps to reach the observation deck.........

pixs will be uploaded tmr....

Mar 18, 2010

Gng Datuk Challenge - April 10

Todate 10ppl have confirmed for the Gng Datuk Challenge, which will be on April 10, 2010 at Rembau.

This is part of training for Mt Kk Climb and also Climbathon for those taking part in Oct. 2010

Looking at the terrain, total climb up down will take 3 hrs max that is by walking if you run then the time will be less by 1.

So those who keen join , email me as need to do car pool as meeting place will be at Bukit Aman carpark - Lake Garden.

KC won;t be joining as he's will be back packing in Taiwan but will join us in May for the Gng Ansi Challenge.

April 3, I leading a group of climbers to Gng Nuang but up to Camp Pacat anyone keen , meet at the Gng Nuang car park 7.30am.

This sat. will be at Saga Hills and next week at Frasers .


Mar 15, 2010

Sirkit Cabaran Mendaki Gunung Negeri Sembilan 2010

Negeri Sembilan Tourism is organizing Sirkit Cabaran Mendaki Gunung N9 2010 (N9 Mountain Circuit Challenge 2010) : This is to promote the eco tourism in N9.

The gunung in N9 are as follows :-

Organizer : Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan (Pelancungan)


Tarikh : 6 Mac 2010

Tempat : Hutan Lipur Gunung Tampin


Tarikh : 10 April 2010

Tempat : Hutan Lipur Gunung Datok


Tarikh : 8 Mei 2010

Tempat : Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul

Participation Fee

Schools & Veterans : RM10

Open Men & Women: RM15

Open International: RM20

Registration can be on the day of the climb

7:30am Registration counter open.

Prizes Category

Junior, Men, Women & Veterans

1) RM600 + Plaque 2) 500 + Plaque 3) RM400 + Plaque, 4th - 10th RM50

So those joining me for Mt KK Climbathon, this is good for trying no time limit.
Michelle, Ray & me on for Gng Datuk challenge...

NB : Registration Form can be obatined from Negeri Sembilan Tourism Board or contact the Youth Council at Negeri Sembilan; 06-765 9734

Mar 13, 2010

Mt Kk April Climb

Today, the april group were at Saga Hills. Started at 9am and ended by 1pm.

Lead the group from Saga to Apek Waterfall, its was good training for them for next month climb.
Tmr the group will be running the Bareno run and next sunday the KL Towerthon, however on Sat will be at Saga Hills.

Have told Yen Erl , April 5 to Camp Pacat as this will be the 2nd last training before the Mt Kk CLimb.

Wah lah weh.. Mt Kk climbathon had reach 30pl wow didn't expect good response , will be working out with Tim at Kk on the transport and accomodation. List of name will be up soon

Training will start in June after the May KK climb.

End of March will be at Fraser Hills to do the Pines Tree Trek.

Tony Q

Mar 7, 2010

Saga Hills - Ampang

Was hiking Saga hills on sat & sun..

Sat was with Yen Erl and her frens who will be joining me for the April Climb ... the hike to the 1st check point is abt 500meters .

This morning i went again on my own and took 1 hrs from Saga to Tmn Cuepacs.. well that my pace.... was checking the route . looking at it .. the training for endurance/speed workout esp AGTB (Awana Genting Trailblazer)

So Guys.. new training place .. after the traning can have good makan there.

KL towerthon is on March 21, total steps 2,058 .. on that day.. Michelle, Ray, Lee, Yap, Pathma, Chey, Ho, Ah Weng, will be taking part in the challenge...

As for me will be just jalan jalan lah... to break my PB of 22 mins susah lah nowadays.. getting 'younger' each year ....

Next week end is the Bareno Run at Bkt Jalil


Mar 5, 2010


Yee Choi - last yr climbthon 5hrs 23mins - reach the peak in 3hrs 12mins. He & son will be joining this year.

Hmm .. porter carrying the empty tank to Laban Rata
To date 21 climbers for the Mt Kk Climbathon, accomodation andf transport arrangement have been arranged.
On the training for climbathon will start in June as currently training the April/May climbers for Mt KK .

Mar 3, 2010

Mt KK CLimbathon Oct 23 - 24

With AA Big Sale, 18 ppl have confirmed in taking part the 'The Toughest Climb in the World' ie
MT KK CLimbathon 2010 which will be held on Oct 23 - 24, 2010.

KC called me at 6:30am this morning and informed that the RM49 fare is at 8.00am instead of 9.30am, so i told him to book the 8.00am.

As for me i did the booking for Chong and Ah Weng manage to get, however later in the morning rec'd an email from Lim Peck Yah infomed that the ticket at 8am is RM193 wah matter of few hours.

Anyway told him to book the 9:30am and wait for him at the airport. SC also book at 9:30am.

5:45pm KC email and informed Sharon and gang book at 2:10pm.. well since she have book the flight , will arrange transport from airport to Rose Cabin and meet them for dinner.

Registration online will be end of March as confirmed by the organiser.

Todate : 16 climbers confirmed and just received a call form Johor Prison Dept. and they are keen to join for the climbathon.


Mar 2, 2010

Air Asia BIG Sale Mar 3 - 7, 2010

The AA BIG Sale is on ..

Book from 3 - 7 Mar 2010 Travel from 25 Sep 2010 - 13 Feb 2011

RM9 onwards..

Those taking part in the Mt Kk CLimbathon on Oct 23 - 24, 2010..

Pls note the booking schedule :

Oct 22 - 9:30am LCCT - KK

Oct 25 - 3:45pm KK - LCCT

We need to be at National Park before 4:30pm to collect the bibs on Oct 22, 2010.

This week training will be at Bkt Gasing and the follwing week will be at Gng Ansi via the Mamak stall.