Nov 25, 2011

Powerman Race - Sri Manjung

Happy Faces after the race

Transition area

Yim at his best

Elite Bikes

Terence n Gang

Me with the gang

S'pore Run 42km

Next week will be leading 5 newbies for their 1st 42km in S'pore.

Tmr and Sunday will be tapering down with 18km and 10km ....

Been busy lately that y blog was not updated.

Monday will be leading group of climbers for their 1st training for Mt KK next year at Bkt Gasing

Meet at 7.15 Bkt Gasing Playground.

More updates on Mt KK will be posted soon...


Nov 12, 2011


My right knee alignment is 'out' therefore running downing hills was really painful esp the TMBT and Mt KK Climbathon.. every steps like a ton of weight ...

S'pore 42km is next but will do brisk walking as accompany some newbies for their maiden run.

Met Dr Au Yong Pui San at UMMC, and she check on the xray... and alignment is 'out' therefore need do physio..... if like a car no problem just pit a 'camber' then can straighten back..

knee will be rested after the 42km.... heheheh


TMBT - Sabah - 50/100km Ultra Trail run

Knee tape before the race

Finally 50km completed in 11hrs 54mins with Adeline n Dr Julia

Starting point

The TMBT - The Most Beautiful Things in Sabah, yes true to the tag line, the scenery from Koata Belud to view Mt KK on the south eastern was really awesome.

The trail to the finishing line covering 50km, the scenic and the crossing thru' the kampongs and rivers was really a challenging.

One need to be physically and mentally strong in taking part in this event.

Pixs will be uploaded later together with the Mt Kk Climbathon as been busy with work since got back from Mt KK till now.

Will be going to Sri Manjung for the Powerman Race with Nik, Soo and Yip today.