Jul 21, 2011

Mt KK - April 29 - MAy 2, 2012


I organizing another Mt Kk CLimb on April 29 - May 2, 2012.

This will be my 24th climb and will be a charity climb where RM100 will be chanelled to an Orphanage Homes at Bundu Tuhan.

I have book 25 places..

If u keen please email me.


TOny Q

Jul 17, 2011

Lulian Trip to Sg Ruan Raub

Chey brief on bud grating where Musang King and D24 are on the same tree

Strings are tied so that the lulian don't fall to ground as wild boar love lulian

Kelvin, Ray n Mich just loves the low lin

Musang King


Palm Oil

Chey's Home Town - Sg Ruan Raub

Jul 14, 2011


Got my 3rd and last jab to my knee... will rest this week and start gradually next week.. hope will be ok...

have already signed up for th 50km Sabah Trail Run Nov 5 and S'pore 42km.. not forgetting Mt KK climbathon....

This sat will be to Chey's Lulian farm to get the taste of Musang Kings Lulian and D24..

Ray, Mich and Kelvin will be going to Raub.

Mac D run this weekend and also the 100 miles ride in Ipoh...

Have a great weekend


Jul 9, 2011


June 9 - BERSIH at home

anyway got 2nd dose of Gel in my knee, one more to go next week and start back gradually

June 16th - off to visit Chey's at his durian farm in Raub.. yum yum musang kings lowlin...

NTV7 Run

Ray did the 'rain dance' and later its rain...

Chooi Wan and gang

Friendly 'Ghost'

Fancy Dress

Here we GO

The Gang...

Jul 4, 2011

3 weeks rest

will be taking a 3 weeks rest in view of my right knee injured as not been rested since last year.

Went for check up with Dr Rozman at DSH and did X ray .. right knee is close contact that why pain after run and its swell. So remedy by inject 'gel' into the knee and need to have 3 doses within 3 weeks..

after that have to start gradually as Mulu Pinnacles hike is on Aug 17 - 21, 2011.

In meantine will have to do upper body exercise..