Jan 26, 2016

Cycle Cycle cari Makan on Jan 25, 2016

Jan 25, 2016 organized for the some of the cyclists for cycle cycle cari makan

It some how a KL guided cycle tour and also CNY mood


This Saturday 30-01-2016 – Gunung Berembun + WW2 Crash Site - Negeri Sembilan

It's  a whole day hike, and therefore please ensure all the basics items are packed.

Below are the details :

Those who know the venue, Please meet at Pantai Village before 7am.

I will be using the LEKAS HIGHWAY and will wait after the SETUL INTERCHANGE at 6:30am, for those coming via Kuala Lumpur


If you coming from Seremban :

a)      Take the Jelebu Road N86, near Ampangan. Pantai is 10km away from this junction.

If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya / Subang / Kota Kamuning

a)      Advised to use the LEKAS highway
b)      After paying toll at Setul Interchange, continue and exit at the Ampangan
c)       When off the LEKAS Highway turn LEFT toward Pantai /Jelebu/Kuala Klawang
d)      Pantai Village is located 5km from this junction
e)      Upon reaching Pantai Village, you will see a signage on your right Gerai 16 Unit on your right
f)       Parking are available here for car pooling before heading to the trail head.
g)      There’s a Chinese and Mamak Kopitiam, will meet here as CL Chong will be waiting for us at 7.00am
h)      Meeting time 7:00am – Pantai Village
i)        Have breakfast and pack lunch – leave at 7:30am
j)        It 5.1km to the trail head from Pantai Village
k)      8.00am – Roll Call and briefing by CL Chong
l)        8.15am – Start Hiking
m)    11.00am – Reach Gunung Berembun Summit
n)      11:15am – Proceed to the WW2 Crash Site
o)      12:30pm – Expected to reach the WW2 Crash Site
p)      1.00pm – 1.30pm – Descend back to trail head (Base)

Essentials Items :

a)      Raincoat
b)      Torchlight / Head Lamp
c)       Whistle
d)      Trekking Poles (Optional)
e)      Mobile Phone (bring along powerbank)
f)       Food and drinks (3L)
g)      Personal Medications (eg. Plasters, antibiotic cream, antihistamine)


By participating this hike, you are responsible for all your belongings and also to yourself. If you are bring your friends please ensure certain level of fitness  is required


Should you feel uneasiness during the hike, PLEASE STOP AND REST AND TURN BACK TO BASE

Markers will be placed along the trails.

Jan 15, 2016

Saga Hills on Jan 16, 2016

Saga Hills are located at Amapang and connected to Apek hills.

This hills have seen many hikers come and enjoy the nature, however in due course Saga Hills will be closed in view of new highway to be built across then hills toward Ulu Langat.

The bukit Belacan or fondly know as Hutan Rimba Ampang have been closed in view of the highway project.

On Jan 16, 2016... I will be hiking with some friends to enjoy the flora and fauna of Saga Hills before the closure of the hills.

Jan 10, 2016

Ketumbar Hills on Jan 9, 2016

Since the Vietnam Marathon 2015, i didn't hike till Jan 2, 2016 Gasing Hills and it just a normal hike.
But come Jan 9, 2016... took 4 hours to hike Ketumbar Hills where Jenny Lee took all of us 3 diiferent routes where Route 2 n 3 were challenging.

Many thanks to Jenny , we covered 98% of the routes at Kemtumbar

Along the way, friendly wild boars came and tine to feed

AUDAX Cycling 225km

On Jan 2, 2016, Lai Kuan, Corrine and me completed 225km cycling AUDAX

The route is from Kapar Klang to Sungai Besar to Tanjong Malim to Ijok and back to Kapar Klang

It take us about 14 hrs to complete.

It was a charity cycle for Lai Kuan as she raise more than RM10k for Dog Shelther Home.

Gunung Berenbum Negeri Sembilan

I will be hiking Gunung Berenbum on Jan 30, 2016, 

Will be meeting with CL Chong at Pantai Village who is kind enough to lead us for this hike.

Please arrange your own transport for this hike.

if you keen please provide your names and Mobile hp before Jan 23rd 2016 to me

Those keen to go will email time and venue  to meet on January 30, 2016 from KL


Date : January 30, 2016

Venue : Gunung Berenbum, Negeri Sembilan

Time : 6am - 6pm

Route : Via Lekas HighWay to Pantai Village

Those from Seremban :

a) Take the Jelbu Road N86, Near Ampangan Pantai - 10km from this Junction

Those from KL
a) Hikers from KL are advised to take Lekas Highway after paying toll at SETUL Interchange, continue to Ampangan Exit

b) When you exit from LEKAS Highway, turn LEFT to Pantai/Jelebu/Kuala Klawang

c) Pantai Village is located 5km from this junction

d) When reaching Pantai Village, you can see Gerai 16 Unit Signboard on your right. 

e) There are some shops on the left side of the main road and can repool before going to the starting point which is 5km from Pantai Village.

Time :  

7.00am - Meet at Pantai Village - breakfast and light lunch (own)

8.00am -  Roll Call and Briefing

8.15am - Start Hiking

11.00am - Reach Gunung Berembun Peak

11.15am - Continue hiking to WW2 Crash Site

12:30pm - Reach WW2 Crash Site

1.00pm - Descend to Base Camp

4 - 5pm - ETA at the Base Camp.


The above time estimate depend on each individual fitness.

Things to bring :

a) Change of clothes

b) Water 3liters and keep some at your car to wash after the hike

c) TORCH Light with extra batteries

d) Mobile Phone, please ensure full bar and bring your powerbank

e) Self medications - Plasters, obat urut


h) Food and tidbits as it will be a day hike

i) Whistle

j) Adventure Spirit in YOU

Kindly note this hike is on buddy system and trails markers will be placed at each section and it will your LEFT going up to the peak and the WW2 crash site.

When descending it will be on your RIGHT.

Hiking this Gunung Berenbum will be at your OWN RISK and therefore please ensure Hike in buddy system