Sep 25, 2012

Kids Podium

Oliver won the Giant Kids Run.. he clocked 2.2 km in 8mins 5 secs
Piper Megan Teoh got 2nd place in the Standard Chartered Run
Oliver  and Piper Megan . 10 and 11 years old currently under my coaching at MPSJ tarck every sunday ....
Both of them are talented and at this age, it good to see them interest in running..
The next race for both of them will be the Desa Park City...

Sep 19, 2012

TMBT 2012 Sabah - Sept 15th

Last weekend at Kundangsang  Sabah, about 450 runners took part The Most Beautiful Trail in Sabah 25km/50km/100km.
I came but didn't run due to my knee still not recovered and also Dr Pui San who also taking part advised to rest as not to aggravate it further..
Aiyoooo seeing the runners whom i train geared up at the staring line up... my legs was itching to go  but have to tahan lar..... as next month i guiding a group to Mt KK which is more leisure pace as compared to the TMBT race.
M gald that all the trainees that train with me came back within the cut off time and also safe ann sound but exhausted...
anyway will post further news....

Sep 6, 2012

TC Run Kuantan

Bare feet Runners at TC Run Kuantan
Merdeka week was in Kuantan for the TC run 2012. I didn't run due to my knees so was volunteer for the event.
About 2,500 runners took part in the race, the Mentri Besar of Pahang came .
Overall the race was well managed and hope next year Kuantan PACM will organized again.

Sg Lembing Kuantan

Sg Lembing Rainbow Waterfall on Sept 1st

From Mdm Wong her experience at Sg Lembing on Merdeka Day

Some of you who fancy having an adventurous holiday may want to consider Sg Lembing in Pahang. It is about 3 hrs drive from KL and is quite close to Kuantan. It was formerly the largest and longest subterranean tin mine in the wolrd. But due to the sharp drop in tin price, it has now stopped production. If it had not been for the increasing number of tourists there, it would be like another ghost town.
Sg Lembing is now famous for its Rainbow Waterfall. It is located deep in the jungle and we had to go there with the help of 4WD. Our group consisted of 40 plus people (including Ee Ann) and my son’s friends. It was a bumpy and hair-raising ride through dense jungle. Along the way, we saw what Ee Ann said were seedless ‘mau san wong’ aka fresh elephant dung. When we reached the edge of a river, we had to clamber down the vehicles, wade across the river and start our journey on foot up the hill. After an hour’s hike we arrived at the majestic waterfall. The cliff is at least 50 m high. Water cascades down the cliff into a pool below. Sprays of droplets envelope the whole area. Around 9 am, when the sun rises above the tree tops opposite the waterfall, the dispersion of light forms a rainbow on the rock surface. The view is enchanting and unforgetable. Many of the visitors picnicked there; enjoying the view and cool air.
The weekend we were there, we estimated there were more than 300 visitors.
Another famous hill in Sg lembing is the Panorama Hill, close to the village. Hikers start hking at 5 am up the hill to catch the sunrise. It is no easy task. Even though there are concrete steps along the way, the hike takes about an hour. But the effort is worth it. The view is fantastic. The heavy mist that surrounds the numerous hills that dot the landscape make the place feel like it is somewhere in the temperate countries, rather than in tropical Malaysia.
After coming down the hill, hungry hkers thronged the local market for its famous yong tau fu. The tau fu is supposedly made using spring water from the area. We also went to see how ‘siew yoke’.is roasted in a clay oven and needless to say we could not resist trying that out too. Sg Lembing is also famous for its sesame biscuits and coconut biscuits. We had to cross a long hanging bridge that hangs over the river to the other side to buy them.
Night life in Sg lembing is pretty quiet. The Hakka association in the centre of the town is more like a community centre. Karaoke sessions are held there. People sit and chat under the huge ancient trees (at least a 100 yrs old) that stand in the middle of the road. Traffic is very slow and cars are few so its quite safe. The scene is reminiscent of life in my home town Nyalas decades ago.
Other places of interest include the nice museum atop a hill and the ruins of the tin processing factory. Part of he tin mine is yet to open for visitors. It should be ready by early next year.
If you are keen to visit, make sure you don’t go in November or December. Heavy floods are quite common that time of the year. Also make sure you book the 4WD in advance. The hotels or homestay lodges there should be able to help you out.
Mun Wan