Aug 29, 2014

Gng Nuang

Tomorrow , Aug 30th will be last training for SP Setia at Gng Nuang and will start at 7am.

will hike up to pacat as not to have any injury by the hikers

this is the 5th training for SP Setia for the last 5 months

On the TMBT .. miss the cut off time by 5 mins,

Next week will be at BHP run, as road marshals

Pixs of TMBT will be posted soon

Aug 12, 2014

TMBT 2014

This weekend will lead friends to TMBT Sabah ( The Most Beautiful Things) to see the nature of Sabah

3 groups will be gathering this weekend 28km, 50km and 100km.

The race will start on Saturday for 50km and 100km whereas the 28km is on sunday.

Those joining me are, Dato Steven, Agnes, Kar Mun, Velan, Leslie, Kelly, Wai Ling, Mae, Cecelia, Kam, Sharon, Josie, Gan, Lim Hoe Hin, KH Ng, Bong SF, Susie, David, Jason Li, Wendy, Margaret, Rosemary, Mary and etc

This is my 3rd year doing TMBT and hope to complete ..and lately been raining at the trail route

The above pixs taken in 2012..... at Kundangsang

Aug 1, 2014

This is the moment - 1859

Would like to share with all of you ... on the above link 
leaves all the Odds behind and move on..

Aug 1, 1959


55 today suppose to retire from working life hhhaha but .... m still 'young' and still keep moving on...

as there's more things in life to learn...

Many thanks to all my friends who have been with me thru's the years and let's keep healthy and be happy as life is too short to worry.

Our purpose in this world is to live our life fullest and no regrets



Smiley Doughnuts from Leng 

Bday Cakes 

Jul 29, 2014

Aug 9th Gng Nuang

Aug 9, I will be at Gunung Nuang together with Leng and & facilitators to lead SP Setia group to Peak as part of their Mt Kinabalu trip in early September

If you keen to join , please meet at Park Office at 7am

below are pixs of Kelly, Wai Ling and Vince at Nuang Peak last week....

TQ 55 Nuang

Last weekend, it was TQ55 Nuang where friends gather after their hike to Nuang Peak.

Many thanks to those came for the dinner, ....

Jul 23, 2014

Gng Irau revisit

Last 2 weeks end was at Gunung Irau the highest moutain at Cameron Highlands next to Gunung Brinchang standing at 2,110 meters.. 

It's one of my favorite gunung to hike, with the cool and the beauty of the mossy forest and don't mind to be 'dirty' in view of the muddy trail.

Met Leng and group at the car park and started the hike at 8.30am . The trail to the summit start with the boardwalk about 400 meters before the Mossy Forest trail begin and will talk about 3km to reach the summit as 1 wak will take between 2.5 to 3.5 hours to complete.

If you are more adventure, from the peak, there's a trail lead to other mountains on the Yellow pass and exit at Simpang Pulai.

The next trip to Cameron Highlands date yet to be fixed will be at Gng Cantik , where I am planning to stay at the MNS Chalet in the middle of Boh Tea Plantation.

Lovely place to spend a night where the chalet are surrounded by tea plants.

Stay tune for this trip