Feb 23, 2017

Gunung Berenbum - WW2 RAF Crash e SitNegeri Sembilan

Sunday Feb 19, 2017 cool morning at the foothill of Gunung Berenbum where 56 hikers met me to lead them to hike Gunung Berenbum

CL Chong was waiting there to join us for the group pixs and gave some pointer on Gng Berenbum. He didn't the hike as on Saturday he came down late.

The entry fee is RM5 as the Park Ranger were at the foothill.

Started to hike at 8:15am and took 45mins to reach Lata Berenbum watefall

From Lata Berembun another 1hr 30mins to Gua Kambing where the tarils are cleared and gradually upwards.

Upon reaching Gua Kambing, most of the hikers took 5 mins rest before the challenging trails to thoe peak.

300 meters up 75% with ropes tied to the trees time taken to the peak is 1hr.

From the peak to the WW2 Crash site another 1hr 15mins .

For an average hiker, average 9 hrs return hike.

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