Jun 14, 2013

Gunung Irau - Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands -

Gunung Irau, the mossy forest of Cameron H'lands.. will be going on 1st week of August.

Details will be posted soon... 

Fascinating and mystery forest.... 

Jun 7, 2013

Mossy Forest of G Irau

Come Aug 2/3 - Leng and Kelly will be organizing G Irau - Mossy Forest

They ask me whether i keen to join them.  I miss the mossy forest .. so it ON

will post the pixs....

Jun 4, 2013

Mt KK - 27th hike

18 climbers including me reach Mt K peak on June 1, 2013.

Arrive Kota Kinabalu on May 30th , had lunch in town before proceed to Mesilau Resort,..
The group were eager and 'kan cheong' as it was their 1st time to hike Mt Kinabalu and also some of them 1st time to Sabah.

The trip to Mesilau take 3 hours as we stop at Pekan Nabalu and Hyper market to get some basic items

When reach Kundangsang , it started to rain, when reach Mesilau Resort , still raining and cold , have no choice to walk in the rain to the hostel.

Weather was damp that night.. During the dinner brief the climbers do and don't on the hike.

May 31, 2013

Skies are cleared and ready to hike via Mesilau...

The group started at 8:20am while me at 9am ....

Met the 1st group at 1 km mark as they were busy taking pixs along the way..

at 11am it's started to rain till midnight, so i just kept walking and reach Laban Rata at 3:30pm

It's was a cold cold walk ....

The rain stop at about 1am, but it was windy...

Started the hike at 2:30am and waited for the group at 8.5km marker before all of us proceed to the peak.

..... to be continued..

 Wishing Pond aka ' Sacrificial Pond'
Me - Wishing .....
 Susan's Group and Goh/Siew Lan, Balam
 Prayer's Hands

We did it