Aug 29, 2012

PACM TC Kuantan Run 2012

Merdeka Day weekend will be in Kuantan with the gang in view of the PACM TC Kuantan 10km run on Sept 2nd.

I will be there as volunteer whilst the KL gang are running

On Sat - Sept 1, will be going to Sg Lembing Rainbow waterfall with Leng's group

Abt 50 of us will be going there.

Bkt Aman Runners will be coming on Sat and probably meeting up for dinner..

On Sept 8th.. will be leading the Eco Setia group for hike at Gng Bunga Buah at Gotong Jaya in voew of their preparation for Mt KK end of this mth where Leng and Chong will be leading them as for me will lead the 2nd group end of Oct. that will be my 25th hike to Mt KK


Aug 24, 2012

TMBT Training

Last sat at G Nuang, one of the trainees for TMBT slip and felled and fractured her ankle into 3 parts.

We carried her down in a makeshift stretcher and than came the paramedic with the stretcher.

She was immediately sent to Ampang Hospital and her ankle was dislocated and after doing the doctor 'put' back her ankle into position, she went for xray and later inform that she has to wait for 2 weeks for surgery.

Michelle was there and Soo decided to go to Gleneagles Hospital for further check up. Upon checking the otot said that she need to go for surgery on tuesday (Aug 21st) .

Soo's now at home and pray for her speedy recover on her ankle and she will be back running again.

Tomorrow (Aug 25th ) will be at FRIM for TMBT traning as next week will be going to Kuantan for TC run orgnaised by PACM Kuantan.

Aug 16, 2012

TMBT Route Map 50km 2012

Come Sept 15th is the TMBT (The Most Beautiful Things) Sabah trail run 2012, about 500 runners will be do the 25km/50km/100km trail run starting at Kundasang.

I will be taking part in the 50km, this will be my 2nd year and hope to fare better.

Been hardly doen mileage due to knee injury and hope by then shd be ok.

Will be arriving KK on Sept 13th.

This sat. is the simulation and hopeto cover 30km within 7hrs at Gng Nuang trail

Aug 11, 2012

TMBT Simulation Run - Aug 18

Next week, been Hari Raya Eve, will be having simulation run in preparation for the TMBT 2012 on Sept 15/16 in Sabah.

The distance are 25km/50km/100km

The venue will be at G Nuang, Ulu Langat

Will be doing the 'never ending roard trail' in loops, however those who want to hike to camp pacat or peak are welcome.

Will start at 7.30am

Below is the 2011 TMBT

Aug 1, 2012

Gng Rajah - Bentong - Chamang Waterfall

This sat. we will be going to Gng Rajah Bentong as part of the TMBT training and also some of te hikers will try to hike to the peak.

I probably will stop at the waterfall and lepak there while waiting for the trail runners to come back

Will be meeting with the gang at Bentong town 7am and then off to Chamang Waterfall.

below is message from CH Leong who went there 1 week ealier

Manage to complete the day trip to G Rajah on Sunday. The trek was rather dry and therefore no leeches at all. Probably
have not rained for a long time. The trail was quite clear, almost like a federal road. Paper (2" x 3") trails has been laid and
the 2 misleading splits has been blocked by reflective tape. There are certain areas where one has to be extra careful.

a) 2nd river crossing - The rocks are a challenge to those who are afraid of fall. Advisable to tale off shoes and walk in the water.
The other 2 river crossings are simple and one will not get the shoes wet. Do not go straight after the river crossing but take right.
There is 3 side reflective tape indirectly blocking the straight path. Good to rest here and wait for the slow trekkers and help to cross
this river crossing.
b) Naning camp site - Beautiful place to have photo shots and rest or enjoy a dip (better to wait for the return journey). There is a nice camp site
across the river. This can be the 2nd stopping point to check on the slower trekkers. Do not cross the river as the trek is on the right hand
side if one is looking up the river. This trek is slightly confusing, just look for the trek at the small ridge (do not need to walk on the rocks)
covered with shrubs, until you see the small stones balanced on top of the big rock. There is where you need to walk across the river rock
to the other side (also indicated with small rocks balanced on top of the big rock).
c) Camp Hijau. This is a huge camp site. There is a river on the left hand side if one is trekking upwards. Can fill up you water here. There is
a last water source 10 minutes to the peak but not sure whether the flow is dripping or dry. (Forget to check).
d) Rock surface. This is the most dangerous part of the trek and the most challenging. Need upper body strength to help pull one up. There
are roots and trunks but not much of a footing. The first section, there is a thin rope and it was OK when we used it. The 2nd part, most
trekker will depend on ropes but there is none. Need to bring it a long rope of about 100ft. Not many can go up and down without the
help of a rope at this rock surface. And it is also very dangerous. Try to ensure nobody climb this part alone.

An average trekker will be able to trek to the peak of G Rajah within 6hrs with about 1 hrs waiting & rest, about 5 hrs return journey with a break
of around 1 hr break (Naning falls nice to enjoy the cool dip).
a) about 50 minutes from the car park to the start of the trek (after the timber road).
b) about 1 hr to the 2nd river crossing (big rock)
c)about 35 minutes to Naning camp site
d) about 1 hr to reach Camp Hijay camp site
e) about 55 minutes to reach the rock area
f) about 35 minute to reach teh peak.
g) about 1 hr for waiting, rest and rock area.

Hope these info are helpful. Dont forget about the cut-off time which i think should be 2.00pm to avoid trekking in the dark.

Happy & safe trekking to G Rajah on 4 Aug 2012.

Best wishes,