Jul 31, 2008

Mt KK - Via Ferrata - April 29 - May 3, 2009

Pixs are taken from Mountain Torq

This saturday will be hiking to Gng Nuang and up to Camp pacat, its part of the training that i organised for the climbers who will be joining me for the Mt KK climb on Aug 28 - 31.
Last Friday I sent an email to the group and ask who are keen to join me for next yr Mt KK challenge via ferrata where at the low's peak will be going down by ropes instead of the normal route. (Those who want to overcome heights, this is the adventure shd not be missed)
I was intending at first to take only 14 climbers but the response have been overwhelming now got 21 ppl who are keen to join me.
The dates April 29 - May 3, 2009. Tho' its next yr but to book accomodation at Laban rata have to be 6mths ahead.
The cost will be finalised when i back from KK end of Aug. as i need to discuss with the Mountain Torq on the cost.
Detail of the Mt KK via Ferrata will be posted later.

Bkt Tabur - July 26th

View to Eric Hse

Bird flying across the lake

Last Green Lungs of Tmn Melawati gone

Morning Mist at the Klang Gates Dam

'Ah Wong' the dog followed us to Bkt Tabur East

Klang Gates Dam, Bkt Tabur West

Klang Gates Dam

View of the dam from the East side of Bkt Tabur

Morning at Klang Gates Dam
In prepartion for the Mt KK climb end of august, total 15 climbers came and join me for the
Bkt Tabur climb.
The view of the Dam is really awesome but to view KL... aiyaaaaa... really teruk all the trees have been chop down and 'botak'

Jul 26, 2008

UM Malakoff 2008

UM Malafoff, run 4km, cycle 14km, run 4km

The organizer - Melody (2nd from right)

Jul 25, 2008

KOTR Adidas and Shape Run - Aug 10 & 24

Please note that the KOTR Adidas and Shape Run the registration are closed 'cos its hits the quota.

KOTR Adidas run 8,000 runners sudah maximum as for the Shape Run 2,000 runners so those who didn't sign up jadi lah 'pelumba haram' or go to Seremban on Aug 24th for the Half Marathon.

As usual, Adidas is the main sponsor for these 2 runs, just for RM20, you will get adidas running vest retail price RM59.90, really good deal lah no wonder the response its overwhelming.


Penang Bridge Run November 16,2008

The Penang Bridge run is back and it on November 16, 2008,
it will be a good run up for the SIM '08.
Hmmm must ask Heng to book his apartment ...and also not sure whether Ipoh KRI run is also on the same day...

Jul 24, 2008

Gng Datuk - Pixs....

Durians Fruits at Ah Weng's in law planatation

Group at the peak

Climbers waiting to climb to the peak

Going down from the peak
Chey's busy with the durians

View from the peak, on clear day can see Malacca town
Straits of Malacca

Durians anyone ?

Took durians to the peak

Another view from the peak

Many thanks to Ah Weng for inviting us to his in-law's
durian plantation.
Before heading ot the plantation, I met Ah Weng at the foothill of Gng Datuk, with the rest of the groups as the objective is to climb to the peak than makan durian.
Started at 9am and by 2pm all the climbers were down, fortunately its was raining when we went down.
As we head to the durians plantations its was raining heavily but cannot resist lah, as 3 bakuls of durians are waiting for us to makan.

Jul 21, 2008

Pixs on PD Triathlon - by ChanWK

Where r u guys ?

Ngae, Top 10 in his category

The Tri Angels
Vin and Shih Ming, showing her medal, next yr will do full tri
Michelle,sprinting to the finishing line

Dr Ray all the way

Shih Ming sprinting to the line... hmmmm where's the skins

Loving Couple, Yap accompanying lee to the finishing line...

Many thanks to ChanWK for the pixs... only news that I rec'd is that SB got tummy upset while running and this slow her down... well SB its one of those days.. there will be more races coming

Well done Lee, to your 1st tri and hope that you keep on training for the Ironman Langkawi next yr.

Jul 18, 2008

PD International Triathlon

Tomorrow its the PD International Triathlon, spoken to Chan Chee Seng the organiser ore than 1,000 triathletes will be taking part in the full, relay and sprint events..

Who who taking part...

Ironlady Ong Siok Bee
Ironman Heng
Ironman Dr Ray
Up and coming Ironlady Michelle
Up and coming Ironman Ray Ng
Soon to be Triathlete Shih Ming
1st time tri Lee

All the best guys.. as for me will be at Maybank Track in view of the Merchant Banks BiAnnual Track meet.


Jul 15, 2008

Centrury Ride Ipoh

Rec'd sms from Eric
The results of the Century Ride Ipoh

Wendy Wong 2nd - 4hrs 50mins
Kenny 23rd - 4hrs 56mins
Debbie - 6hrs 4mins
Siok Bee 5hrs 21mins 7th
Heng - 6hrs 48min
Eric - 6 hrs 12mins
Gerard - 6 hrs 56mins

Pixs on Gng Datuk will be posted soon....

IPOH Century Ride

Message from Carol

I did my 1st Century Ride last Sunday 13/7/08. Due to lack of training (only 2 weeks) I was targeting to finish only 70km but did 103.5km!!!! I could have finished the ride if is not for the heat. I was in seven heaven and surprised cos'the organiser were so kind and generous , they gave me a
finisher medal and finisher T-shirt!!! This is my 1st cycling medal and will aim for more to come.I was also one of the lucky draw winners (I won a head light for my bike) not bad ya for 1st timer???

I really enjoy the ride and scenery and am looking forward to go for my next training...