Jun 29, 2008

Mc D run - June 29th 2008

Shih Ming sprinting to the finishing line

Ray Ng

All the Winners

Wah.. got 'Rolex' watch

Siok Leng 5th, Shih Ming 1st - Hmmm 'Big mac'

The Winners - Ladies Veteran

The group... where was i?

Where's my coca cola ?.....

Me .. 1hr for 7km????

Starting Line Up

Pixs with the Champions
(Many Thanks to TeyET for the pixs)

Shih Ming got 1st place in the ladies veteran and the surprised 5th place is Siok Leng

As for me i did an hour as most of the time i was walking due to the tireness and stiff muscles on my thigh and calf in view of the PACM track meet last night.

Met Lee, Yap, Shih Ming and Siok leng at Bkt Aman 6.45am, at 6.50pm Maryann and Leslie have yet to arrive, we walk to Dataran Merdeka.

As we walk toward Dataran, I ask is Aisin coming, siok leng said if there's coca cola she will be there , hahahhaahh we have a good laugh. 400meters to the starting point, Yap shouted Aisin... wah all of us were surprised, anyway she told us that she woke up at 6.40am and straight drove to dataran car park. A minute later Raymond Ng arrived and followed by MC.

7.25am all of us were at the starting line up, but Shih Ming was already at the front row, the race started at 7.35am by Dr. Jegathesan.

During the run, i saw Keef Fong and Bee Hong walking told them its 7km less by 1km to Camp 5.

The stiffness of my calf and thigh, had me difficult to run my normal race.

At the 5km mark saw Chooi Wan, and jog with her all the way back to the finishing line..
Saw Shih Ming and ask what's place she got, hmmm sheepishly she showed me her cert, its shows 1st... then i ask Siok Leng... she was silence for a moment than 'I got 5th place' .. Shih Ming said, Y you keep quite...

Yes, the orgnaiser provide coca cola as i tokk 2 cups then i saw aisin, straight walk to get the coca cola drinks not only 2 cups but more than that...

The organiser provide Ribena, Vitagen and Cornetto...

Its been a lucky day for Shih Ming, not only she got 1st place also won a lucky draw , a night stay at genting, whole Chooi Wan got a nite stay at JW marriot.

Time 10am when we left Dataran and head to Chinese Village for b'fast.
Met Siok Bee there

So next week, Dataran Merdeka its the Siemen's 10km run while the 2 Rays, Siok Bee and Michelle will be at Tasik Kenyir for the Triathlon.

Btw.. Shih Ming got admirers.... lah... they took pixs with her


Jun 25, 2008

Malakoff 26km run in Penang


If u keen to run the above, it will be held in Penang on Aug 10th organised by PACM, there also another run its the Addidas KOTR in Shah Alam.

Btw the Mizuno run is in middle of Oct and also the Penang Bridge Run(subject to confirmation) organised by PACM and Penang Stat Govt. respectively.

Had T tarik with leslie at Lotus Ampang this evening.. wah the price have gone up, i drank horlick kosong cost rm2, anyway this week end Mac D run, leslie is back after 'semi retirement' ....


Pixs on RMAF run

Teresa n me



Dr Ray - Pelumba Haram

Khee Meng


Shih Ming got 6th placing in Women Open


Siok Leng
Rec'd the pixs from Chan Weng Kai

PAR4 Relay


Eric back in action

Ben, Chong, me and Yee Hua

Chee V and Khee Meng

last night had dinner with my uncle who came down from Australia for holiday here.
He's 75 years of age, and healthy 'cos he cycle 3 times a week and on week end his average mileage is 130 -14okm.. wah la weh.

Look like i have to start back my cycling, anyway will do in september in preparation for the Powerman race in Lumut in November.

Jun 24, 2008

Gunung Ansi Challenge - Ulu Bendul

Those who keen, you can contact the secretariat.

Registration Fee : RM10
Registration time : 7am - 9am
Starting Time : 9.30am

Top 10 prizes in each category from RM400 to RM50 plus hamper.

Contact : Secretariat of Mendaki N9 - 06-763-4830

On July 5th I will be at Ulu Bendul, Negeri Sembilan for the Gng Ansi challenge, its part of the 4th series of N9 mountains challenge.

Ayat and Md Nur will be joining me, sms to Shih Ming this morning and she decided to give a miss 'cos next day its the Siemen's run. So ladies watch out for SM, on July 6th ya, while Siok Bee, Michelle, 2 Rays will be off to Kenyir Dam for the triathlon.
Details of Gng Ansi will be posted soon.

btw, adidas KOTR on Aug 10th, closing date for early bird is end of this month, the running vest is nice and retail cost is Rm59.90, so if u register now its RM15 for 10km and RM25 for 22.3km. The running vest is blue colour with black stripes. I saw the vest last sunday at Bkt Aman.

Today was at Kg Pandan track, saw Chan Chee Seng group running farlek, wah.. average 4mins per km with rest period 3 mins. So Tri's if you keen to join his group for track workout, its on Tuesday and Thursday.

Tues and Friday I will be at Kg Pandan track 'cos coaching the RHB Investment team for the Merchant Interbank Athletic Meet on July 19/20, look like I might miss the PD tri. after that will start to train for the InterBank Athletics Meet in middle of July.

This sat at National Panasonic Stadium is the PACM track meet, will be running the 100m and relay for Bkt Aman. It start at 4pm with fun run and at 5pm the track meet will start.


Jun 23, 2008

Mc Donald Run on June 29th

Runners taking part in the Mc D run this sunday...

Siok Leng

Shih Ming



The Mc D run on June 29th will be held at Dataran Merdeka rec'd good response 'cos in the Ladies Veteran Category no more entries as it all full whereas the Ladies Open still got, but today is the last day for registration so not sure whether FTAAA still accept late entries.

This sunday run clash with Klang 10km run and who will be running :

Men Open - Lee, Edward,Leslie
Women Vet - Shih Ming, Maryann, Siok Leng, Yap, Aisin
Men vet - Chiam, Me

So guys meet at Bkt Aman 6.45am this sunday, will pass the bibs to you


Mizuno Discounts for PACM


Rec'd from Francis Toh, VP for PACM


23 June 2008

The President
Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia

Attn: Munning Jamaluddin


As an appreciation to your support, once again we are offering the “Purchase with Purchase “promotion for Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia for purchase of MIZUNO products at MIZUNO shop @ The Gardens.

The discount is for up to 50% discount for purchase of MIZUNO products and is valid from 25th June 2008 till 4th July 2008 (10 days)

Details of promotion:

- Buy 1st item at 30% discount (using their valid PACM membership card) and immediately entitled to buy the 2nd item at 50% discount.
- Promotion is for all product categories
- 2nd item on 50% discount must be of the lesser valued item.
- 50% items must be purchased & paid together with 30% items
- Only 1pc/pr 50% discount is entitled for each 30% products purchased
- 50% Discount must be of similar product category purchased at 30%
- ( i.e. if purchase footwear at 30%, the next 50% item must be of footwear as well and if purchase apparel at 30%, the next 50% item must be of apparel as well )
- Discounts are applicable for normal price items only.

Mizuno @ The Gardens address:
Lot T225A, 3RD Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City. Lingkaran Syed Putra. 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel / Fax: 03-2287 4516

PACM members MUST produce their valid membership card (the membership is not expired) to the cashier for the special discount to be processed.

Thanks & regards,

Glenny J Da Costa
Sales & Marketing Manager
W.O.S World Of Sports (M) Sdn Bhd

Msg from Jenny on Mulu

Jenny in purple .. hmmm tickling Eric ???

Rec'd email from Jenny....

the team is absolute beautiful form ... budak budak gang, GrandPa Eric, mummy Jenny, Uncle Tony ... A big salute to Tony for his spirit .. nothing is impossible ..... ton of laughter with budak budak gang namely, actually, smiley, guli, horli, lastly, finally, etc all the ly ly ... and MaryAnn (smiley) all the way down she was mumbling ... "Jenny I got conned" ... thanks goodness the Boy (leslie) kept smiling sweetly toward MaryAnn ... Shih Ming full of bullet with jokes ( journalist) ... am glad each one of us make it to the pinnacles ...

yipi yipicheerio!jennylee

Jun 22, 2008


Group ready for Camp 5


Kee Fong, Poh Wai, Bee Hong, Jin Ing, Aisin and me
Finally reach the peak and view the Pinancles

The Pinancles


Visit keefkeef@blogspot.com for her stories on the Mulu Adventure

Jun 21, 2008

Pixs on Mulu

The team at Mulu Airport

Camp 5 - Mulu

Bats Exodus from Deer Caves where millions
of Bats will fly out in the evening to look for

At Deer Caves, the shape of 'Abe Lincoln'
President of US

Mulu - Short Desc by Leslie

Leslie and Maryann at LCCT


Below is a short description by leslie on the Mulu adventure when he email to Siok Bee..

Hey SB

As you already know, Maryann hated the leeces but she didn’t get a single one coz she had pantyhose/mossi guard/Listerine all over her legs J Imagine a soldier with guns on both his hands and then switch you imagination to Maryann with 1 bottle of Listerine on her right and 1 bottle of mossiguard on the other hand – yep she went on a “combat” trip, and the leece is her enemy hahahaha

Plus she asked me to follow her at the back so I could keep a lookout for her enemies who could be slowly creeping up her legs J

Anyway, I was thoroughly amused throughout. She was at her best “combat the leeces mode” hahahah

On the trip, we both thought coming down the rocky/ladder part of Pinnacles was fun but the second part was painful on the knees/legs and dangerous (me and Maryann fell on our butts a couple of times and my toes got hurt also). This was the first time that I took longer to come down than going up so in a way it wasn’t fun coming down coz I was expecting an easier trip down.

Other than the trip down the pinnacles, I quote what I told Tony earlier “The most important thing was I thought you took care of all the necessities (food, accommodation, transport) well. Not only was it well taken care off but very "quality", esp the food. I love sitting at the bench there and take in all the cool breezy air in the company of our friends and talking all kinds of crap under the sun and cracking jokes. Basically chilling out. The toughness going down the Pinnacles is something we all probably hated but at the end of the day, it is another challenge in our life. A challenge which addresses many virtues - discipline, focus, patience, determination to complete an event and mental strength.

When I drove my car out this morning and maneuver the car through the jammed Brickfields road, I was telling myself "Damn, how I wish I could have just stayed back in Mulu for a long period or get out of KL". I don't miss KL at all. My thoughts were still in Camp 5/Mulu. I love Sarawak and Sabah more than ever now. Maybe I need to go to Mulu again to do some soul searching...I look forward to another trip to Sabah or Sarawak. Thanks all for contributing to a wonderful break for me and Maryann. And a BIG thank you to you Tony for everything that you did for us. Not easy to organize a trip with people from different backgrounds and characters but we all had one thing in common - the spirit of being adventurous. Now back to work in the steely coldness of KL”

There you go a “short” description of how I feel about the trip

Warm Regards, Leslie Yee

Jun 19, 2008

Mulu - Pinnacles - June 14 - 18, 2008

Was in the Bornoe jungle last week leading a group of 22 climbers to hike the pinnacles..
its was a learning experience for me...got home this morning from miri as usual flight retimed

more stories later....

who's the fastest to reach the pinnacles...
Who's the last..
the unexpected climber surprise me...
stories from the climbers...

pixs will be uploaded soon...


Jun 10, 2008

RMAF Pixs -


Me... hey that's my medal

more to come

Mulu Adventure June 14 - 18

Total 22 climbers will be joining me for this trip and only 4 guys and 18 ladies..
(Kelvin told you join)
Leslie have to accompany Maryann, so left Ah Fook, Eric and Me to take care of the rest or vice versa, and all of them are 1st time to Mulu.
This my second trip to the Pinnacles and will ask more details esp on adventure caving so that next trip will be adventure caving.

Who who are going,
Lee Yin Fook
Kong Yen Erl
Lee Yee Hua
Lee Yee Tze
Lam Sheh Fang
Lee Poh Wai
Chew Bee Hong
Cheah Jee Ing
Wong Wai Yee
Ho Kee Fong
Ong Siok Leng @ Ong Su Lin
Maryann Ong Bee Gek
Chew Wee Choo
Jenny Lee Soo Mei
Ng Yoke Foo, Eric
Lee Nyet Yun
Hor Ai Sin
Yip Chooi Sien
Tan Shih Ming
Mavis Gan
Tony Quay Peng Kim


SIemen & Macdonald Run


Pls. note that Siemen's 10k run will be on July 6 at Dataran Merdeka starting at 7.30km...
who who taking part...

Shih Ming, Maryann, Kelvin, Siok Leng, Kelvin, Lee, Yap, Vin, Heng, KYK & Gang, Seng Hooi n Frens, Chiam n Son.. and me lah...

No T this year but running vest... dunno how's look like but if u sign for 5km T will be immediately be give....

On June 29th... Mac Donald Run - 7km at Dataran start at 7.30am... hmm probably give burger after the run instead of medals hahahhahahah however this run got limited Olympic T n Cap..

so if u keen pls,. sign up at FTAAA.......


Jun 6, 2008

Mulu Adventure June 14 - 18, 2008

Next Saturday, off to hike the Pinnacles in Mulu, together with 21 other climbers.
Will be leaving on June 14 and guess Shih Ming will be trying to run from National Park to Camp 5 within the record time..hahhahaas it 8km from Kuala Litut to Camp 5.

Next day will climb the Pinnacles which is 2.4km upwards.

All those joining me will be their 1st trip to Mulu, and the activities that we will be doing are :-

Day 1 - Visit Deer/Lang Caves then to Bat Observatory Dect to watch the Bat exodus
Day 2 - Visit Wind/ClearWater Caves and then from Kuala Litut to Camp 5 , have to walk 8km
Day 3 - Climb the Pinnacles
Day 4 - Retrack back to the Park
Day 5 - Home Sweet Home...

Tony Q

Penang Govt to take over bridge marathon

Penang Govt to take over bridge marathon
GEORGE TOWN: The state government is planning to take over the organising of the Penang Bridge Marathon this year following its cancellation by the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM).
State Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Danny Law Heng Kiang said the state had sought permission from the LLM to hold the event.
"We have yet to fix the date as we need to liaise with the International Marathon Council first so that it won't clash with other events," he said Friday.
Malaysian Highway Authority director-general Datuk Mohamad Razali Othman had on May 11 announced that the run was cancelled due to financial and manpower constraints.
A week later, Law told reporters that Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said expressed her disappointment with the cancellation of the event, as it had been successful in attracting both local and foreign participants in past years.
Law was speaking at a press conference to announce the sponsorship of A Cultural Charity Night with Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas in conjunction with the governor's birthday.
He said E&O Penang and Hunza Properties (Penang) Sdn Bhd were each sponsoring RM300,000 for the event, organised by Taglink Group.
He said the state hoped to raise RM2mil in aid of the TYT Disaster Relief Fund, several charity organisations, the 6th International Dragon Boat Federation Club Crew World Championship (IDBF CCWC) to be held in the state from July 31 to Aug 4, and the Penang Bridge Marathon.
For details on the dinner, call 04-538 1110