Nov 28, 2012

Tabur 1 - Dec 9, 2012

Next week, Tabur 1 - Tmn Melawati.,... Leng and gand will be coming for the climb...

details will be posted soon

Dec 2, 2012 - Singapore 42.195km

This coming sunday, Steven, Leslie, Kar Mun , Agnes will be doing their 2nd SCSM 42.195km and will be join by 3 Kuras... Kah Hoe, Lee Lee and Susie who will be doing their 1st Marathon...

The Kuras now have 'butterflies; in their belly as yet to try 42.195km but have done the 50km TMBT trail run in Sabah on Sept 2012.

As for me.. will jalan2 and join them

Nov 22, 2012

Knees X Ray

X Ray on both of my knees, looking at the atop pix, slighty 'out'

Been going to chiro for physio...

December will start slowly in hiking....

Nov 17, 2012

OCBC cycling training

While the runners are running the PBIM (Penang Bridge International Marathon),

Lai Kuan, Nurul and Soo Lan will be meeting me at Bkt Aman as they want to train for OCBC cycling event in Jan 2013 where they have registered for 48km

Will lead them to the route of the OCBC cycling event.

Nov 12, 2012

My Knees

Both of my knees are been treated by needles at KL Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy

So have to do twice weekly.. as need to get back running hehehehheh

look like my knees are treated International lar, Western and Traditional ...

running is taking a back seat , but now slowly been cycling and slow hike ..

Nov 11, 2012

Deepavali Day

This coming tuesday, organising a tapering run for the gang taking part in the coming Penang Bridge Run this coming Sunday...

will start at 6:45am for 7km .

Today met Kelly and gang at Imbi market for the hailam coffee and bread as they were at Dataran for the Diabeties run...

Leng's ask me to join her group at Saga /Apek today...

anyway we are planning for Bkt Tabur 2 on thursday depend on the weather ...

For  Mt KK next year .. .. look like to get beds at mountain these days need to book at least 1 year ahead.. heheheheh

Mt knees in on road to recovery so have to take things easy these days...


Nov 6, 2012

Powerman Race - Putrajaya

Last sunday, took part in the Powerman Race 2102 at Putrajaya and this is 1st time i taking the team event - relay as all the while i been taking part in the individual events.
Rustam the PACM President ran the running leg while i did the biking.
The weather was cooling and cloudy and slight drizzle during the race...


Nov 2, 2012

Mt KK Oct 23 - 26, 2012 - SP Setia Grp

Leng n Me at the 8km
View's of Low's Peak

Low's Peak from 8km
 SP Setia Grp at 8.5km below Low's Peak

Low's Peak with Grp
 Another Pix
 Prayer's Hands
 25th Time
 I Wish I could Fly
Cert presented by Datuk Woon of SP Setia
Total 42 staff from SP Setia join me and Leng for the Mt K on Oct 23 - 26, 2012.
Both of us were the consultants for the group as most of them are 1st timer to Mt K.
90% reach the peak, weather for the days been raining, but on the 3rd day to the peak, it was clear and the not so windy.
Met Leng at 8km and then the sign signal was worngly read by Leng as she thot that i ask her to go down but actually asking her to join me to Low's Peak.
I reach Low's Peak at 8am and have to motivate and encourage the staff to reach the peak.
Leng's and Me were glad that the staff showed their cooperation and followed the instructions of the safety of the hike esp. from Laban Rata to the Peak and back.
The certificates were presented by Datuk Woon who also join in the climb and he reach the peak.
Taking a break now as next year 2 more climb to Mt KK end of April and May , 2013.