Jul 11, 2013

PD Triathlon on July 7 , 2013

PD triathlon last sunday... my team - Piper (run) Julius ( swim) and me - bike..

More than 2000 participants too part the run. 

Matthew, 10 year old been training with me won the boys under 10 category and Bila got 7th in the girls under 17

Piper's team came in 26th position in the mixed relay while papa team got 9th and Yasmin team got 36th

look like Papa Teoh's team came out the winner and followed by his daughters team

 Ernest, Nik, Me Richard
 Piper's Team - Julius - Swimming coach.. and lily
 Peter .. came in
 Piper's Team
 Lee and Ming
 Before start of the race
 race over
 the swimmers
family affairs

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