Jan 18, 2015

Gng Ansi Ulu Bendul

Feb 1, 2015, Gng Ansi Ulu Bendul, it bee 3 years i didnt't hike Gng Ansi and this is the gunung some of the hikers waiting sooooo lonnng for me to organize.

So it will be on Feb 1, 2015, details will be out soon

The trails route will be from entrance of Bkt Putus to Peak and back but those who want to hike down via ulu bendul can do so but need to be cautious of 3 junctions..

will brief the on this later

anyway.. if you have done kem pacat at gng nunag it similar like that as the evaluation is about 880 meters asl

so will post the details on  the place to mmet up on Feb 1, 2015

This saturday will be doing gasing hills and will be abt 3 - 4 hours as hking up via Sevan Temple route.

7.00am at Gasing playground ..

Pixs of last week Apek Saga water fall will be posted soon..

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