Jul 18, 2010

Siemens 10km Run

Woke up body aching due to Inter Merchant Games Tug of War on Sat at padang merbok..

Was informed by colleagues that my name was in the tug of war team as part of the Inter Merchant Athlectics Meet (next weekend at MayBan Trianing Ctr).

So i told him ok lah since no training and expected to kena sayur the 1st round, but didn't teh team reach semi finals and eventually lost to teh defending champion AMBank.

Didn't realise that the team can go thru' hmm it the determination & spirit as we just go for fun but today .. aiyoooo

anyway.. did 60mins in the 10km.. for the 1st 6km struggling but just after that just relax on the run.

Next week, the BHP orange run,. Today Mich Looi did well be finishing 8th in the ladies Open and got cash prize with the time 50:45 as next week she & Tomatoman will be at the Tri ..

Pixs will be uploaded soon from frens.. hmm forgot to take my camera...

Tony Q


Anonymous said...

see run2chuah and cp multiply.

many pics already uploaded..mine still no time edit.


Anonymous said...

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