Oct 20, 2012

Mt KK - April 23 - 26, 2012

Next Tuesday, Leng and myself will be going to Mt KK with SP Setia Group as part of their team building.

This is the 2nd group as the 1st group went last month and Leng was with them.

This coming Monday will be briefing the climbers and also a Yoga instructor will be their to advise on breathing technique ..

We manage to the Mt Guides who have been with me for the last 24 climbs, and it will be much easier as these guides know how my operations works in the climb.

Hope weather will be kind to the group.

Yesterday at 2pm, Raymond called and informed that Cheah Mei Mei passed away and indeed was saddened to hear the news.

She won the Pulau Perhentian Challenge last Sat and Salomon Run 2 weeks ago.

What was the cause of her death, according to Ray, her liver was inflamed and heart failure.

To Mei Mei - RIP,

May GOD rest your soul...


dannie chOOng said...

Safe journey Tony, and see you back in KL soon !!! :)

KLPenguin3 said...

Thanks Dannie, the hike was succesful and Datuk Woon and his staff enjoy every moment of the hike