Jan 9, 2019



it's been a year i didn't update the blog, no excuses given.

anyway for 2019, turning to 60 will be time for retirement from work and enjoy the activities that i loves to do,

this year 2019, 3 Mt Kinabalu Hike, Trail Run in Sabah and Mulu Pinnacles Adventure also to Melbourne for short holidays.

looking back the last 40 years of working , it been a journey of challenges which makes me a better man.

Choices are given but the decision we made will decide the path of our life.

M now gathering the pixs of my activities in 2018 and will post soon

Stay Healthy and Happy

Jan 15, 2018

2018 Hike Gunung Datuk


It been more than 5 months i have not updated this blog....
anyway for 2018 , look like it going to be a busy year .

confirmed 4 hikes to Mt Kinabalu and probably another one in Sept 2018 .

it will be on March, May, June, July and Sept 2018.

How many times I be going... frankly i lost counts hahhahahah

also i be busy with my own running events where last year about 9 times involving in the events.

For 2018, BHP Orange Run and Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Nazrin Shah are confirmed.

will be busy with hiking training and also cycling.

Every Sunday if no event, I be at MPSJ Stadium coaching special needs children (Austistics)

Below are the pixs taken at Gng Datuk in Jan 13, 2018

Aug 31, 2017

Salam Hari Merdeka Malaysia Ke 60

Salam Hari Merdeka Malaysis ke 60 to all Malaysian.

It been a while I didn't write at the blog as been busy with work and Project.

well that not the reason ya.

Ok i now resting till end Sept 2017 before starting my hiking activities as giving my knees a good rest.

At the moment it's more to cycling and organizing some running events till the end of the year.

I will updates the activities in the blog for cycling, running and hiking.

Next year will be hiking Mt Kinabalu in March and May 2018
 and also Mulu Caves adventure.

Keep healthy and smile

Feb 23, 2017

Gunung Berenbum - WW2 RAF Crash e SitNegeri Sembilan

Sunday Feb 19, 2017 cool morning at the foothill of Gunung Berenbum where 56 hikers met me to lead them to hike Gunung Berenbum

CL Chong was waiting there to join us for the group pixs and gave some pointer on Gng Berenbum. He didn't the hike as on Saturday he came down late.

The entry fee is RM5 as the Park Ranger were at the foothill.

Started to hike at 8:15am and took 45mins to reach Lata Berenbum watefall

From Lata Berembun another 1hr 30mins to Gua Kambing where the tarils are cleared and gradually upwards.

Upon reaching Gua Kambing, most of the hikers took 5 mins rest before the challenging trails to thoe peak.

300 meters up 75% with ropes tied to the trees time taken to the peak is 1hr.

From the peak to the WW2 Crash site another 1hr 15mins .

For an average hiker, average 9 hrs return hike.

Feb 14, 2017

Gng Berenbum Negeri Sembilan


It bee 5 months i didn't update as been busy and times forget anyway will be active back again.

this sunday will be leading about 40 hikers to Gunung Berenbum Negeri Sembilan where the RAF WW2 Air Craft was crash.

The remnants are still there.

The trip this sunday is for the hikers joining me for Mt Kinabalu on Apr 22 and 28, 2017 and part of the training.

Will be meeting CL Chong from Ansi Hikers at the foothills and was informed the Park Rangers will be station there to collect RM5 fees.

Some if the pixs i took when i was there

Details of trip will be posted later.

Oct 18, 2016


Hi it been 3 months didn't update my activities as been busy with events till now.

I planning for Mt Kinabalu hike next year , it will on Apr 22 - 25 and 28 - May 1, 2017

wah leh.. back to back.... total 70 paxs into 2 groups.

Hiking activities will start in December 2016 once all my running event over in Nov 16.

Pixs of my recent Mt Kinabalu hike