Oct 31, 2008

Sat Ride Bkt Jalil - Salak Tinggi * Genting TB

Tomorrow Dr Ray and gang will be cycling from Bkt Jalil MSN Stadium to Salak Tinggi and our Iron lady with the TTH will be catching them.

As for me probably cycle from home or be going to Ulu Langat... TBC.

On Sunday, watch out for podium winners esp Ming & Yip.. these two are the favorites, this afternoon Heng called me and inform that he and Kelvin will challenge me and San...

hmmmmm told him u win lah 'cos m just going for fun.. but ???? hehe


Mizuno Pixs by ChanWK

Shih Ming got 5th place in the Ladies Vet

The Ladies

Ngae 'barefoot'






Yee Choy

Ray 'Tomato' man


Khoo YK

Volunteers mixing the drinks


Many thanks to ChanWK for the pixs..

Oct 28, 2008

Gng Datuk on Oct 25th

Dunno what 'fruits'

Last saturday, I lead a group of 26 climbers from MCMC to Gunung Datuk as this is part of their training for Mt Kinabalu.
The last 1 month been busy training the climbers in preparation of their climb on Nov 4, 2008 to Mt Kinabalu.


Awana Genting Trail Blazer

On sunday at Putrajaya, Shih Ming informed that San is looking for partner for the Genting Trail Blazer 'cos her boss unable to take part. She said that if San can't find a partner she will run solo...
hmmmmmm i kepo a bit, told Shih Ming, as long not podium winner i volunteer 'cos not to have any mishaps as its a week before Powerman.

San was overjoy when she heard that i decided to partner her for the race..
well see how we fare this sunday... hmmmm

Those taking part as as follows :

Shih Ming & Steven Yip
Wei Kong & Chong
Kelvin (Man) & Heng
Siok Leng & ????? (forgot lah)
San & Me


Vin will kepo hahahahha
Chan Weng Kai - Photograper


Simulation practice for Powerman Oct 26th

No pixs taken lah, total 30ppl turn up for the practice at Putrajaya and 10 of them did 30km run in view of SIM '08

Its was a nice and sunny day but sure its hot, started at 7.45am and 1st to finished is San, followed by Ray Ng, Hugo, Michelle and the rest.. not fogetting CK who took 5hrs 40mins as he want to try it out and hope on November 9, he can clocked 5hrs.

As for me, i ran 11km after Vin have completed her 1 week of exercise so that she can take care of the water station.

It was really hot after 10pm, by the time we finished it was about 1pm and then came Ironlady Siok Bee to join us for lunch at Alamanda.

It was a good practice and therefore on the race day it will be fun..


Ipoh: KRI 20th anniversary cum 12.8km road race registration - early bird

The KRI 12.8km run on November 20, is back therefore early bird October 31.

Details below :-

KRI 20th anniversary cum 12.8km road race
Venue: Bandar Seri Botani (Ipoh Road Runners)
Date: 30 Nov (Sunday)

Early bird:
Entry ONLY confirm as early bird RM35 until 31/10/2008 upon payment

After Oct 31 registration
Normal fees RM45.

Please fax bank-in slip or on-line payment slip to 05-2553787 for checking.
Thank you.


Registration online:


Terry Fox Run KL 2008 - T-Shirts & Running vest are sold to raise money for the event Venue: Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Gardens) - Flag off at 9am

Back View

Front View

To participate, no registration require. You can purchase a limited edition
Terry Fox 2008 round neck T-Shirt or Running Vest.
T-shrit = RM25.00 nett (regardless size)
Running vest (dry function) = RM50.00 nett (regardless size)
Running vest (pix attached - is a Brook) (See attached file: Terry fox
vest front.jpg)(See attached file: Terry fox vest back.jpg)
Info below extracted from:

The Terry Fox Run KL 2008 will take place
- on 2 November 2008
- (Flag off 9.00 am) at Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Gardens).
- Participants are to be at the assembly area by 8.45 am.
- All participants must run on the designated route- There are 2 routes, 5
km for adults and 3.5km for the family run.
- It is none competitive, so there are no medals, no time limit and
everyone is welcome. You may run/bike/skate the route, even pushing the
stroller. After the run, we will have food and drinks and music. Just a
family outing for a worthy cause.
From Vivian

Oct 23, 2008

NIKE Lunar Technology

Vivian informed :

Last Saturday 18th Oct 2008 at Bukit Aman, apparently the show up was good.
Nike prepared about 50 pairs of shoe for runners to test out.
Upcoming events and venue:

Date Time Location
Friday, 24th Oct 5pm – 7pm, Lembah Kiara Park, TTDI

Saturday, 25th Oct 5am – 10am, Bukit Aman Car Park

Sunday, 26th Oct 7am – 10am Lembah Kiara Park, TTDI

Oct 20, 2008

Simulation Run, Bike Run for Powerman

This sunday Oct 26th at Palace of Justice, Putraja, I organsing the practice session for those taking part in the Powerman Lumut on Nov 9, 2008.

Will start from 7.30am and end at 12.30pm a full 5 hrs 'cos that's the official time to complete the race and if u guys wants the finisher medal & T.

So bring extra tubes for or bike ya incase of puncture. Water station will be at 5km and the route as follows :

Start from Palace of Justice round PICC and head toward PM office but make a U turn before the bridge to the mosque. Since its a long weekend and I am sure P2 will be quite therefore it will be great for our practice.

C u guys there..


Gng Datuk Oct 25th

Oct 25th, Gng Datuk, if anyone of you keen, meet me at the Senawang Toll 7.45am

As this saturday, I leading a group from CMC to climb Gng Datuk as part of their preparation
to Mt KK on Nov 2, 2008.


Update on Bkt Tabur incident

The lady that felled from the rope is now on the road to recovery, with 2 broken ribs and deep gash at her forehead.

Fortunately on that day, Uncle Eric Lee and frens were there at Bkt Tabur 1 else I would not know whether she can be located.

I saw Eric pix and sms hom, later he called and told me that he met the group while going up and told them to be careful esp the rope part and someone must be at the bottom to guide.

The lady that felled, she lost her balance and let go the rope and fell to the orchard, its more than 100ft down. Luckily for her, the tree branches was there to break her fall.When Eric heard about it, he ran down to the orchard and took him 20mins to locate the lady, when he reached she was unconscious and bleeding from her forehead. The rescue team came and got her down in the afternoon.

So guys... whne u climbed or going down with the rope, u shd control the rope not the rope control u....


Oct 16, 2008

Nike Lunar Trainer

This saturday at Bkt Aman car park, NIKE will be promoting their NIKE Lunar Trainer, so if you guys want to try it out , this saturday.

Heard from Vivian that, you can test the shoe and run for about 5km

Nike Lunar Trainer trials
Date & time : Saturday 18th Oct 2008 from 5am – 10.30am.
Venue: Bukit Aman car park
Our NIke contact person is Mr Wong Li-Zren EKIN - Nike Malaysia.

you can test the shoe for free and run any distance/according to your
Of course you are require do some form of registration since is a loan
shoes by giving your diving license as a guarantee.
fyi: LunarTrainer weighs in at 10.1oz.

NB : Thanks Vivian for the information

Bkt Tabur incident

Got this msg from Vivian this morning...

Also when you have time do watch the video on net links
click on below links and try to fast forward it after the below scene (see
shot screen below)


Be extra careful when you climb Tabur 1 & 2 'cos there been quite number of incidents happen and not reported...

Oct 15, 2008

Lala Nite on Oct 26th

Ok guys after the simulation run and bike on Oct 26th at Putrajaya, in the evening let's have lala nite at the viewpoint ampang since Monday is deepavali

Will finalise details with tomatoman........dress code 'oooo lala'... if u want to oooo lala in the simuation run and bike in the morning ... u r welcome...


Terry Fox Run Nov 2

The Terry Fox run is on Nov 2 and its clash with Awana Genting Trail Blazer.

Vivian is liaising with the Malaysia Cancer Society so if you keen to contribute for charity, just get the T-shirt(round neck) for RM25. It for good cause, contact Vivian ya...


Bukit Tabur 2

This morning rec'd a call from Vivian and was informed that a climber fell down from Bkt Tabur 2. This hill is just behind Vivian's home. Its was reported in TV3 berita terkini and the lady climber is in critical as she fell down 30meters.

2 yrs ago Ngae was kind enough getting a rope and tied all the way down about 100ft, look like I will call chong and ngae to revisit the place and see whether the rope have been worn out as last 3 weeks Chong and me were there.

So guys if u intend to climb the Bkt Tabur 2, pls. be very cautious and these days its been raining and the trek is slippery.


Oct 14, 2008

Ong's Sisters at Borneo Marathon - Oct 12th

Yesterday morning, Mohan called and informed that Iron Lady Siok Bee was the fastest Malaysian Lady to cross the finishing line at 4 hrs 25mins. Mohan will email me the stories from Borneo. Meanwhile the younger sister Ong Siok Leng clock 5hrs 07mins, and hit the wall at the last 7km, not bad timing in view of lack of mileage.

The 2 sisters will be in action this sunday for the Mizuno run.


Oct 6, 2008

Oct 26th - Simulation Run & Bike for Powerman

Ok guys... On Oct 26th, Simulation Run & Bike for Powerman and its 2 weeks before the actual race.

This time will do full distance ie 11km run, 64km Bike and 10km run and to finish below 5hrs.

Will start at 7.30am and end at 12.30pm.

Those taking part in the SIM '08 can also join but have to run 30km within 4hrs.

Email me if you are coming and a small fee of RM5 will be charged for makan and drinks.


Gunung Nuang Oct 11 - Rescheduled

Please be informed Gunung Nuang this saturday, Oct 11, 2008 have been rescheduled to a later date.