Dec 31, 2010

Dec 31, 2010

Was at tabur 2 this morning, with the gang.. had hefty b'fast ..

Weather was cooling, stay at the peak for an hour,

Discuss with Chong , that on Jan 19.. planning to hike Gunung Bunga Buah Genting.

On Jan 14 - 16 will be be hiking Twin Peaks - Fraser Hills...

So to all those reading my blog BLESSED NEW YEAR 2011 to YOU AND FAMILY

Dec 29, 2010

bkt tabur


Hi All..
Have been busy lately and not updated the blog..
So for 2011, will update regularly on the activities.
Jan 14 - 16 - Pine Tree Hills - Fraser's Hills leaving on Friday evening as on Sat will hike up to twin peaks as the 1st peak to the 2nd takes abt and hour to reach.
Will be laying some ropes before the peak as last month, the ropes are worn out.
oops the pixs on children camp will be posted soon and also the Young Endurance Tri race last sunday.
So its just fews days to 2011 .. BLESSED NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU.