Nov 21, 2010

Mt Kk Climbathon 2010


This year.. i was 'kaput' at 5km mark just can't move due to fatigue... manage to reach Laban Rata 2 hrs 30mins.. 40 mins slower than last year...

Anyway.. will go next year at its 25th Annivesary its on Oct 22-23, 2011
will be booking my flights soon .. have to check on the airfare as Firefly will be flying there too.

Pixs will be uploaded soon


Tabur 3

View of Tabur 1 and 2 from Tabur 3

The group before off to Tabur 3 via
Last saturday, rec'd a sms from Eric whether on or off to tabur 3 as its was been raining early morning, told him let's meet at Zoo Negara entrance at 7.30am.. when i was at the entrance Cath came and Agnes called said that Chong, Setevn want to go to Batu Caves due to drizzle.. told her the birds are out and chirping .. and rainbow can be seen therefore won't rain after the climb.. so Bro Steven said OK we come.
Tabur 3 route is via Kemensah and its more challenging than T1 & 3.
Newbies to hiking are not advise for T3 untli they have done T1 & 2....
Its took use 1 hrs 30 mins as leisure pace to reach the peak t3, as Eric lead us there. It was slippery along the way.
After the climb we head to the 'sungai' and have a dip there..
Next Sat will be going to Sg Lepo waterfal at Ulu Langat.