Oct 29, 2015

Melaka Century Ride 2015 - Cycling

Last Sunday was at Melaka , took part in the Melaka Century Ride aka MCR 2015.

Kah Hoe, Susie and Corrine joined me for the race.

All of us hope for good weather as the country has been hit by haze, but on that day, the haze was there but not that bad.

It's an interesting trip to Melaka, cos on saturday all of us went for makanthon from eatig he chicken rice balls , Satay celup , fried Oyster and Coconut shake..

Wah leh... on SUnday early morning all of us got tummy upset ... hahhahaha

The race on sunday start about 15mins late .. before the race we were discussing sure along the way have to pit stop in view of our tummy was churning...

True enough ..at the 3rd WS (Water Station) I have to rush to find the rest room .... hahah

The weather on the race day was good and I completed the ride in 7hrs 55mins as the last 7km got cramps on both thigh..

I have to stop and stretch and rest fro 5 mins before proceed... ..could have complete the MCR if no cramp

What a relief when cross the finishing line before the cut off time.

Rest fro 3 hrs before driving back to KL...

Next race .. will be the Penang New Bridge 46km on Dec 20, 2105

Oct 3, 2015

FanSIPan - Vietnam 2015

After the VNM Mountain Marathon on Sept 26th 2015, 12 of us went for another adventure , to hike the highest mountain in Vietnam - FANSIPAN.

We start the journey on Sept 27th,2 015 the very next day after the Mountain Marathon. Most of them were exhausted after the race and told me I'I don't know whether i can hike up tomorrow' ,

Anyway I told them have a hefty dinner and good rest as tomorrow is another day

We met the guide Ken at the lobby and than travel to the foothills of FANSIPAN and from there the journey started...

Total distance from base to the peak is approximately 17km. There's 2 huts for the hiker to stay at 2200M and 2800M. Most of the hiker will stay at 2800M. The hikers have options whether to hike to see the sunset or sunrise.

Food will be prepared by the guides and also they will carry the hiker bags for a fee.

It an interesting trails to hike with different type of terrains , however the last 1 km  the peak is very muddy.

The peak areas now have been 'destroyed' in view of the cable car project which will be starting operations next year, lots of the flora, fauna and rocks have been cut and damaged.

It really sad to see FANSIPAN peak been  ' damaged' to pave way for cable car project.

In my opinion, nature should not be destroyed and let the hikers enjoy the beauty of the mountain.

Below are some of the pixs of the hike

Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2015

Wow didn't realize that i didn't updated my blog for the last 2 months sinc i back from Mulu Pinnacles and the Penang Round Island.

Been busy with works lately and also my notebook was down and now got a new one .

Anyway, last weekend was at Vietnam SAPA did the VNM Mountain Marathon and also hike Fan Si Pan.

We left from KL on Sept 24th to Hanoi and from there the organizer arrange the transfer to SAPA where most of the participants stayed at Bamboo and Sunny Hotel.

The package that we took 4D3N SAPA town was good as it cover 3 nights lodging and all meals are covered plus to and fro Hanoi SAPA Hanoi.

Sept 25th, 2015 - Participants took the package were transferred to TOPAS ECOLODGE for briefing and lunch as this is the start and finish for the race.

The race director Asger introduce Ms Vietnam 2015 as she will be taking part in the event - 21km.

The food provided by the Organizer are mostly western type,..

During our stay there, most of the time is shopping on the hiking gears.

below are some of the on the VNM race 2015.