Jan 25, 2009

Feb 8, 2008 - Pines Hills, Fraser Hills

Feb 8, 2009, those keen to hike Pine Trees Hills Frasers

Meet at the Fraser Gap - 9am

9.15am - will leave Gap to Fraser Town
10.00am - Start Hiking
4.30pm - Back to Car Park
6.00pm - Leave Fraser Town

Please note that the timing, going up to Fraser is at odd hr while down is even hr.

If you keen for the hike, email me at klpenguin3@gmail.com



1st day of CNY '09, those keen to run meet at Bkt Aman 6.30am, will be doing 8 (fatt) km.

Feb 1, simulation race for Ironman Trainees at Putrjaya

Venue : Precint 6, Public Swimming Pool Car Park
Time : 8.30am

Iternary :

8.30am - Meet at Car Park and assemble the bikes
8.50am - Enter to Pool
9.00am - Swim start - 45mins
9.45am - Stop swimming
9.55am - Start cycling 5 hrs
3.00pm - back to P6 car park
3.15pm - start running towards PICC and back
4.15pm - End of Simulation

Bike route will be posted later

Those not taking part in the Ironman Langkawi but keen to join are welcome..


Jan 22, 2009

SC - KLIM 09 June 28, 2009

This year the KLIM '09 is sponsored by Standard Chartered and the organiser is not FTAA by an event management company.

June 28, 2009...

Those have not run the KLIM route, shd try its an experience compare with SIM

So guys get ready for the run ya....

met Heng today and he said ' I will be running the 41.195km 'cos the 1st time organised by SC so it must be good.

THG will organise simulation run 30km - TBC the date


Que Sera Sera

Had lunch with Bee and talk abt the coming Langkawi Ironman and simulation race,
she unable to join for Feb 1 but probaby Feb 9, she be there.

hmmm also talk about Rum on the race .. she said ' Que Sera Sera, what ever will be, will be giving the cheeky smile"...will see will see....

So guys the battle is on between these two but not fogetting Tomato man, Lee, Michelle, Julie, Ultraman Steve and Jason T

Loh Sang next week will inform the time and place...

wishing all of you

GONG XI FA CAI to U & Family

Those driving home, drive carefully and adhered to the speed limit.


Feb 1, 2009 - Simulation Race for Ironman Langkawi

Come Feb 1, 2009, the trainees for the Langkawi Ironman will be doing the simulation race at Putrajaya, whereby they will swim for 45mins, cycle 5hrs and run 45mins .

The location will be at Precint 6, Putrajaya Public Pool car park.

Time 8.15am
Race start at 9am .

Todate : Ray Hee, Ray Ng, Michelle, Lee, Jason, Bobby, Bernard while Vin and Heng will join in for fun ....


Jan 19, 2009

Ironman Langkawi - February 28, 2009

Below are the 1st timer for Langkawi Ironman 2009

a) Lee
b) Michelle Looi
c) Ray Ng aka Tomatoman
d) Steven Yip (Ultraman)
e) Jason Thiang
f) Juliana

2 nd Time - Rum and Bee

3rd Time - Ngae

Retired :
Eric, Heng & Wei Kong

On Feb 1 & 9, will be the simulation race at Putra Jaya. It will be swimming, cycling and running.


Rum vs Bee

Langkawi Ironman will be on February 28, 2009. Last year Ironmen Rum and Bee will be taking part again to improve their time. But this time both of them will be challenging with each other.

Its Man vs Woman. So who will win?

Rum said 'No way, Bee will beat me' as we had b'fast on Sunday while B was busy shopping at Mid Valley.

Its all started when THG was form and Rum the President said ' No member for B 'cos she now with the amor gang. 'Kwai Loh' celup.

So who will it be on Feb 28, 2008 at Langkawi .

Rum or B.

Will have Loh Sang next week and start the bet rolling.


Jan 15, 2009

Sat at Putrajaya

This sat Jan 17, those keen to cycle meet at Putrajaya 6.45am. Location : Information Center next to PM office.

Thot for the day "

"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." WILLIAM FAULKNER

Jan 13, 2009

Ironman Langkawi - Feb 28th 2009

Email from Vivian, Maryann, San & Jason on the Pixs appeared in star.

"On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 2:48 PM, wrote:
Hey guys,For those of you who have not read today's Star paper check this out. Seeattached.Jason, Julie, Michelle & Raymond congratulations!

Jason you are a star! A big thank you for your effort to get PowerBarsponsor.

Coach Tony,Eh...eh... bukan main lagi THG kita ini ya....Btw, rambut style baru kah untuk photo session in? Hee..hee...Post up la the article to our group blog.


On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 3:40 PM, Maryann Ong wrote:
wah...looks like we have famous friends leh.
ve to watch out for the paparazzis in the future ;- )

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 3:25 PM, 小夜(san) wrote:
yeah, way 2go!! =D congratulations =D

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 1:57 PM, Jason Thiang wrote:
Thank you Maryann,

I do this for the Pacesetters members who are 1st. time Ironman and trianing in the group with me. We are sport-lover, passion for sport, discipline in trianing, good supporter/helper among members,etc. BTW, Lee Puh heng is the 5th guy in the group. Welcome aboard, Lee.

Happy trianing.
Pacesetters Boleh.
Jason Thiang

Note : If you want to put in the Foothloose, please go ahead.

Jan 12, 2009

Coach optimistic foursome can complete triathlon in 17 hours

Powering up: Quay (right) sharing a light moment with (from left) Thiang, Juliana, Looi and Ng.

Point of no return: (From left) Quay joining the triathletes Looi, Juliana, Ng and Thiang in a stretching session.

THERE is no turning back for four rookie triathletes in their bid to complete the Ironman distance at the upcoming Langkawi Ironman on Feb 28.
For a perfect debut, the quartet of Jason Thiang, Raymond Ng, Nor Juliana Ali and Michelle Looi are aiming to complete the race, made up of a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42km run, within 17 hours.
But, the team’s coach Tony Quay is optimistic that his charges are capable of accomplishing the task in 15 hours.
“After the change from cycling to running, the first quarter of the 42km run is the most crucial part of the race. It is a difficult period because they need to get into the rhythm using different muscle groups in the lower body.

“It will determine whether they have set themselves in the right position to finish the race.
“Their training routine over the weekends includes long rides between 100km and 120km before switching to running for 35 to 45 minutes on Saturday. On Sunday, they will be clocking the mileage ranging from 25km to 30km in the running segment,” he said.
The Great Eastern Pacesetters’ 30km run scheduled on Jan 18 will be a platform for them to gauge their ability to complete the final leg of the marathon distance run at the Ironman.
Juliana, who bagged the National Female Duathlete of the Year title, said it was a natural transition to step up to the next level.
The 26-year-old psychology student received the recognition based on her consistent performance at the three-leg Malakoof University Duathlon Series held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Malaya and Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia.
In the race for the Best Women Triathlete of the Year, she also settled for fourth spot behind Stephanie Chok, Carmen Leong and Looi.
Juliana only featured in sprint races covering a distance of 500m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run at three meets at A-Farmosa, Port Dickson and Desaru in her first season competing in triathlon last year.
“In fact, it happened by chance. Initially, I wanted to accompany a friend for the meet in A-Farmosa. But, I decided to sign up and took two weeks to prepare for it. It will be great to inspire other women to come out and have a go at it,” she added.
In her stiffest test thus far, she clocked 6’25 over the half Ironman course of 2km swim, 90km cycle and 21km to finish 11th overall in the women’s 20 to 29 years category at Desaru this year.
“Running is my strongest discipline and I need to work on my technique in the swim to do better in Langkawi,” said Juliana.
Looi acknowledged her training partners’ contributions in keeping her on the right track to shape up.
A respectable performance at the Chin Woo Biathlon last year spurred the 29-year-old programme analyst to take up more demanding assignments in triathlon.
“Although I’ve always been fond of outdoor activities, I did not start competing seriously until this year. I am pleased with my progress in four (A-Farmosa, Kenyir, Port Dickson and Desaru) of the five meets in the local competition calendar last year.
“My training partners are pushing me in the right direction and I am determined to keep up with them during training,” she said.
In contrast, Ng is not going to let the pressure of achieving a specific target to ruin his outing.
A year after recovering from brain aneurysm, Ng took up physical pursuit as an healthy way of life in 2006.
The 33-year-old said he never thought he would have so much fun combining the three disciplines — swim, cycle and run — in triathlon.
“Considering that I was fighting for survival in 2005, I just want to go out there and enjoy the occasion because I have been given a second chance to live,” he said.
After priming up with several races over the Olympic distance (1.5km swim, 40km cycle and 10km run) and half Ironman this year, team manager Thiang is also sharing the same aspiration for a memorable outing at the Ironman.
Recently, the 50-year-old Thiang convinced PowerBar to support their quest with supply of the brand’s endurance and recovery supplements.
Nestle Nutrition business development executive Shahrulniza Othman said they were impressed by the ordinary people taking up the challenge.
“Completing the Ironman distance is a personal achievement. They might not be the top performers going for podium finish but they play an important role to influence others to take up a similar challenge,” he added.

Jan 3, 2009

Cycling Short/Vest

Vest - RM90

Shorts RM110

My fren own a sports shop and he's promoting the above.

If u keen.. just email me ya at klpenguin3@gmail.com and will show the sample

Brand : Arora

Jan 1, 2009

Bkt Tabur Jan 4th

Hiking :

Jan 4th - Bkt Tabur - Tmn Melawati
Time 6.45am

If u keen, meet me at the reservior gate 6.40am as the climb will start at 6.45am.

THG .. won't be at Lake Gdn this sunday 'cos need to check on the ropes at Tabur Hills... as last week a fren of mine fell 40m as the rope snap. Would not want another incident so will pasang new ropes.


Pacemaker Jan 1, 2009 run

Reach home at 1am.. slept at 2.30am..alram rang at 5.15am...the rush to Lake Gdn for the above.

Its the beginning of the year and hardly have much sleep 'cos have to get up early for the Der Pacemaker Jan 1, 2009 at Lake Gdn.

Ronnie called me 2 months ago to be volunteer for his group run so i ok to it.... and this morning a total of 150 runners join the run. Wah lah weh.. got timing chips... like that FTAAA cannot challenge lah .. electronic timing....

Kelvin Ng was the MC... no need PA system the whole Lake Gdn can hear him...

As a motocycle official, i lead the way for the runners....and Iwata was in the infront of the pack and he finished 1st in the men whilst Michelle Tan in the women.

As usual, Teh the camera man.. was busy clicking.. and run here and there..this guys need not to do 10km or 42km run lah...taking pixs.. will be good enough for his training....

the race ended at 9.45am as the last runner came in ..


Pixs - Pls. visit Tey's album

X 'mas -Charity Drive-

Yesterday visited the Rumah Insaniah Dr. Siti Hasmah, to deliver the good that I rec;d from the THG group...

Many thanks to those who have contributed.. the homes really appreciate the goodies (pixs will be posted later).

I still rec'd monies to buy the basic need and also clothes today, therefore there will be CNY charity drive.

Probably the it will go to Rumah Harapan in Kuala Kubu Baru or homes which are not supported by the Welfare.

WIll keep you guys posted.



1 mile Dash on New Year Eve

THG rocks... that nite... Tomato man and Khoo sayurs.. their rivals.... and Rum is closing in soon...as KEat Seong slow and steady as he icnrease his speed

As for the ladies... Michelle and Jennifer came in 1st and 2nd.. both of them got a pair of crocs slippers.... as for Kelvin came in late also join in the fun..

For me ,,, suppose to be pelumba haram in the end signed up in my catgeory.. got 7th place...

Left PArkroyal at 7.30pm and started jog to Sheraton .. its abt 2km...

The run started based on aage group so m the last been the 'youngest'... Rum, Tomato, Kelvin, Michelle, Keat Seong and Jennifer waited fro me to cross the finishing line.. then we head for beef noodles.... along the way to the shop.. tomatoman cannot resist the burgers so he bought 5 .....

After the makan the beef noodles.. we walk back to Parkroyal... as we walking along Jln Alor.. met Vin, Heng, SM, San & Janelle.... and tarik us to eat ah wah chicken wings..... when the bills came.... hmmmm tourist price. ..

As usaul THG.. been the nosiest group..... and what more with the running attire.

This Sat. 6.45am meet at HOA Gombak and cycle to Bentong.
7am flag off -- late comers... kejar THG ya,.... else meet at ice cream stall in bentong...

Its a new day and new year... Stay healthy and Be Happy... Smile always




BLESSED NEW YEAR 2009 to you & all at HOME...