Oct 31, 2007

Pines Tree Hills Trek on Oct 6th

Group pixs at the cottage.....
more pixs pls. contact ChanWK...

The next climb and stay at the cottage will be next yr Jan '08.....

Oct 30, 2007

Powerman Lumut Nov 11

Its has been more than 1 1/2 yrs i took part in the duathlon, comes this Nov 11, the following duathletes will be join me .. .. Ngae, Eric, Wei Kong, Siok B, Wendy, Pathma, CCHo, Ching Tai, Ong and of course team manager Vivian....

The last time i cycle was last yr and last week (Sat) I cycle for 60km and my butt hurts.. .when i got down .. instead of walking i waddle.. hmmm it just a week and half to the race...

Look like time is running short for me.... have to hit the gym and do spinning....


TC10km run Kuantan on Oct 21

Hey Maryann... congrats on the TC10km run Kuantan, as u came out 1st in the Ladies Open..
time was 47mins... (pixs of you, i 'm waiting from Chan WK.. will post once i get it)

Siok B got 3rd in the Ladies Veteran whereas Ngae got 6th....

As for Kelvin and me hmmm as usual lah... looking for SYTs... but none lah on that day ahahhahaha..

To the Kuantan PACM.. well done and I 'm sure most of the runners enjoy themselves...

P3 signing off

Road to SIM '07 and Powerman Lumut

This Sunday Nov 4, will be running 20km from bkt Aman to Hartamas and back and probably join in terry fox charity runwhich start at 9am

Time 6am at Bkt Aman car park... Siok B informed that she want to run 30km as last week she did the powerman training so it will be the last leg practice run. She informed that Kelvin will be joining her and probably Maryann will join her later.. well as for me i will see how the situation by then as my right knee still hurts.... (probably c dr rozman nt week lah)..

btw i heard that PACM will be organising a 30km practice run on Nov 11 for those who are taking part in the SIM '07.

Most of us won't be around in view of the Genting Trail Blazer and the Powerman Lumut Race as for Lee, Yap, Heng and Vin, all of them will be in Bali...

Its a month more to SIM'07...

C u guys this sunday

P3 signing off

Oct 29, 2007

Road to SIM '07 and Powerman

Its was a really hot hot day at Putrjaya on Oct 28th.. Its the final leg of the 30km practice run and also the Powerman race Lumut (Nov 11)..

55 runners turn up , and 80% of them did 30km run whilst those taking part did 11km(run), 64(km) cycle and 10km (run)...

Its was good training for the runners as weather, play an important part as this is to condition them and be prepared ... the motto of the penguins... is 'All weather boleh wan"..

This coming sunday will be at Bkt Aman. 20km run and then began to start tapering ...

Tips of marathon will be posted soon...

P3 signing off

TC10km Run Kuantan and Le Tour d Kuantan

Pixs coutesy of Chan WK.

After cycling 10hrs from Bentong to Kuantan .. still got energy.. yup these 2 Ironmen and a lady iron woman who completed the cycle on Sat OCt 20th and next day ran the TC10km...

Ngae said ' at least got rest mah,..... Ironmen race.... after 180k.. have to run 42km"

So next le tour.... hmmmm Ipoh ?? or Penang... better hush hush lah ... else ?????

Siok Bee




Eric and Siok Bee


Ngae .. Yes 20km more to Kuantan

Finisher Medal

Oct 25, 2007

Le Tour d Kuantan and PACM 10km run

From Ngae :

Bro Thanks again to you and Vivian. Without you and Vivian, it would not have been so smooth. See you this Sunday.

Kudos to the 3 cyclist (Ngae, Eric and Siok B) on completing the grueling ride from Bentong to Kuantan

On Sat. Oct 20th .. le tour d kuantan, 3 cyclist (Ngae, Eric and Siok B) cycled from Bentong to Kuantan covering 229km whilst Ngae covered 299km as he cycled from KL a day earlier.

Total hours taken 10hrs to reach Kuantan.

3 checkpoints for the cyclist to rest ie Termeloh, Maran and Gambang, where Vivian and me were the supporting crew waiting for them.

The weather were kind to us as its was cloudy most of the time, traffic busy when we reach kuantan.

Had a sumptuous dinners as a reward for the grueling ride and also carbo loading for the TC10km run on Sunday at Teluk Chempedak…

During the dinner, I advised the cyclist to relax for 10km run but instead Ngae and Siok B were among the top 10 in their categories (SB got 3rd whilst Nage 6th) for the PACM TC10km run

Many thanks to Vivian as my assistance, the mum to be was supposed to follow Kelvin but she insisted to join me ‘cos her loving husband (Eric) is cycling.

Till then

P3 signing off

NB.. more pixs will be up soon..

Vivian as the team manager while me.. the driver

Oct 19, 2007

Kuantan TC10km run on sunday - Oct 21

Tmr 6 am will be at Eric's hse 'cos we are leaving to Bentong as Ngae will be waiting for us.

Destination : Cycle from Bentong to Kuantan...

Eric, Ngae and Siok Bee will be cycling to Kuantan from Bentong tmr starting at 7am and i will be the support crew together with Vivian... my oh my.. these 3 cyclist will endure themselves at least 8 hrs on the road ... starting from Bentong, Karak, Termeloh, Maran and Kuanatan...

This is part of their training for the Langkawi Ironman next yr..... phew salute to these guys as next they will run the 10km run with me but it smore to recovery ..

This sun, I will be running the TC10km together with Kelvin, Maryann, Nage, Siok B ad Eric whilst Vivian will be the team manager..

More stories on the cycling and run .. will b eposted when i back from kuantan..

P3 signing off

Oct 15, 2007

SIM'07 and Powerman Training

My right knee is aching after the 20km run on sat and 10km hike to gng ansi on sunday...

well monday is my usual day of rest....... did RICE on my knees as tmr will be at bkt kiara 7pm with the runners for training...

look like the days are closing by for the above meet and this week end will be in Kuantna for the PACM TC10km run organised by the Kuantan PACM...

P3 signing off

Gunung Ansi - Ulu Bendul Oct 14th 2007

Gng Ansi is situated at Ulu Bendul and its abt 20 mins drive from Seremban and its on the way to Kuala Pilah.. one can't miss the rest area as there's a huge signage and the only r n r along the the route to KP from S,ban.
Total 46 climbers have decided to join for the climb... and 80% are first timer to Ulu Bendul, the challenges they are facing will be interesting...
Met all the climbers at the senawang toll at 8.10am.. hmm i was late for 10mins as email infiorming them 8am..as i did the head count and brief them total 9 cars will be heading to Ulu Bendul for the Gng Ansi climb...
Reached at Ulu Bendul 8.45am... met Kathy and hubby, Kelvin boy....by then everone were busy preparing and getting ready for the climb. at 8.55am kc took a group pix and i brief them the do's and don't's on the hiking...
Started the climb at 9am.. as usual Kenny and Debbie brought happy(dog) along for the climb... so he lead the way but debbie have to be close with him all the time. I lead the group to the 1st check point and do the head count to ensure that all of them are on the right trail.
by then i will be the reccee of the group 'cos the trail as the 2nd part of the climb can be misleading esp for new comers...
As it been raining for the last few days, its was cooling and refreshing to hear the sound of the water gushing down from the river as 2km of the trail will be along the the river before reaching the loggers trail.
At the logger trails i have to wait for the climbers to show them the right trail to the peak 'cos quite number of climbers have lost their way....
The 2nd part of the trail is challenging in view of the 'ladders to nowhere as its all the way upward and its seem never end..

Once i have brief Kathy, KC and Pansy abt the route, as they were the last in the group, i have to move on fast to ensure that all are ok...

abt 15mins to the peak Ann fell down as the rope she hold snap and her head knocked on the ground and had a deep gashed.. quickly Janet apply presure on her head to stop bleeding and i bandage her head. Told the climbers to go ahead to the peak while i accompany Ann down as the peak is just nearby.... Yen Erl and Gang decided not to continue as they wanted to send Ann to the hospital....
As we were going down the 1st batch were on the way down as they ahev reach the peak earlier its Lee and gang 'cos they are all training for the awana trail blazers which will be on Nov 11 at Awana genting.
It was raining as we headed back to the car park and informed yen erl to take ann to the hospital while i wait for the rest of the climbers to arrive back. The last climber arrived at 4.45pm and i glad that all was safe.
Yen erl informed that Ann is ok and got 5 stiches and i met them for dinner in seremban..
Lesson learnt .. be cautious when u hold the ropes while climbing ... do not put fully your weight on it
It been an experience for me and will pass on the knowledge to the climbers...
Till then the next climb P3 signing off...

Oct 11, 2007

Gunung Ansi - Ulu Bendul Kuala Pilah

Hi All,
> Those who are interested in hiking up Gng Ansi, Ulu
> Bendul, Sunday Oct 14th
> Iternary are as follows :
> 7.45am - Meet at Senawang Toll (Pls have b'fast
> first)
> 8.00am - Will leave from Toll to Ulu Bendul
> 8.30am - Arrive and briefing
> 9.00am - Start to trek (latest)
> 12.45pm - Reach the peak
> 1.30pm - Descend from Peak
> 4.30pm - Reach the Car Park
> Total time to and fro is abt 6 - 7hrs... U need to
> bring more water for this climb in view of the
> humidity..
> this terrain is different from Pines Tree Hills 'cos
> here we will start from the foothill to the peak ,
> its all upwards and downward when we descend.
> Walking sticks will be handy for this trail....
> things to bring :
> - Raincoat - Compulsory
> - Water - 3 litres (at least)
> - Food (lunch)
> - Titbits
> - Gloves - Optional
> - Walking Stick - recommended
> - Clothes to change after the climb
> - Sandals/Slippers after the climb
> - Towels - got place to shower
> - Extra water or isotonic in the car 'cos after the
> climb u sure be thirsty
> Briefly abt the climb :
> The 1st part of the climb from Ulu Bendul to the
> open space (loggers trail) is just like Pines Tree
> Hill Trail....but this time you will be walking
> along the
> rivers till the waterfall...
> At the waterfall there's open space u can rest for 5
> mins before crossing a stream to the loggers
> trail.... the 1st checkpoint will be at the logger
> trails before
> the next part of the climb where you will be using
> your 4 limbs....for most of the part....
> Level of difficulty.. is 3 out of 5 .... but should
> be no problem ...
> Safe drving ya.. ,, in view of the Hari Raya
> Holidays..the polis/jpj will be watching .....
> Regards
>P3 signing off

Oct 8, 2007

Marathon SIM '07 & Powerman Lumut

This morning, heard news from CNN sports that runner died and numbers of them was dehrydated in the Chicago Marathon as its was hot,,,, so guys SIM'07 could be also hot .. will post articles soon on the 3 R ie. Rehrydration, Refuel and Refill...

Oct 28, 2007.. SIM '07 and Powerman practice run Series 2 will start at 7am sharp so be there at 6.45am ..palace of justice...

The last practice run we had the weather was really hot therefore it could also be the same... it a good training for SIM '07 and Powerman Lumut....

c u guys there..

P3 signing off

Oct 3, 2007

Road to SIM '07

Oct 3rd ‘07

7pm at Bkt Kiara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, it’s the 2nd phase of weekly training gearing for the above for the athletes…

The 1st phase was at Bt Caves in Sept. where the runners have to complete within 30mins the number of times running up the 272 steps ……

Back to Bkt Kiara, met Wei Kong ,Kelvinr Pathma, Eric, Lee and Yap… .. rec’d a sms from siok leng that she will be late and ask us to start whilst Chong was caught up with work..
As we about to start, the Gasing/Bkt Kiara PACM runners were surprised to see us there, and wonder all of sudden my group of runners were there.

Time 7.15pm… off we go.. running the 5km bkt Kiara is not easy esp the 1st km where its all the way uphill….. WK, Eric and Kelvin started off fast.. followed by Lee, Pathma and Yap…
Puffing and huffing are that I can hear when we run up to the top… WK sprinted all the way …
it was cooling with trees surrounding and got monkeys along the way ‘cheering’ hahahha…
Saw siok leng running the opposite direction as Pathma and me were about to finish the 1st loop, … ..

Pathma decided to rest while I continue the 2nd loop with Eric, Lee, Kelvin and Yap…
Eric, the potential Ironman continued the 3rd loop whilst we head back to the car park
45mins to complete the 8km hilly terrain….. by 8pm all of us are back and ready to reload the calories loss during the run….

This is the 2nd phase weekly training for SIM '07 at Bkt Kiara on Tues and Fri during the Oct month.

WK n Eric will be taking part in the Ironman langkawi next yr therefore both of them need to condition and be ready on Feb 23, 2008.

P3 signing off

Pines Tree Hill, Fraser's (revisited)

View from the Pines Tree Hills peak

Pines Tree Hills is one of my favorite hills to trek 'cos the cool climate at Fraser's Hills as the temp ranges between 18 - 22 degress celcius.
The distance from admiriality cottage to the peak is about 6km tho' the sign boad at the entrance indicate 5km.
Its my 4th climb to Pines Tree Hills, the trail to the peak it climbable except a few areas where one need to use 4 limbs.
Before reaching the peak, there's 30metres steep slope where climber have to climb, previously there's no ropes but have to hang on the roots to get reach the top but now there are ropes on both side , Many thanks to those who have placed it as i brought along ropes with me as i wanted to do it 'cos next week Oct 6th , I will leading abt 30ppl for the climb.
Its was a day climb last sat. started from KL at 7am and met KC at the gap 9am then proceed to meet another group at the clock tower at fraser's town. At 9.15am i reach the town and met the climbers introduce myself to them. before heading to the starting point.
We reach the starting point at 9.45am, and i started to brief the climbers the do's and don'ts about hikings as most of them are 1st time to the trail. We started at 10am and i lead the group as i familiar with the route, and KC was the sweeper. To ensure that everyone are on the right track, i stop 3 times to ensure that all are ok before i proceed. upon reaching the peak, i waited for each climbers to guide them to climb up the steep slope and upon reaching the top, u need to turn left that where the peak. We reach the peak at 12.45pm and the group have 45mins to relax and have lunch there before head back.
At 1.25pm, all of us start packing and ensure no liters are left behind, getting down the slope takes abt 15mins 'cos there 16 of us... once all are down the journey took abt 2hrs 15mins to reach back to the car park . The last person to reach back was an hour later 'cos he got leg cramps along the way.
When all have arrived, we decided to go to Ulu Yam for dinner after the hard day climb.
next week(Oct 6) will be hiking to the Pines Tree Hill leading a group of 30....

P3 signing Off

Sports Nutrition

Hi guys…

If you want a winning edge, you should get the right nutrition, ie drink enough water and eat a balanced diet not only just training.

You can make the most of your athletic talents and gain more strength, power and endurance when you train.

Below are some of the articles I got it from the net.
Water is the most important factor in sports nutrition. It makes up about 60 percent of body weight and is involved in almost every bodily process. Your body cannot make or store water, so you must replace what you eliminate (i.e., urine, sweat). Everyone should drink at least two quarts (eight cups) of water each day, and athletes need more. Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after sports events to stay hydrated and avoid overheating. When you workout or compete, especially in hot weather, try to closely match the amount of fluid you drink with the amount you lose to sweat.
Cool water is the best fluid to keep you hydrated during workouts or events lasting an hour or less. Sports drinks (i.e., 6-10 percent carbohydrates) are useful for longer events. Most of these types of drinks should be diluted approximately 50 percent with water. Drink even if you are not thirsty. Thirst is not a reliable way to tell if you need water. You won't start feeling thirsty until you have already lost about 2 percent of body weight - enough to hurt performance. And if you stop drinking water once your thirst is satisfied, you will get only about half the amount you need.

Some tips for staying hydrated:
Drink small amounts of water frequently, rather than large amounts less often.
Drink cold beverages to cool your core body temperature and reduce sweating.
Weigh yourself after working out and drink 2-3 cups of water for every pound lost. Your body weight should be back to normal before the next workout.
Pay attention to the amount and color of your urine. You should excrete a large volume that is nearly colorless. Small amounts or dark colored urine can indicate dehydration.

Fuel sources
Eating a balanced diet is another key to sports nutrition. The right combination of fuel (calories) from carbohydrates, proteins and fats gives you energy for top performance.
Carbohydrates. The most important fuel source, carbohydrates come in fruits, vegetables, pastas, breads, cereals, rice and other foods, and should provide about 60-70 percent of daily calories. Your body converts sugars and starches in carbohydrates to energy (glucose) or stores it in the liver and muscle tissues (glycogen), giving you endurance and power for high-intensity, short-duration activities. If your body runs out of carbohydrate fuel during exercise, it will burn fat and protein for energy, causing your performance level to drop. This can happen if you start exercising without much muscle glycogen, exercise heavily for more than an hour without eating more carbohydrates, do repeated high-intensity, short-duration exercises or participate in multiple events or training sessions in a single day. Use a carbohydrate strategy to stay energized and perform at your best:
Eat carbohydrates for at least several days before exercise/competition, so you start with glycogen-loaded muscles.
Eat more carbohydrates during exercise/competition lasting more than an hour to replenish energy and delay fatigue.

Proteins. Proteins come in meats, fish, poultry, eggs, beans, nuts, dairy products and other foods, and should provide approximately 12-15 percent of daily calories. Proteins give your body power to build new tissues and fluids, among other functions. Your body cannot store extra protein, so it burns it for energy or converts it to fat. The amount of protein an athlete needs depends in part upon level of fitness; exercise type, intensity and duration; total calories; and carbohydrate intake.
Level of fitness: Physically active people need more protein compared with those who don't exercise. You also need more when you start an exercise program.
Exercise type, intensity and duration: Endurance athletes often burn protein for fuel, as do body builders and others doing intense, strength-building activities.
Total calories: Your body burns more protein if you don't consume enough calories to maintain body weight. This can happen if you eat too little or exercise too much.
Carbohydrate intake: Your body may use protein for energy if you exercise with low levels of muscle glycogen or if you do repeated training sessions without eating more carbohydrates. When you start with enough muscle glycogen, protein supplies about 5 percent of energy. Otherwise it may supply up to 10 percent.
Fats. Saturated fats come in foods from animals (i.e., meats, eggs, milk, cheese, etc.) and unsaturated fats in some vegetable products (i.e., corn oil). Fats should provide no more than about 20-30 percent of daily calories. Your body needs small amounts of fat for certain critical functions and as an alternative energy source to glucose. But eating too much fat is associated with heart disease, some cancers and other major problems, and probably means you don't get enough carbohydrates. How your body uses fat for energy depends upon the intensity and duration of exercise:
When you rest or exercise at low to moderate intensity, fat is the primary fuel source.
As you increase exercise intensity, your body uses more carbohydrates for fuel.
If your body uses up its glycogen supply and you keep exercising, your body will burn fat for energy, decreasing exercise intensity.

Pre-competition nutrition
What you eat several days before endurance activities affects performance. Your food the morning of a sports competition can ward off hunger, keep blood sugar levels adequate and aid hydration. Avoid high protein or high fat foods on the day of an event, as these can stress the kidneys and take a long time to digest. Empty your upper bowel by competition time. General guidelines:
1. Eat a meal high in carbohydrates.
2. Take solid foods 3-4 hours before events, and liquids 2-3 hours before.
3. Choose easily digestible foods (i.e., not fried).
4. Avoid sugary foods/drinks within one hour of event.
5. Drink enough fluids to ensure hydration (i.e., 20 ounces of water 1-2 hours before exercise, and an additional 10-15 ounces within 15-30 minutes of event.)
Replenishing fluids lost to sweat is the primary concern during an athletic event. Drink 3-6 ounces of water or dilute sports drink every 10-20 minutes throughout competition.
Carbohydrate loading
To avoid running out of carbohydrates for energy, some endurance athletes like long-distance runners, swimmers and bicyclists load their muscles with glycogen by eating extra carbohydrates in combination with doing depletion exercises several days before an event:
First exercise to exhaustion. Your workout must be identical to the upcoming event to deplete the right muscles.
Then eat a high-carbohydrate diet (70-80 percent carbs, 10-15 percent fat, 10-15 percent protein) and do little or no exercise starting three days before your event.
Muscles loaded with unused glycogen will be available to work for longer periods of time during competition.