Jul 29, 2015

Mulu Pinnacles 2015

This weekend I will be leading a group of 344 to Mulu Pinnacles and it will be their maiden trip.

the 5DN Mulu adventure will take them to visit 4 show Caves, Penan Kampong, boat ride to Kuala Litut before walking 8km to Camp 5 where the next day will hike up to the Pinnacles.

Pixs on my last trip to Mulu

 Bat Exodus
 Bats Observatory Deck
 Boats Ride to Show Caves and Kuala Litut
Deer Cave "Abe Lincoln'

Jul 24, 2015

Activities for Aug 2015 - Mulu

Hi All

Next week will be at Mulu Pinnacles taking 34 hikers to visit the 4 Caves n Pinnacles hikes.

Some will be doing the Kerangau Trails as they are not keen the Pinnacles

All of them are 1st time to Mulu other than me .

It will my 8 times to Mulu

The dates are from July 30 - Aug 3, 2015

The following week will be on Penang for the Cycling event - Round Island Penang

Aug 15th - Putrajaya cycle round the Lake , taking some newbies and guide them cycle round the Putrajaya Lake

Aug 16th - M organizing the Mizuno 10km simulation run at Putrajaya

Bothe will start at 6:45am and meeting place is the Palace of Justice.

If u keen come and join

Aug 22 - Gunung Rajah - Ching Kc and Me will be leading the group details will be posted soon

Aug 29 - Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik

All the details will be posted soon

Pixs of Mulu also be up

Jul 20, 2015

Pinic at Kem Lolo

This sunday will be at Kem Lolo Gng Nuang , a relax hike with Shima before she leave to Hong Kong

Some of her friends will be joining, I also invited those going for Mulu to join for this hike up to Kem pacat.

However those who can hike up to false peak or peak may do so.

Also on saturday will be cycling from Bt 1 Cheras to Semenyih Eco hills in view of my Penang Round Island Race on Aug 8.

Pixs of mulu will be posted

Jul 7, 2015

Mulu Pinnacles Adventure

This sunday Juky 19th will be having 2nd last training for Mulu Pinnacles at Tabur 2 Taman Melawati

The training is for the hikers to acclimatize the terrains of Tabur East which quite similar to Mulu Pinnacles.

Will post the pictures of Mulu Pinnacles

Below are the pixs at Tabur East last week

Meet The Malim Gunung & Children Home

It was an emotional time when i met the malim gunung and the children at the Don Vosco Childrens home.

I was there to hand over the funds collected from the group of hikers who join for my charity hike to Mt Kinabalu and also they know the mountain guides

Mt Kinabalu will not be the same as before after the earth quake. Many parts of the mountain were affected due to the landslides.

My opinion will take at least3 -  6 months for Mt Kinabalu to be ready to hike.

I will be going to hike again Mt Kinabalu once it open.

Pixs of the Malim Gunung and the children together with Sister Anne

 With the families of the guides died in the earth quake
 Malim Gunung whom with me since i started hikimg
 Nizam the chief guide

 The late Joseph wife and son
 Don Bosco Children's Home
 Presented ceks to Sister Anne