Apr 28, 2015

mt kinabalu 2015

this weekend will be Mt Kinabalu with 60 hikers

Timothy informed all the huts around laban rata are fully book

My group hike will be on May 1 and 80% are 1st time

Weather lately been raining in the evening , hope it will be fine on the day of the hike

will update pix when m back from Kota Kinabalu

Apr 23, 2015

Setia Alam Trails

Pixs of Setia Alam Trails

Apr 12, 2015

Setia Alam Trails

Good Day All

Our last training for Mt Kinabalu as below : To my hiking buddies in Singapore, please do your own training ya.
 Date of Activity : 18th April 2015 (Saturday)
Duration of Hike in Setia Alam Trails : 4 - 5 hours
Distance   :  Approximately 10 Kilometers trail up and down hills
Meeting Point : 
1)  Via NKVE : Exit Setia Alam Toll at the left side at 7:00 am, I will be there till 7:15am
 Transport Arrangement :  Own
 Our Hiking Schedule :
7:00a.m. - Meet after Setia Alam Tollon the left side of the toll
7:15 a.m.  Drive to the Venue
7:30 a.m. - Start Hike
11:00 am - Return to the starting point
Route : Please see attach file. Will place markers on that day as we will NOT covered all the trails. Please note it will be hot as not much shades as compared with Gng Nuang or Apek/Saga Hills

*** Home Sweet Home ***

Thing to bring :
1) Bring drinking water (about 2L).
2) Wear suitable trekking shoes
3) Raincoat  (Compulsory)
5) Optional - Trekking stick, Camera and small towel
6) Extra change of clothes for after the hike
7) Insect repellents - optional
8) Personal medication / Plasters for cuts/blisters. Antihistamine ( recommended)
9Personal Belongings like Wallet, HP to be wrap in plastic bag in case rain.
 Note : 
1) P
lease have your own breakfast before the trek. 
 2) Please be punctual (strive to come 10 minutes before stated time) 
3) If anyone is slower than the rest, the cutoff turnaround time is at 12:00pm. This means no matter where you are at 12:00pm, you MUST turn back and begin your descend to the starting point. 
4) Wear suitable clothes for a long hike.

Apr 7, 2015

My Bicycle Customize

M back in action for cycling, have customize my bicycle by repaint and put my name on the bike.

took the bike for a ride 


Hi All
Good Day
Some of you may ponder what if I get AMS and what is AMS all about , please refer to the website


It is hard to determine who will be affected by altitude sickness, usually I will notice above 2500 meters at Villosa hut Mt Kinabalu , some hikers will be affected and usually these hikers are fit and fast

My opinion , if you have not been taking AMS pills before, please don’t take however I am sure that some people will say take it as precautions.

If you want to buy for your own use , please ask your doctor or Pharmacists for advise.

Having a buddy with you along the way will be good and keep on encouraging each other.

Just be relax and enjoy the hike , have the adventure spirit in you.

Last but not least, hike at your own pace, don't have to rush

Apr 6, 2015

Gunung Nuang on April 11, 2015

It been a while i didn't hike up GngNuang, one of my favorite Gunung as it a good training ground for those going to any hikes and also mentally train.

This time the hike will be from Park Office to Camp Pacat and it time permits will be at Peak or False Peak

Do hope the group joining me for the Mt KInabalu hike will make themselves free to join.

Details are below

 Date of activity : 11th April 2015 (Saturday)
Duration of Hike : 9-12 hours (to Peak) or 6 – 8 hours ( Camp Pacat)
Difficulty Level : 8 out of 10 (10 being most difficult)
Emergency Contact :  Pejabat Hutan Daerah Selangor Tengah (03-90752885) and the ranger Encik Imram at 012-2767724.
Meeting Point :
1) Petronas Station at Jalan Cheras on the way to Kajang (opposite Cheras Sentral  Plaza) - 6.15am
3) Gunung Nuang Car Park at 7.30am
  (For those who know the venue, you may proceed directly there)
Direction :
Gunung Nuang Park,  is located 30km from Cheras, around 45mins by car.
It is easy to find the start of Gunung Nuang trail.
Exit the E7 Cheras Kajang Expressway when you see the sign for Pekan Hulu Langat.
Take route B52 through Hulu Langat and keep going straight as far as you can.
You will end up in Pangsun (Pangsoon) where the road forks. Keep left towards the Pangsoon Reservoir and Dam.
When you reach the locked security gates of the reservoir compound, turn left into the Gunung Nuang Park. There is a car park here.
You have to register with the park ranger and pay RM1 per adult or RM0.50 per child.
Map to Gunung Nuang Park :  Attached is a location map
Google Map :
Transport Arrangement :
Own transportation from KL/Klang to Gunung Nuang Park - Please inform me whether you are driving or require transport/carpool.
Our Hiking Schedule :
6:15 AM - Arrive at Petronas at Jalan Cheras on the way to Kajang (opposite Phoenix Plaza) Location B in the map.
6:30 AM – Leave to Gunung Nuang
7:15 AM – Meet  up at Gunung Nuang Park, Car Park and Briefing. ( Please register yourself with the Park Ranger and RM1 to be paid).
7:30 AM - Begin trekking

12:00 - 01:00 p.m. - Arrive at the Summit of Gunung Nuang and Lunch

1:00 - 02:00 p.m. – Descend to the Base (turnaround time is at 2:00pm)

05:00 – 07:00 p.m. – Reach the Base & wash up ( Estimated completion time)

*** Home sweet Home ***

Things to bring :
1) Bring drinking water (about 3 - 4L) and foods (7-12 hours hike)
2) Wear suitable trekking shoes ( not running shoes) because it will be slippery.
3) Food / Fruits - Pack your own breakfast & lunch
4) Raincoat, Headlamp/torch light & Whistle (Compulsory)
5) Optional - Trekking stick, Camera, small towel, Garden Gloves
6) Extra clothes for changing after the climb ( U can have your shower at the Park Office)
7) Insect repellents - optional
8) Personal medication / Plasters for cuts/blisters
9) Personal Belonging like Wallet, HP to be wrap in plastic bag in case rain.
Note :
1) Please have your own breakfast before trekking or take your own breakfast
2) Please be punctual (strive to come 10 minutes before time)
3) If anyone of you find yourselves getting into difficulties, turnaround time is at 1:30pm.
Meaning, no matter where you are at 1:30pm, you MUST turn back and begin your descend to the starting point.
4) Wear suitable clothes for long hike.
5) For water supply, about 3-4 litres of water for the whole hike. So, you can either carry this entire amount.
Or you can refill your bottles at the water point (Camp Lolo).
6) Watch out for muddy trails after rain and take precautions against leeches.
7) If it rain heavily while hiking up, please turn back and head back to the Park Office

Our Hiking Trail in Gunung Nuang: -

1)       Car Park, Starting Point –  Gravel and Dirt Road about 5km  (45mins – 90 mins)
2)       From end of Gravel Track to Lolo Camp about 800m (30mins) ( u will cross the stream at least 5 times)
3)       From Lolo Camp to Pacat Camp about 1.2km (90mins to 150mins)
4)       From Pacat to Bukit Pengasih (false peak) about 1.5km (40mins to 80mins)
5)       From Bukit Pengasih to Gunung Nuang Peak about  1km (40mins to 60mins)
Markers will be placed from end Gravel Track to Lolo Camp
Drive Safe! Hike Safe! Play Safe!

Tony Q