May 26, 2008

Addidas King of the Road

The Adidas King of the Road was supposed to be held on Aug 3 have been rescheduled to Aug 10.

Ok guys... I heard from grapevine that the run will NOT be NPE Subang (Sunway Pyramid).... but at Shah Alam...

U know why... the someone who say CANNOT eventhough the NPE official says OK.. 'cos he's from the Federal Govt and since Selangor is under Pakatan Rakyat, no one is allowed to organised any race on the Highway as its under the Works Ministry and this have deprive economic value of the people in Selangor likewise in Penang doing business...

Thinks we should write to PM or DPM and ask him to tell his staff that POLITICS DO NOT MIX WITH SPORTS else SPORTS in M'sia will never improve and only be JAGUH KAMPONG

Ok since the race will be in Shah Alam, the route I don't where lah.. so wait for the entry forms next week....



Sundown Marathon May 31st in S'pore

To the following runners, all the best for this week end run in S'pore..

84km - Ben, Yip, Mohan, Seow Peng, TeyET

42km - Siok B, Siok Leng, Dr Ray, Ray Ng, Pathma (1st time), Yee Hua, Yee Tze (1st time), Ah Fook, Yen Erl, Ashley

So guys.. sleep early on saturday else u will be sleep running...

Have fun in S'pore...


btw the running vest 'canggih' lah (nice)


Kudos to the organizer of RMAF, well organized and one of the best local race that I took part other than those organized by running clubs. Water and Sponge station imagine for 10km pun ada….

Feedback from those who took part in the 21km.. every 2.5km either water sponge station and also got powergel.. wah lah weh… for RM25 not bad ya what’s more with finisher medal, b’fast and health/shape magazine

A total 5,500 runners took part and those who want to run a ‘pelumba haram’ was denied at the entrance… RH wanted to run the 21km but was denied ‘cos no bibs and he has to follow me together with Maryann and stand behind me so that he can sneak in….after the 21km been flag off.

Once inside the run way, we head to the starting point and most of the runners are the RMAF personnel and ‘cos 10km is for the veterans versus the RMAF runners so that they can match with ‘kuda tua’

RH decided to do 21km since its only 30mins late, should be no problem for him as his PB is 1hr 40mins… (I think).

The 10km route … have to pass the Chinese cemetery lah… so I met G Subramaniam who got 2nd for the men’s veteran, and he told me that he ask ‘people’ at the cemetery that he just passing by.. ‘cos pantang.

All in all the race is well organize no complain ‘cos I got a medal for the 10km came in 45th place as medal only for top 50 and its was my best time of the year 47mins.

Maryann came in behind me got 7th placing.

As for the 21km, SM got 6th placing despite twister her ankle a week ago.. but to her pain is no barrier….

So guys have a day ya and c u in the next run

May 12, 2008

Larian Bomba @ A Farmosa Tri

Rec'd sms from Dr Ray :

"Michelle got 3rd in the sprint, Ray and Yip got 3rd in the men relay, Dr Ray n Team got 3rd in the mixed relay while Siok Be came in 5th and Ngae also"

Congrats to the winners esp Michelle, 1st timer to the tri series and hope she will improve further and also Ray Ng in doing his 1st tri..

On Saturday was the Larian Bomba, met Khoo at 7am and pass his bib, the response for the run was encouraging, and of course with number of foreign runners participating.

Before the run, met Yee Hua, Ben, Yee Tze, Yen erl at the starting point, as the stroke 7.30am, the race started, as susual its the normal 10km route.

Guess what, Yee Hua over took me the last 1km ... aiyoooo mana mau taruk muka hahahhahah
well done as she got 9th placing and a cash prize...

After the run, I have to rush to buy things for the midnite run...


Simulation Midnite for Sundown - Putrajaya May 11

75 runners turn up for the run, didn't realize the response was over whelming as I thot originally only 30 runners would turn up. The last 1 week my cell phone been ringing 'cos of more runners would like to join in the run.

A group photo was taken by Chan before the start of the run.

It was sure an experience for runners to run past midnight and also to adapt the weather as it was very humid.

S'pore will be much hotter if the weather is the same at Putrajaya last sunday..(ask Ben and Mohan, these 2 guys will share their experience)

Feedback I rec'd, from some runners.. those who slept prior to run felt good, whereas those who didn't have to adjust their pace after the 21km as their body just felt tight.

So runners taking part in the Sundown Marathon, have a few hours sleep on May 31 no shopping ya .. after the race then go and enjoy....

Next week NB15km... ..


Stories on the Simulation run, pls. visit Jamie's and Frank's Blog.

Many thanks to Chan for assisting.

Pixs will be uploaded soon...

Tony Q

May 8, 2008

Simulation Run on May 11, 2008


The response for the simulation run on May 11, 2008 at Putrajaya have exceeded 50 runners.

Runners as far as Klang will be coming, so guys the run will start at 12:30am and expected to end by 4:30am.

The distance is 30km, you will be running 3 loops and water station is at the mid point ie 5km, pls wear bright clothes or better still dress up like 'christmas tree', there will be support crew either cycling or driving to ensure the safety of the runners.

Police will be patrolling also as I have written to them.

So to those who will be coming, do have a few hours sleep before you come as this is what those runners who have experience in running past midnite till morning.

This simulation run is not a race but to test yourself mentally and physically on your body.

See you guys this Sunday 12:15am at Palace of Justice Putrajaya Precint 2.


May 5, 2008

May 1st week

Was away for few days last week.. ended myself at Pulau Perhentian.. it been quite a while i been to island resort as most of the time its hiking.

This coming sunday, the stimulation run for the Sundown Marathon will start at 12:30am and 40 runners so far have confirmed, i won't be surprised there will be more joining.

those who want to 'kepo' and got nothing to do on saturday night, just put on the running shoes and head to Putrajaya and experience the midnite run. After the run can have a good sleep, btw there's makan after the run , Nasi Lemak, Tong Suey, fruits..

Langkawi Wilderness challenge last sat, SM got 3rd placing, wah look like this lady is coming in slowly to be champion soon.

So this week end activities :

sat : Larian Bomba - Maryann and me.. hope Lady Maryann will be on form to run the 7km as for me still young have to run 10km

A Farmosa Triathlon- First timer Michelle and Ray Ng will join Ironmen Dr Ray and Ironlady Siok Bee.

Sunday Midnite run - Simulation run for Sundown Marathon in S'pore.