May 16, 2012

Mt KK MAy 17 - 20, 2012

Tmr, wil be flying to my 'kampong' Sabah - Mt KK hehhehe

it will be my 24th time  and it a charity hike and contributions from the climbers will be handed to
Don Bosco Homes.

Will post pixs when m back from KK..

May 11, 2012

Don Bsoco Children's Home< Bundu Tuhan, Sabah

 Bro Ken, 90 years old, he started the homes in 1966

April 2012 Mt KK Group

After the climb on May 1st, 2012 to Mt KK, next day we went ot visit Don Bosco Children's Home at Bundu Tuhan.

This home was started in 1966 since then the homes have now 70 children from the vicinity. The children who stayed the homes are orphans, abuse children and hard core poor.

The April group raised RM3,000 and some of them gave pesonal contributions.

Many thanks to the April Mt KK group.. and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

Next week i leading the May group and will also be contibuting some funds and basic needs to the children homes.

May 9, 2012

My trusted Mt KK Guides

Richard and Rowdy have been my Mt KK guides since i started to organise Mt KK .

With their patience and experience, , most of my friends who goes to Mt KK on their own, i would recomend both of them.

Richard and Rowdy
 Rowdy carrying a friend of mine from Low's PEak

Twins Girls, too tired was carried by Richard and Rowdy, 8 years ago.
the girls was only 9 years of age.

Guides for Mt KK

Trail Map to the Mt KK PEak
 The guides
Richard and Rowdy aka Dragon

The Mt KK guides have been with me since i started hike to Mt KK.

The last 23 climb at Mt KK i have engage them and have full confidence in them taking the group whihc i organize.

Next week they will also join me for my 24th climb..

May 7, 2012

May 17 - 20th Mt KK climb

In 2 weeks time, will be my 24th time to Mt KK, just got back from Mt KK last week.

Friends been asking me why i like Mt KK so much, well everytime i hike it difference experience that i gain and meeting new friends.

Told them that I not from a tour company nor making any profit. It just for friends request that i organised but must have at least 14 paxs so that it cost average

It also detox my body and keep me healthy.

From 2012 onwards, if i organized again it will be for charitable.

Last week, collected RM3000 for the homes.

Next week, will be visiting the Children Homes but will contribute in term of daily basic needs, like rice, cooking oil, drinks etc.

Will keep u posted.. so this week there will be no activities on hiking as i be at PJ Dawn Run this sunday.


Tony Q

May 4, 2012

My 23rd Climb to Mt KK May 1, 2012 - Charity

 Group Pix before the climb to Laban Rata
 RM1 Peak view from the peak
 At the PEak
 Low's PEak
Donkey's Ears 
 8km behind South Peak aka RM1 Peak
 8km - behind on the right is Low's Peak
 Cheque Presentation to Bro Ken
 Group Pixs at Don Bosco Children Home
 Don Bosco Children's Home

With Sister Teresa and the Children

This is my 23rd cmlib to Mt KK and this climb i organised is Charity Climb for Don Dosco Children Homes. Many thanks to all the climbers for their contributions to the Homes. 32 of them join me for this charity climb

Bro Ken is 90 years of age and he's from Holland who was the pioneer of the Homes.

We raised RM3000 and some of the climbers personnally gave willingly again when we were at the homes..


Next Mt KK climb - May 17th -- also charity climb...