Apr 28, 2012

Mt KK - April 30 - May, 2012

Leaving on Sunday at 6,30am flight, nd to be at LCCT by 5am...

will updates on the pixs... when m back

meantime... stay healthy and take care

Apr 25, 2012

Mt KK Apr 30 - May 1, 2012

Next week will be leadind 32 pax to Mt KK on Apr 30 - May 1, 2012.

This will be my 23rd time to Mt KK which i loves to hike. The other perosn who will be doing her 4th hike is Kar Mun, she been joining me for the last 3 years and this yr she said dunno y i go again probably the wing of mt kk blown her here hahahhahah.

Below are the pixs take last year.... hope for fine weather

Apr 19, 2012

Pines Trail

Spider along the pines trail....

This saturday will be at gasing hills, tapering hike for mt k on April 29 - May 2

Apr 9, 2012

Pines Tree Hills April 7

Last sat... at Pines Tree hills. weather was lovely during the hike and also at the peak... can see whole of fraser's hills...

Velan and me start slowly but after 3km... he sped light flash gordon.....

Kelly and gang went to the 2nd peak... while i was the sweeper..

Was testing my knee for Mt KK hike this month...

Apr 6, 2012

Gng Nuang April 11

April 11, been a public holiday, m organizing a breakfast hike to Kem Lolo Gunung Nuang.

The Mt KK group for april and may are coming for the 4 hrs hike return, where will rest at Kem Lolo and have b'fast.

Will be bringing my stove and cook 'mat salleh' b;fast...

just to relax and swim at the cold stream of G Nuang......

Apr 2, 2012

Tiger Swim at Kenyir Dam

The above pixs taken by Wayne, a friend of mine from S'pore who was there for Kenyir Triathlon.

He spotted the tiger while taking a boat ride to the waterfall.  It was after the race.

He said, it was his lucky day as the guide who took him, saw 1st time since he been staying there for 3 years..

Dear All,
Pines Hills Trail Trekking trip on Saturday, 7th April 2012...
If you keen to join please keep to the timing/schedule as below. Email or sms me if you are coming:

This training is for those going to Mt. KK, Kili, TMBT and also those who enjoy hiking. If you do not want to join for the hike and would like tp come, you can jog/walk around fraser’s hills. This is a whole day hike.
After the hike, we go for sumptuous dinner at Ulu Yam Baru.

a. Meet at Kuala Kubu Baru(KKB) –7 Eleven at 7.15am
b. Will leave KKB at 7.30am and ETA at Fraser’s hills 9am
c. Start hike 9.30am
d. Cut off time or Descend from Peak at 1.30pm. Turnaround even you do not reach the peak at 1.30pm.
e. Average climber will take 7 hours return, fast will take 2 ½ hrs
f. Last climber out by 5pm
g. Weather will be 20++ celcius


Checklist for Pines Trail Trekking

1. A 25- to 35-litre backpack containing the following items:
Raincoat or plastic poncho (compulsory)
Torchlight (compulsory; ensure new batteries)
Track top (compulsory; in case it is cold)
Handphone (fully charged; in case of emergency)
Drinks (about 2 to 3 litres)
Chocolates, biscuits, munchies, food (lunch)
Plastic bags (to keep things dry; in case it rains)
First-aid plasters

2. Optional items:

Trekking stick
Insect or mosquito repellents
A small towel (to wipe sweat)
T-shirts (for changing)
Swiss knife
Foldable scissors
Gardening gloves

3. Attire:Long Pants, Bermuda shorts or tights, T shirts, and good pair of trekking shoes. U can also use ‘adidas’ kampong.

4. Keep in the car:
Bigger towel or sarong (for changing)
Extra clothing to change
Water to refresh/wash (using the small towel above)

Safety Guideline:
Always trek with your buddy (or buddies). Never trek alone! Unless your are familiar with the trail and also have experience before.


There are two peaks in the Pines Tree Hills Trail. For this trip will only ascend to the 1st Peak. To reach the 1st Peak, you will have to cover 5 hills. Upon reaching the 5thhills you will see a 30 meters slope with ropes on both side. This is the mossy area where the peak is just above on the left after the rope. There’s a small trail to the left that leads you to the 1st peak. There’s a trail leading downwards DO NOT GO as it will lead you to the 2ndPeak and another Gunung.

The total km to the 1st peak is 5.7km, there will be marker telling you how many km you have covered.


For those who have not been to this Pine Trail, the trail is clear and lately there been fallen trees as such you have to crawl or climb over the trees trunks certain part of the trail. The roots are slippery therefore be cautious when you step on it.

The 1st 2.8km the path you will see concrete steps plus wooden, henceforth it will clear path.

An interesting about this trail is that the height when you start hiking will be the same when you reach the peak. Therefore coming back will be upwards.

If it rain heavily when we reach Fraser’s then the hike to pines trail will be aborted as it will be slippery, the trek will be like a mini stream, however we can hike the other 5 trails in around Fraser’s when the rain stop.

Have an enjoyable and memorable trip

Happy Trekking

Apr 1, 2012

Kuantan 160km ride

Last week was suppirting the group for the Kuantan 160 cycling ride. Due to my knee injury.. didn't take part but was fun to support the cyclist ther'out  the race/

Next 160km will in in July 15 Ipoh, hope by then ,my knee is ok