Jan 30, 2015

Gasing Hills and Gng Ansi

On Jan 31 n Feb 1, i be at GAsing Hills and Gng Ansi respectively.. this is part of Mt Kinabalu trianing ..

Probably feb 4, 2015 wull be at Pucong hills .. details will be posted later..

So those joining me for Mt Kinabalu.. keep on trianing ya..

Ot a long weekend holidays for those working in KL...

Drive safe of you are going for holidays or balik kampong...

Jan 23, 2015

Gng Ansi route

Those keen to join me for hike to Gng Ansi on Feb 1, 2015

I will be at Senanwang Toll Exit at 7:15am , if you late please head to Kuala Pilah till you see Bukit Putus signage and turn right.

Along the way you will see car park and stall along the road.

Please bring basic hiking items like raincoat, torchlight, food, water and medication if you are taking.,

Jan 21, 2015

Gasing Hills Sat - January 24, 2015

This Saturday Gasing Hills via Gasing Sanctuary Hills

Below are the details and meeting point

Date of Activity : January 24, 2015 (Saturday)
Duration of Hike at Gasing  Hills : 3 = 4
Distance   :   6 - 8 Kilometers trail up and down hills
Organizer : Tony Quay ( 016-2742213 )
Meeting Point :

1)  Gasing Playground 7am 

2)  Parking - Please park your Car at the Gasing Carpark or nearby houses without yellow line on the road. As lately MBPJ been issuing summons 

Our Hiking Schedule :
7:00 a.m. - Meet at the Gasing Playground
7:15 a.m. - Briefing of the Hike
7:30 a.m. - Start Hike
Thing to bring :

1) Bring drinking water (about 2L).
2) Wear suitable trekking shoes
3) Raincoat  (Compulsory)
5) Optional - Trekking stick, Camera and small towel
6) Extra change of clothes for after the hike
7) Insect repellents - optional
8) Personal medication / Plasters for cuts/blisters. Antihistamine ( recommended)
 Personal Belongings like Wallet, HP to be wrap in plastic bag in case rain.

Note : 
1) P
lease have your own breakfast before the trek. 
 2) Please be punctual (strive to come 10 minutes before stated time) 
3) If anyone is slower than the rest, the cutoff turnaround time is at 11:00am. This means no matter where you are at 11:00am, you MUST turn back and begin your descend to the starting point. 
4) Wear suitable clothes for a long hike.

Our Hiking Route :
Start from Gasing Playground - Sevan Temple - Gasing Sanctuary Hills, Mannga Trail Kg Kerinchi -  Gasing hills - V - Slope and back to Playground
Arrow Markers will be placed 
 Should it rain before the hike..... 
a) Heavy Cancelled
c) Drizzle - Hike, however if start to rain - turn back to the nearest route

Please do your own training during the weekdays


Gng Ansi via Bukit Putus on Feb 1, 2015

This is the long awaited hike to gng ansi for some of my friends who been asking me to organize.

This month end been long weekend, i have liaise with CL Chong from Seremban to lead the climb as he the regular there.

Velan, is keen to go as been more than 3 years i been saying i wanted to organize.

Firstly I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to CL Chong who will be leading us to Gng Ansi, Seremban.

CL Chong is the sifu of Gng Ansi. He usually will post pictures of mushrooms and interesting fauna when he goes for his hike.

Come February 1st , 2015 , I trekking  Gunung Angsi , via Bukit Putus on Sunday
Do inform me if you are interested to join me for this interesting hike.

Car pool please ...

Date of Activity : February  1st  2015 (Sunday)
Duration of Hike at Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus : 4-5 hours trek
Difficulty Level : 5 out of 10 (10 being most difficult)
Meeting Point :

1)  Senawang Toll exit at 7.15am
     (Clarification: The Senawang Toll is about 5km after the Seremban & Port Dickson Signage.)
     After you have exited the Senawang toll, park your car at the left side of the road and wait for the rest. There is a toilet .)
     Google Map direction can be found here : Senawang Toll Exit
     The coordinates : 2.686074,101.965826

2) If you want to go your own, after the Senanwang Toll, head direct to Kuala Pilah till you see a signage Bukit Putus on your left showing to turn right. Turn right , it will lead you to Bkt Putus there's a car park and stall, CL Chong will be waiting for us at 8:00am

3) The parking area in Bukit Putus at 8.00am. (The coordinates 02'43'38.78"N 102'03'22.22"E)

4) Arrows Signage will be placed along the trails
Transport Arrangement :
Own transportation from KL/PJ to Gunung Angsi, Bukit Putus -
Our Schedule :
6:00 - 6.15am - Depart from or from your home (Please Car Pool)
7:15 AM - Meet at Senawang Toll Exit
(travelling time from Kuala Lumpur is about 1 hr) 
7:30 AM - Proceed to Gunung Angsi via, Bukit Putus in a convoy 
8:00 AM - Arrive at the Starting point in Bukit Putus & Briefing
8:15 AM - Begin trekking (about 4-5 hours for round trip) 
10:00 - 11:00 AM - Arrive at the Peak & Lunch
11:30 AM -  Descend from the peak (cut-off time at 11:30am)

02:00 – 03:00 p.m. – Reach the Base  ( Estimated completion time)

*** Home sweet Home ***

Thing to bring :

1) Bring drinking water (about 1.5 - 2L)
2) Food / Fruits - Pack your own breakfast or lunch
3) Wear suitable trekking shoes( not running shoes )
4) Raincoat, headlamp & Whistle (Compulsory)
5) Optional - Trekking stick, Camera, small towel, Garden Gloves and Insect repellents and hat.
6) Extra clothes for changing after the climb7) Personal medication / Plasters for cuts/blisters (Anti-histamine pills)
8) Personal Belongings like Wallet, HP to be wrap in plastic bag in case rain.

Note : 

1) Please have your own breakfast before the trek or take your own breakfast
2) Please be punctual (strive to come 10 minutes before stated time) 
3) If anyone is slower than the rest, the cutoff turnaround time is at 11:00am. This means no matter where you are at 11:30am, you MUST turn back and begin your descend to the starting point. 
4) After the climb , you can drive to Ulu Bendul Park for a swim or relaxing at the stream, please bring along a change of clothes. (Optional)
5) You can proceed to Seremban for lunch or home

Important :
Please note that you are attending this event at your own risk. The organizer or event host will try their best to assist to ensure safety, but is in no way responsible, liable or accountable for any personal injuries, accidents, damages, or losses, etc.

Jan 18, 2015

Gng Ansi Ulu Bendul

Feb 1, 2015, Gng Ansi Ulu Bendul, it bee 3 years i didnt't hike Gng Ansi and this is the gunung some of the hikers waiting sooooo lonnng for me to organize.

So it will be on Feb 1, 2015, details will be out soon

The trails route will be from entrance of Bkt Putus to Peak and back but those who want to hike down via ulu bendul can do so but need to be cautious of 3 junctions..

will brief the on this later

anyway.. if you have done kem pacat at gng nunag it similar like that as the evaluation is about 880 meters asl

so will post the details on  the place to mmet up on Feb 1, 2015

This saturday will be doing gasing hills and will be abt 3 - 4 hours as hking up via Sevan Temple route.

7.00am at Gasing playground ..

Pixs of last week Apek Saga water fall will be posted soon..

Jan 5, 2015

My Bicycle

It been a year since since I felled and broke my elbow, and looking at the above pictures of my bicycle it won't me from cycling.

The bicycle now is the workshop for total refurbish .

So wait for the new look of the bicycle in 2 months ..

Jan 2, 2015

My Activities

I have updated my activities for month og January 2015,

Details of the activities will be posted on weekly basis.

Pixs of me at Low's Peak in 2014

This Saturday, will be the start of my Mt Kinabalu Charity hike 2015, and below is the details
for the training.

Please note those who keen to join are welcome .

Date               : January 3, 2015 (Saturday)

Time              : 7:00am - 12:00pm (4 - 5 hours hike)
Venue            : Taman Botani Kepong
Distance         : 5 - 7 Kilometers trail (up hill and down hill)
Organizer       :  Tony Quay ( 016-2742213 )
Meeting Point :  
Taman Botani Kepong Car Park at Taman Ehsan Kepong
Attached is the map of Taman Botani Entrance - Point C
Google Map's directions can be found here :   Link
The coordinates : 3.224613,101.623224
Note: Taman Botani Kepong car park is not the normal main FRIM entrance!!!
Transport Arrangement :  Own – Park inside RM3 per car.
Entry Fee : Rm1 person

Hiking Schedule :
7:00am  Meet at FRIM Taman Botanic Kepong Parking are
7:15 am  Briefing on the hike    
7:30 am –  Start Hiking
11:00 am - Cut off time for descent 
12:00- 01:00 pm – Return to the starting point
 *** Home Sweet Home ***

Things to bring :
1.      Drinking water (about 1.5 - 2L) and food pack will be provided.
2.      Wear suitable trekking shoes (not running shoes)
3.      Raincoat (compulsory)
4.      Extra clothes for changing after the hike
5.      Personal medication / plasters for cuts/blisters/joint and muscle pain relief
6.      Personal belongings like wallet & handphone to be wrapped in plastic bag in case of rain
7.      Optional – trekking stick, camera, small towel, insect repellent

Note : 
1) Please have your own light breakfast before hiking
2) Food packs will be provided along the way,
3) Please be punctual (strive to come 10 minutes before ) 
4) If anyone has any difficulties along the way, please inform the facilitators and your friends. 
5) If anyone is slower than the rest, the cut-off turnaround time is at 11:00am. This means that no matter where you are at 11:00am, you MUST turn back and head towards the starting point
6) Wear suitable clothes for a long hike
7) Carry a backpack during the hike (with necessary things for the hike)
8) Trek according to your own pace
9) Parking inside Taman Botani Kepong is RM3 per car and entrance fee is RM1 per person. 

Safety Instructions :
1. You must never trek alone
2. You must always be with your buddies/friends
3. You must always on the look-out for your buddies/friends

Hiking Route :
Start from Taman Botani (KBG) - Steroid Hill - then higher to Salem High Country – Mountain Bike Track – Rover Trail - Syabas Trail – Pacat Trail , Return back to Taman Botani car park.