Nov 29, 2007

Hit the 'Wall'

what to do if you hit "the wall" during your race:
You use to heard runners say ‘hit the wall’ and this is your worst nightmare as is one of the worst places you will ever find yourself during your race.

This is when your glycogen levels almost depleted and You are struggling to take one step forward. Your legs feel as if Tons of weights on your body and you just about 7 – 5km to the finishing line.

Normally its will start at the 35km marks , some may hit earlier as 30km.
Therefore if you have properly carbo yourselves during the week and have pace yourself , chances of hitting the wall will be reduced If you hit the wall, try not to stop, it time for your mental game, tell yourself that you are going to finish the race and it only a matter of time until you finish. This will sure works as I tried before and also find someone along the way and chat as this will let you to forget the pain. Keep Focusing the finishing line and I'm sure when you cross the line, It will be happiest moment as you are the winner.



The worst tactics as a beginner marathoner is to go all out from the start line and later stages you will ‘kaput’ Unless you have train for it.So better, to pace yourself is every 10km mark ie simply work out what your predict time to cover the distance.

If you are not within the time set, then increase your speed, so that the next 20km you are within the range. Usually the last 10km you should add extra minutes as by then your body begin to takes it tolls, so pace yourself during the run.

If you have no idea what race pace feels like, follow the pacemaker, as in SIM there are pacer who runs to the time that you want to finish the race. Eg 4hrs, 5 hrs or 6hrs.

Have fun all this week end….


Nov 26, 2007

SIM '07

Pixs on SIM '06..

As the days are getting nearer, just can't wait for SIM '07 to be over.

Target will be 5hrs 59mins.. will be taking pixs along the way and every 2hrs i have to complete 15km in order for me to finish the race below 6hrs. To ensure that the runners will complete the time set for them, i will be the sweeper and pretty confidence that most of the newbies will have no problem finishing 5hrs 30mins.
Hope on that day, the weather is fine just like last yr.

Will be leaving this sat. 7.30am by bus . many thanks to Vin for getting us the tickets and Mei Leng for booking the NSS.
Maryann, Leslie and Chiam won;t be joining as they have others commitments whilst Vivian will be the team manager and next she hope to run with her junior....

So what's the target for the Ironlady Siok Be.... hmm hope to go below 4hrs 15mins, Eric as usual, once on form below 4hrs and of course the Sahara and extraordinary Ngae, is pretty confidence of below 4hrs. As hes told me that, 1st time below 4hrs, ppl comments were 'fluke' 2nd time , 'betul'......

Well .. is tapering this week , have to carbo load..

P3 signing off

Nov 25, 2007

Tapering Week

This morning at Bkt Aman, did 12km run with Yen Erl and Ashley while Maryann, Siok Bee, 2 Ray's , Khoo, Yip did 21km wah these runners suppose to relax but gung ho... with Dr Ray did a pb 49mins ...As usual Ironlady Siok B did 20km with Maryann and started around 6.45am... was supposed to start at 6am , probably to the road block this morning in the city.

Yesterday , was with 'Tabur' Chong. Yen Erl, Yee Tze, Fook as we hike the Tabur Hills at Melawati. It been a while i didn't hike that place and feel nice and probably Jan 31, will be hiking up there at nite to watch the fireworks. Met Eric and Vivain for b'fast as Eric did 2hrs swimming at the club.

Dec 8 probably will go and hike the Pines Tree Hills in preparation for my 10th climb to Mt KK on Dec 20, will share more abt my trip after the SIM '07. In meantime, m worried abt my right knee,hope it can 'tahan' the 41.195km this sunday.

It going to be a busy week ahead....

Till then


Nov 23, 2007

KRI 12km pixs - Maryann and Siok B

Pixs on the Siok B and Maryann receiving their prizes...

Age is just a number

Is age the factor for people not to do exercise, well I do hear from friends telling me that ‘aiyaaa old already lah ’.
Well too prove them that age is just a number , 2 person whom I met last for dinner, Francis and Teresa last week for dinner and just ask how old are they ?
Answer is, grandparents already la, that's their answer and yet still running as long their body can carry them.

Francis, 72yrs of age, just completed the New York Marathon on Nov. 4 and proudly show me the finisher medal and will be running 21km in SIM '07. Early this year, he ran the KLIM 42km and next year he will continue to run at least 2 marathons.

Teresa, 66yrs of age and started running at the age of 60 and will be running the 42km in the SIM ’07. She told me, due health reason she took up running 7 yrs ago and didn't regret the move that she took and able to meet new friends young and seniors.
So is age the factor, the answer in NO, said these two.
Wow, look like I have 2 decades to catch up with both of them, and hope that I still can continue running or do things to keep me active.
At these age, most of them will be retiring, to Francis and Teresa, keep on going on what you have been doing and I am glad to have met both of you.

So guys, hope that these two runners will give you the inspiration for the coming SIM '07.

P3 signing off.

Nov 19, 2007

SIM '07 2 weeks more Dec 2

It 2 more weeks left for the SIM '07, and the runners who will be taking part their 1st marathon just can't wait.
Lee, Yap, Kelvin, Yeoh, Siok Leng, Yen Erl, Chooi Wan, Vin, Little N, Ashley are all set for the event after months of training.

They will be join by evergreen Ironman Ngae, Ironlady to be Siok Bee, Eric, Heng, MC, Yan ChongYF to provide the support during the run and me of course will be the sweeper.

Waiting at the finishing line will be team manageress Vivian and Mei Leng.

Ngae, Eric, Heng and Siok B are taking the SIM '07 as prt of their training for the Langkawi Ironman Race that will be on Feb 23, next yr.

Ngae is hoping to go below 4hrs whereas the rest of us will try to finish below 6hrs.

This coming week and the next will be tapering down ..

Pixs in the runners will be posted soon..

P3 sigining off.....

KRI 12km

Before the race start at 7am

Pixs... more will be posted

Ipoh KRI - Nov 18

The Ipoh KRI 12km run ended yesterday, and who are the winners in our group.

Its the ladies day.... Maryann, Siok Be, Yen Erl and Ashley were podium finisher in their respective categories...

Salute to Siok B, after 180km cycling on Sat and have only 3 hrs sleep and got 5th in the 30 - 39 ladies category (which happen to have the most ladies and number of them can run) while Maryann came out 4th. Think the 'lai lew ha' and the 'tou fu' that we had for dinner prior to the run gave her the protein that she need to recover after 6hrs of cycling.

As for Maryann, hmm she could have done slightly better lah probably she misses leslie as her motivator...

As for Yen Erl (4th) and Ashley (8th) congrats to both of them 'cos on saturday when we collected our running numbers I told tham if both of them not in top 10, they have to take bus back to KL .

As for Eric and me, we tried our very very best but need to train harder..

The race started and 7am , and the route 98% are flat..

To Mavis, (Tawau lady) thanks for the support despite arriving at 2.30am from Tawau to Ipoh..

last bit not least , as usual team manageress Vivian, for her support look like guys the next 2 months have to bring chair for her to sit as 'junior' is getting bigger.

To Chong (KRI , President) and all the KRI members, thousand folds thanks for organising the race, will sure come and support.

Pixs will be posted soon.

p3 signing off

Nov 15, 2007

Powerman Lumut - Pixs


More pixs, pls visit Tey's ET blog at

It 3 days since the powerman race over and been resting .. so today will start running and its 5.15am will do an hr run in view of the KRI 12km Ipoh this week end.

The runners joining me for Ipoh run this weekend are Eric, Siok Bee, Siok Leng, Maryann, Yen Erl, Ashley and of course team manageress Vivian. Mavis from Sabah will join to give moral support.

Will be leaving on sat morning, while Siok B and ladies will leave later as she will be doing cycling in the morning as part of her preparation for the Ironman(lady) Langkawi next yr.

So its 3 weeks to SIM '07.. and last nite met Francis, William, ChanWK, Teresa for dinner as Francis just got back from New York Marathon , showing his finisher medal, btw Francis is 72yrs of age...

Teresa will be running the SIM '07 full and she's 66yrs and have completed number of marathon s when she started to run at the age of 60yrs and politely told me its for health reason she took up. From there on , no turning back and she will run and do what she loves, at 66yrs of age this lady doesn't look like she in her 60's...

So guys, age its no barrier its just a number ...

P3 signing off

Nov 14, 2007

Powerman Photo - Nov 11










Nov 13, 2007

Powerman Results Nov 11

Congrats to Siok Bee (4th), Ngae(6th), Wendy (7th) top 10 in their respective categories..

The Results :

Total Time, 11km Run 64km cycle 10km run

Eric Teo - 3hrs 51mins, 50 mins, 1hr 55 mins, 60 mins
Ngae - 3hrs 54mins, 49 mins, 1hr 56 mins, 64 mins
Siok Bee - 4hrs
54 mins, 2hrs 01 min, 60 mins
Wendy - 4hrs 14mins, 57 mins, 2hrs 05mins, 67 mins
Wei Kong - 4hrs 20mins, 58 mins, 2hrs 02 mins, 75 mins
Tony - 4hrs 59mins, 55mins, 2hrs 34mins, 86 mins
Pathma - 5hrs 22mins, 62mins, 2hrs 52 mins
, 82 mins

Well that the official time that was extracted from the Powerman website..

Its back to running now for the SIM 'o7

P3 signing off

Nov 12, 2007

Ladies Power at the Highlands

Sunday Nov 11, 2007 at Awana Genting Trail Blazer

The ladies (Yeoh, Jo N, Siok Leng and Angie) came in 2nd and 3rd respectively in the ladies category in the mild event (8km)

Well done ladies.. (Kenny as the pacer)

Shih Ming and Debbie came in 4th in the ladies wild category , while Chong and fren , 4th in the men junior veteran wild..

Well done guys..

btw Yeoh have posted the stories in Chinese.... hmm have to ask her to translate...

This week end will be in Ipoh for the KRI 12km run..

P3 signing off


挑战GENTING TRAILBLAZER.这是我第三次参加。越野障碍组合赛是个又好玩,又有趣,又惊险,又刺激冒险,又能建立个人团队合作精神和战略思维的好游戏。这也是我个人参加比赛的目的,好玩,不跌倒和完成。如果得奖的话那是而外奖赏啰。这次我又选对了搭档她是 JooEan, 不止是达到我的目的而且还得了而外奖赏。


赛前 我与搭档(JooEan)

团队精神 我的脚部抽筋,搭档帮助拉松。






Powerman Race - Seri Manjung Lumut - Nov 11

The weather was fine on Sunday for the Powerman Race in Seri Manjung Lumut.

A total of 700 duathletes took part in the event.

We arrived Seri Manjung on Saturday and stayed a nite at the leadview hotel which is 800 meters from the Mini Stadium where the powerman race will be starting.

The night before the race, had dinner with CCHo, Ching Tai as both of them are from setiawan, and recommended us the “Foo Chow’ food and apparently its Ngae favorite local food as he’s one of the clan.

On Sunday, at 6,30am all of us (Eric, Ngae, Wei Kong, Siok Be, Wendy, Pathma and me) left the hotel and headed to the stadium. It was like a party atmosphere where all the participants greet one another and also those whom I have not met since last year.

The race started at 7.30am with 11km run and followed by 64km cycle and 10km run..

For the run its was a flat terrain whereas for the bike route its was a lovely scenic view all the way to Damai Laut but after the 3rd bridge all the participants have to make a U turn and head back to the stadium.

I was joking with the guys that I would finish the race in 4hrs 59min and 59 secs… but on the race day my time was 4hrs 59mins 15secs… wah I couldn’t believe that I would reach around this time as I was just kidding with the guys.

The first 11km I completed in 55mins and this will give me more time to finish the cycling but the 2nd loop of the cycle, I got cramps on my calf and thigh and that’s 15km before reaching the transition area, what more my butt hurts.

There’s no way I going to push 15km back so ‘mati mati’ cycle all the way back to the transition area and total time take is 2hrs 40mins and I got another 1 hrs 20mins to finish the remaining 10km run. During this time , I am like a ‘wounded dog’ limping all the way to the finishing line. Abt 200 meters to the finishing line, I heard Eric shouted ‘Tony, got 2 mins left before 5hrs at that time all the energy I got , ran all the way and 20 meters more I saw the time was 4hrs 59mins 5 secs .. tunr my back for eric to take my pix and cross the line .. wah finally I completed the grueling race.

Recalling where my weakness area, its the cycling part where I didn’t put much effort in my training. Well next year , will take part again and make sure that 3 mths before tha race will train more for cycling.

In the end, its was a lovely week end, had a presentation lunch where the winners for each categories were announce and most of them are foreigners.

Ngae, decided not to stay back instead he cycle from seri manjung to bidor (100km) where I have to fetch him at the Poh Chun coffee shop.

Salute to Ngae, after the powerman race, still got the energy to cycle 100km….
Eric did 3hrs 52mins, followed by Ngae 3hrs 55mins, Siok Bee 4hrs 04mins , wendy 4hrs ?mins , Wei Kong 4hrs 20mins and me .. not forgetting Pathma completed the whole course even though its over 5hrs….
Pixs - courtesy of TeyET

P3 signing Off…

Nov 9, 2007

Ladies Power at Awana Genting Trail Blazers

This sunday at Awana, the ladies are attacking the hills .. leading the group will be Shih Ming and Debbie eyeomg to be in the top 3 while Siok Leng, Angie, Yeoh, Jo N will battle out with each other. Last year Yeoh and Siok Bee came 3rd in the Ladies category for mild.

Just heard from Penguin 11 (Chee Wee) that he will partner with Penguin 2 (Khee Meng) in the wild category.. Its the last minute decision..

All the best guys..

P3 signing off....

Powerman Race Lumut Nov 11

This Sunday nov 11…Lumut Powerman Race will start from Manjung Sports Complex. The KL Penguins Group will be there and the duathletes are Ngae, Eric, Wei Kong, Pathma, Siok Bee and of course me… P3…not forgetting team manager Vivian…

We will be leaving KL tomorrow(Sat) via the coastal road at 8am and will meet up with Siok Bee and Wendy at Kuala Selangor and head to Manjung which is 10km before lumut.

Place we are staying - Leadview Hotel…

After months of preparation for this event.. this is the day… Ngae and Siok Bee are eyeing to be in top 5… whilst for me .. as long I finish with the qualifying time I ok..

The last few days, I haven’t do much running but more to cycling in view of my right knee.

Ngae and Eric were hibernating yesterday, mentally preparing themselves.

Wei Kong and Pathma will be meeting us at Manjung as both of them are coming from their hometown and since its Deepavali yesterday, they balik kampong.

So stay tune on Monday for the results….

P3 signing off

Me, Pathma,Wei Kong, Ngae, Siok B and Eric

Nov 6, 2007

Importance of carbohydrate loading

Hi Guys..

Please take note on carbo loading before SIM '07

Importance of carbohydrate loading prior to your

Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose.
Glucose is then further broken down into glycogen.
Glycogen is then stored in your muscles and released
as energy as you progress through the marathon distance.

Therefore, more carbohydrates load into your system
the better you will perform.
If you lack enough glycogen in your system
then you may be at a higher risk of hitting the
wall at around the 15-20 mile mark.

you should increase your complex carbohydrate intake
final 2-3 days before your marathon for maximum

That way you will increase your chances of avoiding
hitting the wall .

Knee OK

Saw Dr Rozman at DSH this morning as my right knee hurts after each run..

The injury came about 2 months ago after the InterBank Athletics meet when I ran the 100m and 400m and the relay... after that continue the week end runs without giving a rest..

Good news from Dr Rozman .. nothing serious just that the pressure on knees while running the sprint events.. so he gave me some tablets to take it and no problem for the powerman race this weekend in Lumut... But.. for these fews days have to do more cycling instead on running...

Hmm well that ok .. so its will 3 days of cycling before taking 2 days rest ie on Fri and sat....


Maryann at TC10km

Pixs on Maryann at the finish line and rec'd her prize from Loh, Mgr of Brooks

Hope she can achieved again at the KRI 12km run Ipoh on Nov 18.

Maryann got 1st place in the Women Open

Nov 5, 2007

Mohan and Hazel from S'pore

On Nov 4, Mohan and Hazel ran the NY marathon and who are these 2 runners...
well both of them are from S'pore... more stories on them will be posted later and also feedback on their experience..

Mt KK Climb Dec 20 -24

Its my 10th climb to Mt KK comes this dec ..

will be leading a group of 6 climbers where 5 will be 1st timers to Mt KK...

more stories on the climb and who are the climbers.. coming soon...........

P3 signing off....

SIM'07 n Powerman Lumut

Was in S'pore the last few days for work therefore been quite for a while.

Met up with Mohan, Hazel and Leong for dinner in S'pore. During the dinner we chat abt running activities and also stories in the blog.
Mohan and Hazel will be participating in the New York marathon on Nov. 4, wishing them all the best and hope to gather some info from them and upload in the blog.
Ok back to SIM'07 and Powerman Lumut... rec'd sms from Eric informing me to meet up at Gombak 7am on sat morning to cycle to Bentong.. but i overslept as i arrived from S'pore at 3am.
did a 60km ride from my home (ampang) to gasing and part of training for the powerman.. its been a yr since i didn't cycle and my butts hurts.. so got a week left .. have to hit the gym and do more cycling.... no matter what have to finish the race this week end...
at noon rec'd sms for eric and informed to collect the race kits at armada hotel .. .. was there at 3pm met the melody , adele and jason ... had a chat with them and later Siok B and eric came...
Total abt 750 participants will be taking part in the powerman race in lumut...
Sunday woke up at 5am and get ready to mee th gand at Bkt Aman for 25km run and then comtinue 5km in the terry fox charity run..
Arrived at Bkt aman 6am .. saw Mary N, Lee, Yap, Pathma all geared up for the run to hartamas...e started at 6.10am and took me 3hrs 15mins to complete 28km .......about 15mins later Siok Leng and Siok Bee arrived... it my 1st 28km run as most of the training is up to 20km...
On Tuesday willl be seeing Dr Rozman 'cos my of right knee and hope nothing serious.. on Deepavali day .. will be going to Bkt Tinngi and relax prior to the race this week end..
P3 signing off