Dec 29, 2008

THG Rocks in Kucing - 10.5km Run

Rec'd SMS from Tomatoman..

"THG Rocks! We were infront of the pack setting the pace. Sayur n sayur local fast runners. Hahahah syok but halfway almost pancet. Khoo got 4th - 44:19, tomato 45:50. hmm mayb could have gone faster if i didn't hike Gng Santubong the day before"

TQ comments : Well done guys c u back in KL for the 1 mile dash on Jan 31st.

Dec 27, 2008

Computer down

My computer was down for the last 2 weeks and unable to get into TMnet.. anyway , last sat i lead a group to Pines Hill Frasers, and the loacl authorities have widen the trail by building wooden/concrete stairs , there's rope along the way but its only for 2.5km.
Its a climbable hills now, the time will reduce by 45mins, so nest trip will go as far as twin peaks.

Malakoff Run, Jason came in 5th, Siok B have yet to get her position 'cos of some confusion at the finishing line.

Dec 31st , 1 mile(1.6km) dash from Jln Doraisamy (near Shearton) to Dataran, Michelle, Tomatoman and Rum have registered for the race, as both the Rays are aiming to run below 4mins 30secs. The registration have closed therefore those of you keen, have to be pelumba haram.

C u guys at Bkt Aman

Dec 8, 2008

Cycling & Pinic at Ulu Langat Dec 8

Yesterday at Heng's place, Rum, Tomato, Ngae, me wanted to cycle from Bt 18 to Terkala and back than off to Sg Congkak for b'fast where I be cooking 'TQ's special' and Jez, Kenny, Debbie and Gerard will be waiting there but it been raining all morning and decided to cancel. Look like i have to cook for my own. Vivian sms she unable to join due to rain.
Hugo cycling alone in the rain.

This sat will do a long ride as Rum said to the airport.

btw Happy B'day to Heng & Vin


SIM '08

KRI pixs - SM, San, Ai Ling and Mich ran the SIM '08 yesterday

Yesterday at SIM '08, San clocked 4hrs 10mins, Shih Ming 4hrs 23mins and Michelle 4hrs 32mins, in the 41.195km run held in S'pore. Its their 1st marathon and wah lah weh.. all do below 5 hrs..

Kevin 'man' also did well 4hrs 52mins. Lee improve his time, as for Yap and Siok Leng both of them completed the gruelling run.

Ray Ng will organise makan makan for the marathoners and house rules all must wear the Finisher T


KRI Run - Team Latent Talent aka THG

Many thanks to ChanWK, the TLT photographer

Dec 5, 2008

Ipoh Ride & KRI 12km run - pixs

Siok Leng's B'day

The cyclist together with Choong - KRI President on the left

Jason got 3rd in the Men's Veteran

San, Michelle and Jenny

Shih Ming, San, Ai Ling and Michelle showing
their trophies

What the Guy's doing - 'touching' Wendy back

Dinner at Ipoh Gdn

Cycylist just arrived at Sp Pulai, pixs with Choong

Group pixs at Bt Caves before off to Ipoh

Jason & Kenny

The THG group

The Hyper Gila Group getting ready to cycle to Ipoh

The cyclist - Benard, Bob, Keat Seong, JT, Ngae,
Kenny, Debbie, Michelle, San, Khoo and Ray