Jun 19, 2007


Come June 27 - July 1, I am leading a group of 24 climbers to Immerse ourselves in Mulu. its my first trip here and really excited about it as i wanted to go for the last few years as my focus was on Mt Kinabalu..

With the dense vegetation and to live an isolated rainforest without all the bustling sound of cars, breathing carbon monoxide...and this is what Chey favorite line ' Life is Beautiful'
This trip will include visiting 4 Caves ie. Deer, Lang, Clearwater and Wind... after visiting these caves it will the climbing to the Pinnacles..tho' its only 2.4km from Camp 5 but most of the time its vertical climb.

Will do a details studies and organise another trip there to those who are unable to join me..
Iternary :
June 27 - Leaving KL to Miri - Mulu.
At Mulu Park , will visit 2 caves ie Deer and Lang .
Will also relax at the Bat Observatory and wait for the Bat Exodus

June 28 - Take a boat ride to Camp 5, where during the journey ,
will past the everday life of the Mulu Community and visit the biggest caves in the world.
The boat ride will stop at Kuala Litut, from here will start the 3 hours easy walk to Camp 5

June 29 - 7am will start the journey of 2.4km long to the Pinnacles as its rises up to 1,200meters.

June 30 - Will retrace back our steps to Mulu Park

July 1 - Home Sweet Home

Those who not be climbing the Pinnacles but can do optional activities at Camp 5 like a walk to the Kerangas Forest, or the Melinau Gorge but more challenging is the Head Hunters Trail.

Well that abt all for the time.. Full stories and pixs when i back from Immerse myself in Mulu.
Pixs are taken form the Mulu Park Gallery

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Tony Q

Jun 15, 2007

Penang Bridge Marathon - June 24th, 2007

The Bridge

Penang Bridge, a 13.5 kilometre architectural wonder is the site of the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2006. It connects mainland Peninsula Malaysia to Penang island, well known to visitors from all over the world as the 'Pearl of the Orient.' This spectacular bridge, the longest in Asia and reputedly the third longest in the world begins at the mainland Seberang Jaya Toll centre, then spans over to a small island midway and reaches the island near University Sains Malaysia (USM) at Minden. - Source from LLM

Penang here we come, the Mountain Top, Ocean Deep group will be running the 44.195km and 22.3km leading the way will be our Sahara Marathon man .. Ngae, Ironman Ben Swee and the marathoner Eric , Yee Hua and Siok Bee doing the 41.195km and not forgetting Heng, his first marathon... reason is to prepare for the Langkawi Ironman next February. and probably me....will be running my 1st ever Penang Marathon as i have been running the 22.3km all this while...

Whilst the rest will do the 22.3km. ( YeohSC, Siok Leng, Maryann, Lee, Yap, Amanda, Pathma, Chiam, Kelvin, Vivian, Janet, MC, Horn, Yan, Julie) and 10km leslie.. (he will be back for SIM '07)
The race time are as follows :

Marathon : 3.00am
Half Marathon : 4.30am

The team will be leaving on Sat..... to Penang. hmmm will go for carbo loading instead of pasta, it will be assam laksa, nasi kandar, mee yoke, lobak, popiah etc before the run.....as it will give the runners the enery to run after tasting the Penang food

Siok Bee will be carrying some ringgit during the run, 'cos at 3/4 mark.. the route will pass a kopi tiam which sells roti bakar which she would not want to miss .... won't be surprised if you see her at the kopi tiam having breakfast before heading back to the finishing line...

Its a week more to the race....... stay healthy all and do active exercise....rest 2 days for the race...... sleep early next week 'cos some of you might not be sleeping on the eve of the race day in view of the starting time...

At SIM 06

Group makan after the SIM 06 run

Tony Q

Jun 11, 2007

Bukit Tabur - June 9, 2007

Saturday June 9,. Vivian, Chong, Chey, Lina, Paul, Lai Kuan and Gang.. trek the Bkt Tabur at Tmn Melawat....
We climbed the other ridge not the regular place (orchard farm)... this route required is more technical and i can
assured you that you will be sweating a lot........

View From the top.

Klang Gates Dam early morning covered with mist

Klang Gates Dam

KL View and Vivian's hse

From Tony Q

Jun 9, 2007

Gua Tempurung

9th June 2007.

Gua Tempurung Picture Sharing


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Jun 4, 2007

Gunung Nuang (June 2)

After a week hiking Gng Irau

Last sat. 10 of my regular 'kaki's trek gunung nuang.. but its up to the water fall, 'cos the next day we are running for 20km/30km in view of the Penang Bridge Marathon.
Eric, Wei Kong, SIok Bee and Julie decided to cycle 80km from the park office to Kuala Klawang (Jelebu District)..
Its a leisure climb took us abt 1hr 30mins to reach the waterfall and Angie Yip.. been the youngest lady in our group she was the chef ,... we manage to locate the camp site where i usually camp overnite.
Since its school holidays, the Park was crowded .. come in August, will climb Gng Nuang again this time to the peak... Why August, 'cos its the fruits seasons and plenty of durians, rambutans and mangosteens.....
Pixs on ladies busy cooking for b'fast...

Angie - in serious mood cooking -

Team work
Leslie was busy listening what the ladies was gossiping

Wild ginger plant..
Pixs courtesy of Chey

Click here for more pictures taken by Vivian

Tony Q

Gunung Irau

Hi Climbers,
Last week end climb was indeed a wet, cold and muddy climb. To those who are 1st timers..well its an experience you guys will remember
for a while. I am sure some of you will be having sore muscles the next day... Glad that all of us are safe, with minor bruises
here and there..
So guys , pixs on the Gng Irau have been uploaded and more pixs will be posted soon.
See you guys in the next climb.........

Tony Q

Jun 1, 2007

Gunung Irau - Cameron Highland

Gunung Irau, 26th May 2007. Lets see the pictures.

We are at the peak of Gunung Irau, 2110m height.
From Left, back row: Yeoh, Angie, Shih Ming, Kenny, Debbie, Jezamin, Wei Kong
From left, Front row: Lee, Yap, Fong and Gerald

From front to back: Jooann, Yeoh, Siok Bee, Fong and Janelle

Yap: "Beautiful!"

We stay at Malaysia Nature Society.
Dorm Type

Wah! Leng Lui ah...

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