Oct 22, 2009

Mt KK Climbathon - Oct 24 - 25

Come this sat/sun, yee choy, ray ng, yip, tey and me will be taking part in the 52nd Mt KK International climbathon. This race is know as the 'Toughest Challenge in the World' where the runners have to run complete 21km with a time limit. The Men/Women Open 5hrs whilst the veteran 6hrs 30mins.
I just wonder why did i sign up for this event.... well it just for experience and fun .. but the high intensity of the heart.
Target time .. ??? hope to reach KLow's peak within the stipulated time...
So thsi sat will updated the latest news on the race...
Will be leaving on Friday.. and back on Monday...

Oct 19, 2009

This Week

What happening this week.. Siok Bee, Michelle, Siok Leng and Chantellee will be taking part in the North face 100km trail running in S;pore..

while the guys at Mt KK... Misuzon run at UPM this sunday also..

Veteran Ngae is busy training for powerman as we had our speed powerman simulation training at putrajaya.. looking at him.. after his operations.. Ngae is getting fitter and stronger..

well just look out for him for this coming powerman at lumut..


Mt KK Climbathon Oct 24 - 25th

Pixs on the mt kk 3 weeks ago will be posted soon..

This friday, Yee Choy, Ray, Tey, Yip, me n ann (YC wife - supported) will be flying off to KK
then to National Park as all of us will be taking part in the Mt KK climbathon.

YC, Tey n me will be in the veteran category and the qualifying time is 6hrs 30mins while Ray and Yip in the open have to complete 5hrs in the gruelling race of 21km.

The starting point is 3km from timpihon gate and back..

Yip share his experience last sunday at putrjaya mentioning this is high intensity race.. the heart rate will pump at a high rate.. and the risky part is when descending.

As for me... just go for the experience .. no target time...

will share the experience when back next week.. .. meantime part of the Awana Trail training as the follwoing the race will at at awana.. 14km trail running.


Mt KK - Sept 27 - Oct 1

Alas... after 2 weeks of busy with work after back from Mt KK...manage to squueze time for
training for the Mt KK climbathon this sat. and also for awana GT.. not forgetting powerman all with the next 3 weeks...

its my 2nd time out of 16th climb didn't reach the Low's peak (MtKK)...Ketsana Typhoon struck KK but we were at Mesilau that evening and next day as we started to climb.. strong winds lasted for 3 days.. and Laban Rata .. was cold as the heater broke down.

at 2.30am.. we were ready but the wind were strong.. only at 3.30am decided to go point to point.. ie from laban rata to the rope, then sayat sayat then to peak...

as we were hiking up.. the wind were howling till.. at the rope part.. decided not to continue as too risky moreover unable to see the sunrise....

It really an experience.. for me as i have been thru' all kind of weather at Mt kk..

The grp were gls that we didn't continued but next they would like to hike again but it will be sunset climb..instead of sunrise.