Jun 23, 2014

Mt Kinabalu

This thursday will be off to Sabah to meet up friends from spore for their maiden hike to My Kinabalu

Total 13 of them , and they have been prepared for the last 4 months

It will be my 4th hike to Mt Kinabalu in 3 months and hope weather will be good this weekend

July month every week end will be having activities in view of TMBT and also SP Setia Mt K training

Probably end of Oct planning to Mulu Adventure

Jun 19, 2014

July Activities

In a week time, i will be off to Sabah with friends from Singapore to scale Mt Kinabalu where 12 of them it's their 1st time to Mt Kinabalu

Will be leaving on June 26th night to Kota Kinabalu and back home on June 30th and next day off to work...

In July every week end will be having training for TMBT

July 5/6 - Gng Nuang - back to back - 24 hours

July 12/13 - Gunung Irau - Cameron Highlands

July 19/20 - Gunung Rajah - Bentong

July 26/27 - Gunung Nuang back to back

For Gunung Nuang, will start at 8am...

as for Gunung Rajah ,, details will be posted soon

At this moment, busy preparing for Mt Kinabalu hike ..

Jun 13, 2014

Mt Kinabalu - letter to News Editor

My nephew Joseph was disappointed and want to write to the local dailies

Below is the letter to the News Editors


To: The Editor
XXXXX (name of newspaper)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter due to the frustration because of the spoilt plan for my father’s birthday which I had been anxiously waiting to carry out.  What was supposed to be an eventful hiking adventure trip to Mount Kinabalu for my dad and I, to celebrate his 50th birthday, turned out to be disappointing - all because of the unwritten ‘undang- undang’ at Mount Kinabalu.

On May 31st, 2014, my father and I started our hike from Laban Rata to Low’s Peak (Mount Kinabalu peak) at 2:45am after breakfast. Upon reaching the Sayat-Sayat  checkpoint, the Park Warden stopped us, saying that we had not met the cut-off time to arrive Sayat-Sayat which was 5.00am – an  unwritten ‘undang- undang’ at Mt Kinabalu.

I was devastated when I heard that as I had planned a surprise for my Dad at Low’s peak, being his 50th birthday. Moreover, the time was only 5.05am when we arrived Sayat-Sayat. What I understood from the guide that we hired, was that there was no cut-off time but sometimes entry is denied if the weather is really bad eg. heavy rain with thunder and lightning. However, on that day it was crystal clear and here we were with a totally selfish and inconsiderate Park Warden who refused to let us both through.

The Park Warden was very rude. He not only raised his voice but argued with other hikers and visitors including foreign tourists who arrived at the Sayat-Sayat checkpoint after 5.00am. My dad and I didn’t want to argue further seeing that there was no point, so we turned back. What I would like to know is, is there such a regulation – a cut-off time to reach Sayat-Sayat before 5am? If there is, why were we not informed when we signed the log book on entering Kinabalu Park? Why were our local guides not informed of this ‘undang-undang’? If there is such a regulation, how has the park disseminated the information to visitors and hikers, as tourists come from far and many are caught unaware.

There I was, a 16-year old teenager who just wanted to celebrate with my dad at the peak. I had planned for this for so long. Thinking about what happened really makes me sad and a little angry, especially when the government is trying hard to promote VM 2014. I feel like I had wasted a lot of my time, planning for this surprise, including the training my dad and I had gone through so we could make it to the peak. My dad also spent a lot of money paying for our flight tickets, food and accommodation, along with the park fees etc.

I do hope the Sabah Park personnel can give me an explanation, whether there is such a rule established at the Kinabalu Park. If there is, this information should be made known extensively so that those going to hike Mount Kinabalu will be aware and not get caught by surprise with this unwritten rule.

I hope that the company managing the park can give me some sort of compensation for all my dad and I have spent. If the attitude of the Park Wardens or the unwritten ‘undang-undang’ still exists, this will be my last hike to Mount Kinabalu.

Joseph Edward

Letter to Sabah Park

Below is my complaint to Sabah Park on the 'undang undang' set by the guides / warden 

To the attention of Manager
Sabah Park / Sutera Sanctuary Lodges / Sabah State Tourism Board / Malaysia Tourism Board

Dear Sir / Madam

RE: Discontent, query and request for compensation

Kota Kinabalu is like second home to me. I have hiked up the awe-inspiring Mount Kinabalu more than 30 times – every one of them memorable and running smoothly. Relatives and Friends that have gone up and down the mountain with me, have had no issues – each leaving with fond memories and many returning again and again.

However, on my recent trip (May 30 – 31), 2014 with my friends, some of us were faced with a ‘stumbling block’, which came as a huge drawback that obstructed us from achieving our goal of reaching the peak of Mount Kinabalu. On May 31st 2014, some of my guides, my friends and relatives and I, were shocked when we arrived Sayat Sayat and were told that we had not made the ‘cut-off’ time which is 5am, therefore were prohibited to continue our hike beyond that point - the ‘unwritten rule’ set by the Park Warden on duty at Sayat Sayat. The guides whom I hired were shocked and unable to assist as we paid them and NOT the Park Warden. It was also disconcerting to be informed of this sudden new ‘ruling’ by the Park Warden on duty named Mark. According to Mark, this was an  unwritten ‘undang undang ‘ that all the hikers and guides should know that anyone arriving Sayat Sayat after 5am will not be permitted to continue their hike beyond that point.  He even commented if anyone was not happy with his decision, they could lodge a report with his manager.

Kindly see below the sequence of events that occurred on May 31st, 2014.

a)  On May 31st, 2014, 52 of us – 18 from Gunting Lagadan and 34 from Laban Rata, left for Low’s Peak at 2.20am and 2.45am respectively.
b)  At 3.15am, 3 of my friends arrived at Sayat Sayat and no warden was around. They called me and I told them to wait as the warden needed to  note down the registration numbers of those who passed the Sayat Sayat gate. While waiting for the missing warden, more hikers/visitors and guides arrived and waited for the warden before proceeding to the peak.
b) I reached Sayat Sayat at 5.02am and was informed that the gate was closed at 5.00am.
c) I asked the park warden on duty – Mark, on the 5.00am rule – his reply was that “this was not a rule but for the safety of the hikers”.
d)  He allowed me to proceed judging from the looks of my fitness level as I am a regular to Mount Kinabalu. (That was what he told me when I met him at 9am at Sayat Sayat). It was also then that he informed me that he was not happy that some friends who arrived the Sayat Sayat gate after 5am, shouted at him for not letting them through.
e) He explained on safety issues but I told him I have local paid guides to take care of the people in my group
f) The guides whom I hired that day also argued with him and nearly ended up in a scuffle as this was the first time they had been denied entry and had not heard of this ‘safety regulation’.
g)  Eight of my friends arrived Sayat Sayat after 5.00am were very disappointed. The blame was put on me for not informing them of the cut-off time at Laban Rata 
h)  I would have accepted the ‘safety regulation’ if it rained at 5.00am and the warden closed the gate, but that morning, the weather was clear as crystal
i) This is the 1st time I heard of the ‘cut – off’ time

Kindly see my queries below. Would appreciate a formal written explanation on the following issues:

a) Is there a cut-off time to reach Sayat Sayat? Is this a new ruling and if it is, when was it enforced? What is the new regulated and official cut-off time that one must reach Sayat Sayat?

b) Why were the hikers and guides NOT informed? Were there any notices or information on this new ruling announced/circulated or publicized? If there was, please advise when, where and how were they released/revealed/made public?

c) There was also no information indicating that Sayat Sayat gate would be closed at 5.00am when we signed the check list and indemnity form before the start of the hike. Briefing by the guides also did not include mention of this new ruling. Please explain why.

d) There was also no indication by Sutera Sanctuary Lodge (SSL – the company managing the accommodation) on the 5.00am cut-off time at Sayat Sayat when bookings were made. Wes SSL been informed of the unwritten ‘undang undang’   

d) In addition, can you please advise what are the requirements on the number of wardens to be stationed at Sayat Sayat to do the checking. Do these wardens have the right to deny entry to hikers who intend to climb, even those who have guides, when the weather is good. If the wardens do have the right to deny any climber through the Sayat Sayat gates, please advise on what terms and grounds are these denials based on.

f) Who is made to be responsible for the climbers/hikers – guides or wardens?

g) Much time and money were spent in training besides the funds used for flights, food and accommodation, plus fees and passes to climb Mount Kinabalu. As no prior information was given, I would like to propose that Sabah Park compensate those who were denied entry through Sayat Sayat by the warden?

With the above mention, I look forward to receiving your soonest and most favorable reply, Moreover, it wasn’t just those in my group that were denied entry past Sayat Sayat after 5.00am, there were others too including foreign tourists who were not happy. This will surely tarnish the image of the park and would also affect the government’s ‘Visit Malaysia 2014’ promotion.

Yours sincerely,

 Quay Peng Kim
HP: 016-274 2213

Busy Busy weeks

Been a busy weeks at office since i got back from Mt Kinabalu end of May 2014 and yet have time to upload the pixs

2 weeks timne will be off to Sabah with freinds from Singapore 13 of them and 12 are 1st timer

The group have been training regularly under Christopher their group leader

It will be my 4th hike to Mt Kinabalu in 3 months adn Sabah is like my second home. Will be visiting the Children's home .

This Saturday will be going to Gng Nuang as part to maintain my fitness

pixs will be posted soon for Mt Kinabalu hike ...