May 24, 2014

Mt Kinabalu May 2014 Group

Come May 29th , 2014  54 paxs will be visiting Don Bosco Children's home before heading to Mesilau Resort as next day will start their journey to Mt Kinabalu summit

It been 6 months of training for some and hope all can reach the summit on May 31st 2014 and praying for good weather

It Kemataan week ( Harvest Festival) and public holidays in Sabah

Will be back on June 1st 2014

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May 18, 2014

Mt Kinabalu 2014

It has been a tiring and hectic week end of April , 1 week 2x to Mt Kinabalu peak..

Was busy with Oracle and PACM groups and work , didn't have much time to update the blog.

In 2 weeks time will be leading 53 pax to Mt Kinabalu and also visit the Don Bosco Children's home

Last 2 weeks after back from Mt Kinabalu with PACM group was down with flu and now on road to recovery and getting ready for next hike.

This coming sat will be going to Apek hills and last training for the May 2014 group.

With PACM group