Jun 23, 2016

Gunung Nuang via Ponsoon Ulu Langat

This saturday will be trekking to Gunung Nunag via Ponsoon Ulu Lnagat with some of the hikers as training for Mt Kinabalu expedition in end of August 2017.

Will not hike up to Kem Pacat but only to the end of the loggers trails and do a U turn and back to the park office.

Before reaching the Park Office will head to Ulu Ponsoon and trek there to see the old abandon hydro pump station.

Will take a breather before hike for 2 hours to a farm heading toward Janda Baik.

The whole trakking time will be about 4 - 5 hours.

Will start at Nunag Park Office 7:30am.

Will post the pixs and details next week

Jun 14, 2016

Gunung Ansi via Ulu Bendul

26 cane ad join me for the Gunung Ansi via Ulu Bendul and down by Bukit Putus last saturday on June 11, 2016,

Weather was cool in the morning and by the time we got down , it started raining.

Total hours up and down for average hiker is 5hrs 30mins.

The trails are well marked but it challenging via Ulu Bendul the 2 part of the trails .

Many thanks to CL Chong for leading the group on the 1st part of the trails.

The next hike will probably be at Ulu Bendul to see the WW2 air plane crash.

Jun 9, 2016

Gunung Ansi Seremban

It been a while i didn't trek Gng Ansi via Ulu Bendul trails.

The last few hikes were from Bukit Putus trails where is much easier as compare with Ulu Bendul trails and longer.

will be meeting up with my fellow hikers at Ulu Bendul recreational Park 8am and probably CL Chong from Gng Ansi hikers might be joining.

My younger brother Eddy and his gang will also join as part of their training to Mt Kinabalu end of July 2016

the 1st part of the Ulu Bendul trails is relatively easy as waking along the stream and also the ridge of the hills where can see the stream below. it take an hour to reach the 2nd part of the trails which is much steeper.

There will be sandy boulder and need to use ropes to climb up. from here it will take about 15mins to reach the peak.

total time from Ulu Bendul car park to peak is about 3 hours... trekking down will be via bukit putus will take an hour 30 mins...

Jun 5, 2016

Mulu Adeventure 2016

On April 28 - May 2, 2016 - Mulu Trip ... was a wet hike all the way to camp 5.

It was raining from morning till evening and the next day hike to pinnacles were aborted due to the rock surface slippery and also safety of the hikers.

We did enjoy the show caves and also the bats exodus.

Next year the trip will be end July 2017.

Gng Ansi via Ulu Bendul Trans on June 11

Will be hiking Gunung Ansi on June 11, Gunung Ansi VIA Ulu Bendul 

Start and Down via Bukit Putus.  Interesting trails, only 825meters but longer than Bukit Putus trails if you done.

There’s are 2 parts of the trails, the 1st part is walking alongside  the river, gently upwards along the ridge of the hills. The 2nd part is interesting as it will be all the upwards and before reaching the summit , there’s sandy boulders  and you need to use ropes to pull you up. It’s an open space where you can catch a breather before climbing up the boulders. From here it will take about 10 - 15mins to the summit.

Total Distance : Approximately 6.50km one way via Ulu Bendul Recreational Park but shorter via Bukit Putus going down

Usually walking pace for 6.5km will take about 1hr 30 mins, double the time when hiking up hehehheheheh

Ulu Bendul Trails : Start Elevation - 179M , Peak  Elevation – 825M


Gunung Angsi is the 3rd highest mountain in Negeri Sembilan, a mountain that overlooks Seremban in Negeri Sembilan, and situated along the highway to Kuala Pilah.

Coming from Seremban towards Kuala Pilah (Route 51), you will not miss the Ulu Bendul Recreational Park (on the right). Plenty of car park space.

Since most of us have hike via Bukit Putus route, this time it will be via Ulu Bendul route, slightly longer trail, interesting and starts from Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest.
Climbing Gunung Angsi via Ulu Bendul trail usually takes up to 2 - 4 hours to go up (depend on individual fitness) and coming down your choice either the same way you came up or take the Bukit Putus Trail which is much easier and faster. (You need to arrange transport to Ulu Bendul Recreational Park. Usually before heading to Ulu Bendul park , one or two cars will station at Bukit Putus so that you won’t have to walk 3km to Ulu Bendul Park)
The trail starts from the Ulu Bendul Recreation car park and walk alongside the stream at first. Certain places need to cross the stream, as the trails move inwards , a section of the trails will long and upwards along the ridge of the hill. The trails is well defined most of the way, however certain places got cross junctions, do look out for the red and white striped plastic marker tape which have been tied to trees and follow.
Another interesting about the Ulu Bendul trials, when nearing the summit, there’s some sandy boulders and you need to pull yourself up using ropes. Here it a good place to snap pictures.
Meeting Point :  Senanwang Toll – Exit Time : 7:15am. If you know the way to Kuala Pilah, From Seremban take the road towards Kuala Pilah (route 51). You cannot miss Ulu Bendul Recreational Park (Meet here) on your right heading to Kuala Pilah . Plenty parking here. Snacks and drinks can be obtained at the park entrance but month of Ramadhan so bring your own food. 
Starting Time : 8am
Duration of Hike : 6 – 8 hours depend on individual fitness
You need to register at the park ranger's office before starting your ascent and pay a nominal fee (RM 5 per person).
Things to bring :-
a)    Water 3L – Min
b)    Food – Packed for lunch
c)     Raincoat
d)    Torch Light
e)    Trekking Poles (Optional)
f)     Whistle (Optional but recommended)
g)    Plasters
h)    Antihistamine pills – for allergy
i)      Personal belongings (wrap in zip log bag or plastics)

The Park is managed by the Negeri Sembilan Forestry Department whose contact details are:

Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Sembilan,
Blok C, Tingkat 4,
Kompleks Setiausaha Kerajaan,
70503 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan.


Phone +06-7659849
Fax +06-7623711