Mar 31, 2011

SAC - Sabah Adventure Challenge

Mt KK behind the 2 cyclist with rainbow 22 days to go for the 60km Ultra Trail Run in Sabah.. Steven Yip, Edwin, Lai Kuan and me will be taking part in this solo race. Looking at the iternary and mandatory list to bring.. wah leh its just like going for camping and stay for few weeks.. So this week will be back to back training at G Nuang to get ready for the event

Mar 28, 2011

Gng Nuang -

Gunung Nuang this sat and sun. It back to back training in view of the SAC in 3 weeks time. Will start from Park Office on Sat at 7am to Peak if weather permit else to False Peak then on Sunday ist 7.30am to Camp Lolo probably to Pacat. Have to condition myself as the SAC will be 30km each day. Will be meeting Lai Kuan, Edwin & Alex on sunday. On Sat. Joline and frens will be joining for their Gng Tahan training. MAY 7th its KL Towethon and this event will be in the evening starting at 8pm. its 5 days after i 'm back from Mt KK. On May 4th is trail run at KL Tower from 10am - 6pm. probably during lunch might go for a walk there. Stay Healthy ... P3

Mar 16, 2011

Saga Hill Water fall

This sat. Mar 19, will be leading the Mt Kk april group to Saga Hills waterfall and meet up the ABC group from BU at the waterfall

Will meet at Saga Hills carpark 7.30am.

Mar 9, 2011

Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik - MArch 5

On way back to Car Park


Joline and Friends preparing for G Tahan

Chiew Hong feed the squirrel

Group pix at Gng Nuang via Janda Baik

View from G Nuang Peak to Janda Baik

Cath relaxing
Last sat abt 30 hikers came and hike Gng Nuang via Janda Baik.
Met at Kg Bkt Tinggi at 7am had b'fast and by 8.45am reach the car park
Started at 8am and reach the peak at 11:45am..
The distance to the peak is nearer as compare via ulu langat but leeches are norm. I got 6 leeches bites...
If you wan challenging then hike via Ulu Langat as via Janda Baik, trek when its dry on on wet day.
As we were coming down its was raining the the trail was muddy (remind me of G Irau)
Those who didn't reach the peak via ulu langat 2 weeks ago, manage to the peak using the Janda Baik trail.
Its back to my training for the Ultra Trail run next month in Sabah...

Mar 8, 2011

SAC Pre Race Clinic Singapore - Feb 26th

Charlene tag the passport while Marina checking next checkpoint

Trek down to the waterfall to validate the passport

Checkpoint 2


Charlene and Marina running down

Up the slope

Map for Orienteering and Navigate to 14 checkpoints

Charlene and Marina

Wilson briefing the participants and Avtar (SAC Race Director) on the right standing
Participants getting ready for the pre race clinic

The above pixs were taken when i was in Singapore for the SAC Pre Race Clinic.
Met the Race Director Avtar and Wilson (Coach & Director) Edge Adventure Sports.
Wilson was conducting the pre race clinic and after the race had a chat with Avtar on the coming SAC in April and what to expect.
The next SAC pre race clinic will be on March 26th at Lorong Asrama S'pore.

Mar 4, 2011

Sabah Adventure Challenge Updates - by Race Director

Was in Singapore last sat for pre clinic on the SAC race organised by Edge Adventure Sports lead by Wilson , Director & Coach.

Met fellow participants who will be taking part in the event on April 21 - 24, 2011.
(Pixs will be posted soon)

Below is the email rec'd from Avtar on tips for the SAC as I met him in Singapore for the Pre Race Clinic.

Hi Tony,

It was good to meet you and thank you for making the huge effort to come down to Singapore for the clinic.

I hope you went away with a better understanding of what to expect and also what to prepare for as far as the orienteering is concerned.It will be a tough race for some people who have not put in the training and preparation ahead of time so I need to be very honest and blunt about this and that some people will break down mentally from the level of difficulty of the race course.

BUT, it is do-able even at a steady pace and a determined effort.

The key to completing the race course is to keep a steady pace and a comfortable pace and to keep your head down when you hit the hills and mountain tracks and to just focus on what is in front of you rather than looking up on ahead.

I find I am able to keep a good brisk walking pace when going up hill and conserving my energy for the flat parts where a competitor can run it.

Another IMPORTANT factor is also keep the weight of your pack down, to make sure you have adequate water (minimum 3L I think as some people are going to finish their water before they even get to the first water station).

The size of your pack (or rather making sure it isn't too big that it actually starts to weigh you down rather than fit snuggly on to your back and is nice and compact) is important.Some competitors are putting in the training now and the effort into getting the hours and miles into their training and are not going to do last minute sessions because it simply will be too late.

Taking time out on weekends and getting solid 8-10 hours of hills and trail runs/walks/brisk walks with the pack on and also a 3L water load is crucial in strenghtning your back, shoulders and legs as well as to get your body used to weight, pace and heat over the course of the 8-10 hours.Condition training is absolutely important at this stage and making sure you also select the right shoes is also important.

Road running shoes are not recommended as they are likely to get trashed over the course of the 3 days because of the sort of tracks, the gravel and rocks you will be running/hiking/trekking over so be smart in your selection.Speak to fellow competitors, get recommendations from people who have done the SAC before and speak to ultra runners who have done ultra marathons outside of Malaysia to get tips on what to bring/how to prepare etc.

Once again, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

very best wishes

SAC Race Director

Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik - MArch 5

This sat, KC and me leading groups to Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik.

WIll meet at Janda Baik town at 7am for breakfast before heading to the starting point. The distance is much shorter via Ulu Langat.

Expected about 25ppl will be coming for this hike.