Apr 28, 2010

Mt KK Pixs - Apr 20 -24

my 18th Cert and the tag also

Sunset at KK Town - Waterfront view

Low's Peak on clear day

The group did it

Sunrise Low's Peak

South Peak aka RM1 peak (Satu Ringgit Puncak)

Long Way to Low's Peak

Sunrise at Mt KK

Nizam - Guide & Porter

Long Way up via Mesilau Trial

Resting at Pondok

Group Pixs before the journey

Apr 25, 2010

Mt KK April 20 - 24

Sunrise at Mt KK

The April group

The skies were clear and the sun was shining on top pf Low's peak. All 2o climbers who join me for the April 20 - 24 to Mt KK reach Low's peak.

95% of them are 1st timer and the last person to reach the peak at 7am.

Their mental strength that made them to reach the peak as from Sayat Sayat the 1.7km is their longest walk they ever had like never ending road.

Pixs will be uploaded in the FB and more pixs in the blog & stories

Now have to start prepare for the May group which will be hiking to Mt KK end of May


Apr 18, 2010

Mt Kk revisit

In 2 days time 19 climbers will be joining me for the Mt KK hike ie April 20 -24, 2010

Will be using the Mesilau trail whikc is scenic and longer by 2km. The climbers have been brief on the procedures and things to look while hiking up to Laban Rata.

Training have been conducted the last 3 months and hope all will be ready and enjoy the climb.

Btw on April 25 is the Bidor and SJ10 run and May 2 is the Bomba run.

When back from this hike will take a week break then train the May group for Mt KK.

On the climbathon, todate 4o ppl have confirmed as far as Philipines will be joining me for the race on Oct 23/24, 2010.

Will update the blog in a week time when back from Mt KK

Apr 15, 2010

April 20 -24 - Mt KK

In 5 days time will be leading a grp of 19 climbers to Mt KK as last week was the last training at Gng Datuk.

This week end will be relaxing and get ready for the climb next tuesday. Will be starting from
Mesilau and back via Timpihon.

The climbers are all ready and Tim have done all the arrangement at the park.

btw PACM is looking for volunters for the NB15km on May 16th.

Be back on April 24th hmm not sure whether to run bidor or SJ10km will see how its goes.


Apr 11, 2010

Gng Datuk Challenge April 10

Michelle got 3rd placing, Lydia 5th & Debbie 6th, the ladies came in top 10 in the Gunung Datuk Challenge which was held in Rembau.
The Kenyans swept all the top 10 in the internation category where the champion finished the race at the time of 46mins.
The MP of Rembau Khairy Jamalludin officiate the race, Total participants 800.
The participnats have to run abt 800meters downhill and cross an open field and strights into the forest. Its remind me of Awana Genting as its was a new trail which was open for the race., the runners have to run up till check point 3 where the veteran have to go down and the rest have to go the peak.
Hmm was surprised that the organiser did not let the veteran to run to the peak probably high risk esp on the age. Veterans Category is 50yrs and above.
Michelle was 2nd when she reach the peak but on the way down , she informed that the lady overtook her its just like the guides at Mt KK running down.
The next Gunung Challenge will be on May 8, 2010 - Gunung Ansi
Today (Sunday), lead a group of 15 climbers to Gunung Datuk, all reach the peak , it was hot & humid as compare to yesterday. Its the final training for Mt KK for this group as we will be leaving on April 20, 2010.
This weekend will be at Gasing hills for relax hike.

Apr 7, 2010

Gng Datuk Back to Back

Last week end, took the April & May group to gng nuang, we did up to camp pacat, however evergreen Yee Choi went to the peak and Lai Kuan up to 'false' peak.

Its was a challenging for the newbies but the weather was cool.

This Sat is the Gng Datuk Challenge at Rembau, so the Mt KK Kakis will be joining me for the challenge.

Registration open at 7.30am, so those keen meet you there.

On Sunday again to Gng Datuk, this time its the last training session for the April Mt KK climbers. M glad that most of them are keep themselves fit and ready for the Mt KK so atht they will enjoy the climb.

hmmmm look like i lost count the number times i hike ot mt KK. its 5D/4N and in May will be leading a grp of 12.

Pixs of the Gng Nunag climb will be posted soon.