May 31, 2009

Relay for Life - MSN Stadium Bkt Jalil

A cancer victim giving a short message ' I WILL SURVIVE'

Participants line up to lit the candles

To remember those who fight and didn't survive the BIG 'C'

Shows during the Relay for Life

Kevin n Family, Irene, Ray Ng , Yeoh came and support the relay.

The Relay for Life at MSN Stadium organised by Natianal Cancer Society were well supported by Companies. Schools, Universities and from all walk of life.
I was there at 6pm, and did 2 hrs jogging around the stadium before met Ray Ng & Yeoh as both of them arrive at 8pm.
As i was jogging round the track... heard someone called my name.. it Kevin Ng sitting down watch leng luis jogging. walking around the track instead of ikut his wife and daughters hahahha

8pm met Ray and Yeoh at the entrance as they registered themselves.

There's 2 registration booth , one for Survivors and the other for support.

We had a great time .. Kevin n family, Irene, tomatoman and me did the joget around the track.

Next year will camp overnite, do Realy for Life Sundown and get more ppl to support .


Yee Choi's at Sundown S;pore

Lynette & Yee Choi

Hmm the milo taste so goood can last me another 50km

Thanks Lynette for the Milo..
Yee Choi and Roger Yee took part in the Sundown Marathon yesterday.
Father and Son ran 84km... Lynette Gan was at the 30km mark to lend support and provide Milo drinks...
Pixs from Lynette.
Yee Choi will be joining me for the Mt Kk Climbathon on Oct 24 - 25th

May 26, 2009

Track Workout at Kg Pdn


If u guys keen to do speedwork, I be at Kg Pdn track on

Tuesday and Thursday

Time 6:30 - 7:30am

Drop by if u keen.....

Siok Bee and Michelle have been coming.. hmmm hope Bobby will join soon

Relay for Life - NCS

This saturday and sunday at MSN Bkt Jalil, the National Canser Society is organising the Raly for Life. Its 16hrs full of activites starting from 4pm on Sat to 10 am on sunday.

Just reg RM10 and you will received a T.

Its will be very very busy on the running track from 6pm to midnite with load of activities.

Will check out with the gang and schedule a time to be there, probably will have dinner before
go and join the crowd.

At 4am its the endurance race. 2 hrs on the 400meters track and the winner will be decided how many laps. I probably will be running as part of training for the coming SCKLM.

So guys, if you free this sat do drop by and support the Realy for Life.


30km practice run on Sat May 30, 2009

The 30km practice run is on at Bkt Aman this sat May 30th, 2009 for SCKLM on June 28, 2009.

Will start at 6am sharp (to climatise)

Route : 30km -Bkt Aman to Sri Hartamas back to Jln Duta Govt office and do a loop back, to Hartamas then back to Bkt Aman

Water station will be at Jln Duta Govt Bldg (bus stop) - Ice Cold Grape cordial and water

Kereta sapu is available.

So if you keen to do the practice run, be at Bkt Aman


Lookout point - Ampang

Sunset view

Night View

Wah! Got MONEY plant... sure will get a lot of money soon...

May 24, 2009

RHB Sportmans Award

Last Friday night, RHB recognition night for Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year award.

i didn't realise that i was nominated as was shocked to hear my name been called out.

Sudah 'tua' lah... anyway it will inspire the younger athletes.

30km practice run on May 30th

This sat May 30th , Bkt Aman 30km run Time 6am.

Route : Will start from Bkt Aman, round BNM, and do the reverse double hill, up to Jln Duta to Hartamas and back.

In the evening, Relay for Life (orngansied by National Cancer Society) at MSN Bkt Jalil from 4pm to next day 10am.

If u free do drop but, reg. RM10 and u can just run round the track and there be many activities.


PACM Nite Run at Putrajaya

Total 180 runners ran last nite at Putrajaya for PACM night run. Its part of the PACM 25th anniversary celebration.

2 Rays, Lee, Yap, Heng, Vin, Pathma, Bernard and a lady fren, Shih Ming with 2 kids, San, Julie and frens, Bobby, Chan Wneg Kai, Halim & Family, Jason T & family...

Jason was surprised when we presented him a birthday cake as he was only '25' years old.

The run started at 8.30pm in front of Palace of Justice and Iwata was leading all the way from the start to the end.

The last runner came in at 10pm.

Light refreshment were provided and goodies bag for all the runners.


May 20, 2009

Relay for Life

Come May 30/31 from 4pm to 10am , National Cancer Society is organising Relay for Life
at Bkt Jalil MSN Stadium.

This realy for life run is a 16hrs run around the 400 meters trach. There be lots of activities on sat nite.

Ray Ng, YeohSC, Bob, Lydia have agreed to support.. will try to get group of 10 so that can take
part in the activities.

May 31 4am is the endurance run. 90 mins around the 400 meters and how may laps can be covered in that time frame.

Probably will go for it as part of the SC KL Marathon.

Reg fee ; RM10 and Free T.

For good cause, so if you are free on that day, do drop by at MSN Stadium Bkt Jalil.


May 18, 2009

Gopeng Adventure

Hi ,

After the SC KL Marathon, i organising a trip to Gopeng doing White Water rafting, Waterfall abselling and dark caving... and during that time its fruits season at Gopeng.

I know the owner of the WWR, and have negotiated with her the cost.

Will keep all of you postedon the details , probably stay a nite at Adeline place or Gopeng Rainforest resort


PACM 25th Anniversary Nite Run at Putrajaya Run

email from Raymond Ng <

Hey friends,

This saturday night let's go for a nite run at Putrajaya!!!

For the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Club, we are organizing an inaugural Night Run in Putrajaya especially for Club members to have a leisure run and an enjoyable time with fellow members and their families.

> > > > *Date : 23rd May 2009, Saturday
*> > > *Time : 8.30pm
*> > > *Distance : 5km and 10km
*> > > *Venue : Palace of Justice Putrajaya
*> > > *Entry Fee : RM5.00 per person (adult & children 10 years old and above)

Running bibs will be issued upon receipt of RM5.00 entry fee.

We will start the run at 8.30pm for both distances. After the run, members can look forward to the snacks or rather light supper before your journey back home for a good night sleep.

If you would like to join in the fun and mingle with the members, please make your payment to:

*Exco member Mr SK Goh (Tel: 016 366 9288) or Any other Exco members .

In order to add variety to the light snacks to be served we would like to appeal to members who are passionate about cooking to contribute a dish or two for this event. Corporations who are interested to sponsor in cash or kind are cordially invited to join hands with the Club to make this event a memorable one.

If you are interested to contribute or sponsor, please contact Sook Ying at Tel: 012-2718 173 or email to

See you all in Putrajaya and let’s make it a night to remember!!

Rustam Affendi Zaihan
Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia

May 13, 2009

IM 2010 ???

IM08 finisher.
Siok Bee, Michelle, Debbie, Kenny & Lee have book their flights for next yr Langkawi Ironman..
Tomatoman called me and ask... U how???hmmmmmm

Larian Bomba 10km

SM, Yen Erl, Sayasan

SM - last 100 meters.. pain no pain

Sayasan.. thumbs up



Yee's Family - all got finisher medals

Shih Ming, San and Michelle came in top 10 in the Larian Bomba last weekend.
A week after Mt KK via Ferrata the ladies still got the power to run.. howvever Shih Ming got pain in her heel and she slowed down after 2km....
Siok Bee, Chantelle, 2 Rays were pelumba haram on that day.. as for me i ran but the last 2km 'koyak' lah....
Yee Choi was the happiest man 'cos his wife (Anne) got finisher medal..

May 10, 2009

Sane oo Insane

That's what friends are for - pix taken by Gerard at Tanjung Aru. Relaxing to watch the sunset before flying home

A week after Mt KK via Ferrata, i signed up for the Mt KK Climbathon on Oct 24th, ans have to complete in 6hrs for my category.

So m i sane or insane ??? hmm i ok ya.... Tomatoman, Ultraman Yip, Ultramarathoer Tey ET, evergreen Yee Choy have confirmed for the climb... and what more .. Anne (Yee Choy's wife) will be there to lend her support to her loh kong....

Chan Weng Kai, might be joining for 'holiday'

Steven Yip said ' U need to run up to Gng Nuang in 2 hrs if u want have registered for the Mt KK Climbathon'

Aiyooo like that cha lat lah.... and at Batu caves training need to run 2 steps at a time....

Tomatoman reply... i will do everyday at my condominium......

So guys ... anyone to join 'cos this trip, no climbing fees, porter fees, guide fee etc. Transport FOC from KK to Park....

if keen pls. forward your name to Tomatoman aka Ray Ng -

after SCKLM have to start traing not only for the Climbathon but also for the Northface 100km trail running in S;pore.

This coming week is the NB15km... me will be d traffic marshal..

Have a great week ahead...

Larian Bomba 10km

Michelle, San & Shih Ming , top 10 in the ladies open & Veteran...

Congrats to them, after a week back fromMt KK via Ferrata, the ladies did well,

Chantelle join us this morning and followed Siok Bee to do the 1st 10km loop then join as pelumba haram for the larian bomba...

Dr Rum and Ray Ng join in the run also...

Pixs will get from Chan WK. and post later

May 9, 2009

Larian Bomba

Tomorrow Larian Bomba.. Shih Ming, San, Michelle and me have registered for the run however will be there at 6am to do 10km before joing the race.. as part of the SCKLM training..

The rest of the gang will be 'pelumba haram'..

Today :

Tomatoman will lead a group to Bentong for cycling and have ice kacang.

Lee will be at Genting Perez..

Me, Dr R, Kenny & Debbie at Gasing....


Mt KK Climbathon

Look like the 'fever' of Mt KK have caught up with tomoato man and me..

its will be a month after my Sept climb.., Wah 3 times to Mt KK .. hmm look like have to settle down there lah... tomatoman also keen to live there...

Last nite had dinner with Dr R & him and topic was abt the Mt KK trip that we did last week..

so talk talk ... and Tomatoman said hey.. AA fare cheap lah.. RM25 pegi and balik.. on Oct 24.. and that the time for climbathon..

so.. told him just book lah... at 11:30pm he called me its RM160 what yes or no..

hmmm seconds later book lah.. after calculating the cost for 4D3N to do the climbathon...

So if u keen to join 2 of us... just register and training will start after SCKLM..

hmm that THG...

will keep u posted and pixs uploaded.

May 3, 2009

Mt KK Via Ferrata - April 2- May 2 - Pixs

Breakfast before at Mesilau resort before start climbing to laban rata

Steamboat dinner at Mesilau Resort

Low's Peak - We did it

Via Ferrata Activities - On the way down to Laban Rata

Group 3 - Jo, Lynette, Yap, Lee, Chantelle, Ray, Doris & Me

The group getting geared up for the via ferrata

Listening to the MT trainers briefing

All set for the 3.8km Low's Peak Activities

The Group in uniform

It was a tiring and rewarding climb to Mt KK , all made to the Low's peak as early as 4:15am until the Mountain Guides have to keep pace with the climbers.

The group have fun and enjoyed themselves, the daily activies will be posted soon.