Mar 18, 2013

G Nuang Mar 23rd

G Nuang stand at 1498 meters and it's the highest gunung is selangor and challenging esp for beginners.

This sat will be hiking up to the peak and total return time will be between 10 - 12hrs as leading some of the hikers to the peak who have yet reach despite hiking here.

Start at 7am and expected to reach peak by 2pm. If heavy shower that will make a U turn as the trail to the peak will be muddy and slippery.

3 liters of water is a must and torch light with some food.

I bring stove to have hot drinks at the peak.

I unable to post any pixs at the moment on G Nuang as dunno what happen to the blog set up.

Mar 30, 2013 - Pines Tree Hills.. confirm and it will be a large group coming and abt 20 from S'pore not counting the locals.

Mar 11, 2013

Gng Nuang - March 23rd

Gunung Nuang - Mar 23, 2013 and it will be to the peak

Starting time 7am at park office ulu langat and ETA to the peak abt 1pm as this will be easy hike as number of hikers want to hike to the peak.

It will a day hike and expected to back to car park will be 6 - 7pm so if u keen do expect the time ya.

The following saturday will be Pines Trail together with Leng's group.

This sunday Mar 17th , i will be at Bkt Gasing 7:30am.

Mar 6, 2013

Gng Nuang & Saga


This Sat. will be at Taman Botanic Kepong FRIM for 16km hike as part of Mt K training and also on Sunday at Saga Apek Hills

March 23rd - Gng Nuang hike to the peak .. meet at the park office 6:45am as will start at 7am  and on March 30th - Pines Tree Hills and abt 40pax hikers will be coming and half are keen to go to the 2nd peak.

This Sunday Leng's will lead abt 60 pax to G Ledang, m unable to go as got to attend dinner at Klang in view of KPR annnual dinner (Klang Pacer Runners Club)

No sure when is the GE13m so every week will be hiking in view of Mt K trip end of April and May