Aug 30, 2010

Bkt Tabur on Merdeka Day - Aug 31, 2010

August 31, 2010 it National Day, Steven, Agnes, Jenny, Velan, Vivian and some frens will be celebrating Merdeka at Bkt Tabur.. Watermelons will be served when we reach the peak
Those keen meet at BHP 7.15am as will start at 7.30am .. will be doing Tabur 1 ie beside the dam.

Aug 26, 2010

Gng Datuk Pixs

'Zebra Crossing'

Coconut anyone

Group b4 hike

At peak before off to the boulder

Aug 19, 2010

Gng Datuk - Rembau

This sunday, i be going to Gng Datuk, Rembau leading a group of climbers who are preparing
for Gng Stong/Ayam and also to Mt KK.

Those keen, meet at Senanwang Toll at 7.45am as by 8am will start the journey to the Gng Datuk carpark else meet at Gng Datuk car park by 8.45am as by 9am will start the climb.

Its a good place for beginners to do their training, for an average hiker will take 1 hr 30mins to reach the peak.


Aug 11, 2010

Pedal Away Polio

Pedal for Charity for Polio

Sept 18, if you are free do come and join the ride as it for Charity.

Raymond Ng, Nik and me will be joining to lend support on the day.

As most of the time, we have been taking part in races so at times let give back to the society as the people who organise take time and effort to ensure the success of the event.

Its 30km ride.. probably will do additional mileage in the morning before the event start as part of training for Powerman.

If you keen, do contact the organiser . the mobile phone is on the leaflet

Aug 8, 2010

Birthday Cake -

Had a surprised birthday cake done by my son Aaron when i got back Raub last week after visiting Chey's kampung.

The birthday cake was in the shape of the mountain as i usually goes hiking. He followed me to Mulu & Mt KK therefore knows what i have been doing... Fortunately no SYTs figurine ,, hahah

So if u guys keen to look more pixs of his creation visit

Bkt Tabur

Water level dropping at Klang Dam , Hike Bkt Tabur this morning, joining me were Moon, Velan, Jennifer & was good and hazy ..

Later in the evening did 40km cycling ,, to lepas geram as yesterday at MUDs tayar puncture at transition area..

Aug 7, 2010

Rat Race 2010

RHB Team 1 came in 1st in the Men Open and its been 3 yr in running.
As for me, in the Mixed Category so enjoy the run la... Michelle Looi was 1st in the Women Category .

MUDs at UPM Serdang

Guide Nik how to replace tube bila punctured

Today's MUDs (Malakoff Universitry Duathlon) at UPM Serdang, aiyooo bike tyre puncture when just abt out on the transition area... hnmm no mood to change as its 13km ... by the time i change the cyclist will be back...

Was taking part in this race to guide Nik who is 1st timer trying out the duathlon, hmm before trying MUDs she signed for Powerman already.....

Met Tan Ming, as we are in the same category... .. he had a good race and its speed all the way distance 3km run 13km bike 3km run..

Chooi Wan, Doris, Mei Jin were also there as usual Miss Jewel was there champion lah in the ladies categories

weather was good and had fun seeing the Universties Students really pia leh.....

Will start training soon for the Powerman in Lumut November 14

lulian lulian

Had durians feast at Raub Chey's kampong.
Lee, Yap, ChanWK & me met Chey's at his home town raub for lulian.. all kind of lulian names Mau Wong, Choo Kiok, D24, 101, whatever lah till i oso cannot remember..
Went to Chey's fren farm and had makan lulians until tak bolih jalan