Mar 25, 2015

Setia Alam Trails

This saturday , will be at Setia Alam , Shah Alam with my Brother and his gang to hike the hills there.

My brother group are regular kakis there , it's my 1st time there and taking those training for Mt Kinabalu in April May and June 2015

Time 7:10am meet after the Setia Alam Toll
Date : March 28, 2015 - Saturday

Total Distance +/- 14km

Duration 3 -4 hours

Mar 18, 2015

Apeh Saga Hiils

This saturday I will be at apek saga hills as part of Mt Kinabalu grp training

meeting at the fruit stalls 7:30am, last week was interesting hike as saw a wild boar wandering at Level 6 n also tree house

This week will be doing additional trails at Saga Hills - Trek A and C and Happy Valley

Mar 12, 2015

Apeh / Saga Hills on May 14, 2015

This Saturday i will be at Apeh hills 8am as part of my Mt Kinabalu Charity Hike end of April 2015

My fren Dannie Choong is also organizing a trail run for TNF ( North Face) via Saga, so it will be crowded along the way esp at level 6 Apeh and Saga Hilltop.

It another month to my 38th hike to Mt Kinabalu and the mountain i enjoy to hike and also to meet new friends and my fellow 'brothers' at KK

Also end July will be going to Mulu Pinnacles and it my 8th time there and the experience is totally difference when compare with Mt Kinabalu.

Mulu pixs as below

Mar 7, 2015

Bkt Tabur hike with Frens on Mar 7, 2015

It been more than a year I didn;t hike Tabur , today hike I organized was for Trina and her office colleagues 

and some of the gang join in.

Started the hike at 7:45am and completed by 10:39am as we hike to Tabur 2

The group were cooperative and their fitness level is above average.

The next hike planning will be the Tabur 3... details will be posted .

next Saturday will be at Apeh / Saga hills

Mar 4, 2015

Gasing Hills March 8, 2015

As part of my Mt Kinabalu charity for 2015, this sunday training will be at Gasing Hills

Time 7.15am

Meeting place : Playground

Distance : 5.5km

another 7 weeks to my 1st hike of 2015 to Mt Kinabalu and total 62 climbers will be joining me

This charity hike , the proceeds will be channel to the children's homes which i been supporting

May and June will be another hike to Mt Kinabalu.

this time will be relaxing hike as most of the climbers are 1st timers to Mt Kinabalu..