Nov 30, 2008

Ipoh KRI 12km run Nov 30, 2008

Shih Ming, San, Michelle, Carol and Jason were the podium finisher in this morning run and also Wendy's the ipoh lass.

The 11 cyclist ran the 12km after cycling 187km from Bt Caves to Simpang Pulai on sat. The weather was cool and slight drizzle along the way.
The cyclist are Ngae, Jason, Benard, Bobby, Ray Ng, KhooYK, Keat Seong, Kenny and the ladies are Michelle, Debbie and San.

many thanks to the support crew. Chan (the photographer), Jez, Gerard, Agnes, Lydia and not forgetting Shih Ming.

We started at 8am at Bt Caves and ended 5.15pm at Simpang Pulai.

Details n Pixs will be posted later.

On the way back, saw Tan Wah Sing from PACM kuantan had an accident, fortunately his daughter, wife and him were alright but the car was totally write off.. pics will be posted soon..


Nov 27, 2008

Ipoh KRI 12km & Le Tour D Ipoh

This sat. Jason, San, Ray Ng, Michelle, Bobby, Bernard, Debbie, Kenny, Keat Seong, Ngae, Dr Tan will be cycling from KL to Simpang Pulai about 200km and next will run the 12km.

Will start from Batu Caves, Chan, Jez, Gerard & Myself will be the support crew, at Bidor Jez & Gerard will join the group.

ETA at Simpang Pulai 5pm.

Hope Dr Ray can join us as he's now stranded in Bangkok.


Awana Genting Trail Blazer

Heng trying to do balancing act


Chong in the mud

Wei Kong jump into the puddle

Shih Ming waddle thru' the pond

Off they go...

Heng & Kelvin

Steven & Ming

Me & San

Group before the race

Nov 25, 2008

Bentong Ride on Sat Nov 22, 2008

Bikes parked at Kedai Kow Po

Balik Time

After Bentong ice kacang

Lee and the ladies

Nov 24, 2008

Powerman International race '08 - Sri Manjung, Lumut

Michelle ' At last finishing line'

Heng, Jo n Cheng Tai
After the gruelling run


Shih Ming ' Water please'

Ray Ng 'Catch the bottle SM'

Heng "Aiyoo finally the finishing Line"

Aiyoo my leg cramp lah - Kenny

last 400 meters - me and eric



San - Saya bolih

Khoo - Leading the pack.. did below 4 hrs
Thanks to ChanWk for the pixs

Nov 19, 2008

PBIM 08 pixs

Ciak ciak b4 the run - carboloading

Relax after the race

Shih Ming yak yak with Julie

Rushing to the 'kandang'

Heng's Apt looking from the PBIM route

Halfway mark

Before the start

Ming & Michelle - last 5km

Nov 17, 2008

Penang Bridge Marathon 08

Yesterday was the Penang Bridge Run 08.

Results - Siok Bee - 6th in the Women 42km, Shih Ming - 5th in the 25km (Ladies Veteran) and San 10th (Ladies) Open.

Comments :

Registration and taking bibs - well organised

On the day of the race - Its kelang kabut.. - sure madness, u go in the 'kandang' a token is given but u can 'cabut' from the othe end and jalan for 2km and wait for the rest 'cos at the starting point no one jaga. Imagine thousand of runners in the 'kandang' but there's no official jaga.
The Penang organiser shd follow the FTAAA way of doing the starting ie put barricades at the starting point.

the 42km route, the marathoners should run the bridge 1st then turn to Bayan lepas just like last yr.. but this its reverse and the poor runners by the time they reach the 20km, they are join with thousands of the 25km runners imagine.

At 21km, the organiser were distributing the powergel instead of giving to 42km runners, they give the the half marathoner who just started 20mins. Met Ngae and he said 'the school kids doesn't understand English' as there signboard 'slow runners keep left'.
Water checkpoint was a biggest let down, imagine i have to run till the end of bridge at Prai to get a gulp.

Rating between 1 - 5 . It 2 for me.. below average.

Pixs to be posted soon.


Next stop Le Tour D Ipoh on November 29, 2008

Nov 14, 2008

Penang Bridge Run - Nov 16, 2008

Tomorrow will be driving to Penang at 8.30am with Fai, Chooi Wan, Doris and Mei See will meet KC at Tapah R N R before heading to Ipoh for makan.

Hmm at 7am tmr.. Shih Ming, San, Siok Leng, Siok Bee, Michelle, Lee, Yap, Vin, Heng, Ray, Khoo will be leaving to Ipoh 'cos all of them want to makan dim sum at Ming Court Ipoh...

42km start at 3am - Siok Bee, Ray Ng and Fai will be running whereas the rest will be 25km, whilst Vin and Heng will be cheering us from their apartment.

So who will be the podium winners... result on Sunday...


Nov 12, 2008

Jelawang Waterfall and Gng Stong - Dabong

Sunrise at Kem Baha

Early 'birds' to watch the sunrise

One of the Jelawang H20

The above pixs weretaken in July when i lead a group of 11 ppl to Jelawang waterfall and Gng Beirut.
Coming Dec 26th - 29th, its will be Gng Stong challenge. Todate 6 ppl have confirmed therefore another 5 places left. Iternary as follows :
Dec 26th - Kl Sentral to Dabong ( Nite Train)
Dec 27th - Arrive Dabong, b'fast then caving. after lunch off to Camp Baha. Have to hke around the Jelawang waterfall.
Dec 28th - Day trip to Gng Stong
Dec 29th - After b'fast, hike to 7 jelawang waterfall, after lunch descend to Dabong and take 6.45pm tren to KL Sentral.
The cost is RM220, inclusive of train tickets(bedded), food, climbing fees.
If you keen, pls. email me at

Powerman Results on Sunday - Seri Manjung

The powerman results are categorised in each age group

Bee got 5th, Shih Ming 3rd , San 5th, Michelle 10th as for the guys.. they all di below 5 hrs
Khoo, Ray Ng, Eric, Kenny, Lee and Heng.

Vin did well, she completed the race in 5hrs 36mins not bad after that during lunch she announce her retirement.. hmmm probably Heng and Vin family planning.

Debbie came in together with me, Eric and Keney at 4hrs 59mins.

hmmm heard that 2 guys from our group 20 meters to the crossing hand were holding hands swinging and 'singing' when crossing the finishing line .

Pixs will be uploaded soon.


Nov 4, 2008

Awana Trail Blazer Pixs - by Vin

San & Me - 9th placing in the Mixed Team Competitive

Makan after the race

Nov 3, 2008

Awana Genting Trail Blazer - Nov 2, 2008 (AGTB)

Its was a wet and slippery condition at the AGBT, left KL at 6.15am and reach Awana at 7.30am 'cos was having breakfast with Chan at GohTong Jaya.

The race are divided into 2 categories, competitive and adventure mixed.

The race started at 8.30am for competitive and followed by adventure, the 1st 4km was running around the gold course , then only we hit the trail. It was a wet wet trail due to heavy downpour,

Results for our group:

Men Open competitive - Wei Kong & Chong - 12th

Mixed Open Competitive - Shih Ming & Yip - 4th. San & me - 9th

Men Open adventure - Kelvin & eng - 37th

Ladies Open adventure - Siok Leng & Jo N - 6th.


15Km Practise Run - 23rd Nov 2008

Rec'd this email from Krishnan

Hi Members of the Running Fraternity,
Adidas will be organizing 15km practice run as below
Date : SUNDAY 23RD November 2008
Venue : DATARAN SHAH ALAM ( Opposite Quality Hotel )
Time : 6.30 a.m.
This event is organized for those runners taking part in the 21km SCB Singapore Marathon 2008 on 7th December 2008. The runners will be escorted by MBSA Patrol fleet and refreshment will be served every 4 km and at the finish line.

Those interested in taking part in the event pls email me before the 16th November 2008.
Best Regards
Krishnan (
012 350 3668