Jul 22, 2009

Pines Trail

Tentative Aug 8. Pines tree hill subject to further confirmation .

This is part of the Mt KK and Mulu/Pinancles trainees for the climb in end of Aug and Sept.

Will update details later when i in Pulau Perhentian next week.

Last Sat/Sun did a back to back hiking to Gng Nuang and Gng Datuk. Met my old friends at camp lolo and had lunch while waiting the climbers coming down.

The durian season is on at Ulu Langat, so durian lovers don't miss the kampung durians.. I bought some from the orang asli while coming down from Gng Nuang. ..


Shape Run July 25th

Shape Run this sat at 8pm. Putrajaya. Starting at Palace of justice

On Saturday afternoon, i be at Maybank training complex in view of the Inter banks athelectics meet when i be running the 100m and 4 x 100m relay for veteran lah and on sunday morning is the 400m . Tan Khee Meng will be doing the 10km walk on sunday..

After the relay on saturday will go straight to Putrajaya so sms or call me for the bibs those whom i register.

On sunday July 26th there's a towerthon race organised by HUKM.

The THG kakis will be at putrajaya doing a mini tri simulation for Desaru Tri on Aug 1st.


Jul 15, 2009

Pulau Perhentian Besar

Pulau Perhentian Besar, was there for 6 days... will be going particulary every month
to take care of my Uncle Stall ie Ronnie Q's Pub.
Selling beers and drinks, I be there usually end of the month. The stall is at Perhentian Island Resort.
If u keen to diving, do let me know can arrange with my fren who runs the diving center for the last 15 years. (Turtle Bay)

Jul 13, 2009

PD Tri on July 12, 2009

The Ladies.. Debbie, Jenn, Mich, Bee

Poh Seng, Ray n Lee

Kelvin, Sharon and Sook Ying

Congrats to all those who took part in the PD tri esp Debbie and Bobby completing their maiden

Mich, Bee, Lydia for top 10 and the guys.. well done in completing the race. The sea was choppy and windy but u guys swam all the way...

So this coming week.. century ride in Ipoh.

Chantelle did 3:59:44 in the Gold Coast Marathon... wow I belum gone under 4hrs lah...
Well done Chantelle...


Jul 6, 2009

Gng Irau / Gng Nuang

Last Sat lead a grp of 70 climbers to gng irau, cameron highlands..., the trek was really muddy,.

I have laid markers to the peak.. so if anyone going just keep looking at the marker on the left side of the trail when u are going to the peak.

Came down at 6pm . Pixs will be uploaded soon.

Gng. Nuang on July 18th, so if u keen to join meet at the park office car park at 7am 'as i taking
some hikers for mt kk training.

This weekend is the PD triathlon... the THG gang will be there.