Feb 25, 2009

Lost in Gng Yong Yap

A fren of mine Ayat, have been missing in Gng Yong Yap since Feb 14.

Today news in harian metro, the search team informed that he could have felled into the ravine.

Ayat use to join in my trips to most of the mountains that i climbed.

Hope that he 's ok.

So guys , buddy system is very important in hiking.


Towerthon this Sunday - March 1, 2009

This sunday is the Kl Towerthon, Shih Ming & San will be there so do i.

last week KL run, shih ming got 4th in the Ladies vet and sun came in 8th.

Looking at the climbing of the 2.035 stairs, SM & San shd posied no problem top 10 'cos both of them been training at Gasing.


Gunung Nuang - Mar 14, 2009

March 14, 2009 will be planning for a hike to gng nuang, ulu langat in preparation for the Mt KK climb on April 29 - may via ferata.

Will be meeting at the Park office 6.45am and hike will start at 7am.

If u keen pls, email me. details will be posted soon


IM 09 - Langkawi - Feb 28th

This saturday at Langkawi Dr Rum, Ray Ng, Lee, Michelle, Ngae, Halim, Hugo, Siok Bee, Ket Seong, Bernard, Jason will be doing the IM 09.

The gruelling race of 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 41.195km run and to finish in 17hrs.

I preety confidence that all of them can finish within 15hrs with all the training they have put in.

So guys all the best for this week end race and just do you best.

You have no one race other than your selves.

C u guys back home and will have post makan..


Feb 17, 2009

IM Trainess this sat & Sun.. tapering

IM 09 trainees.. Dr Ray will be at Bt 18 for easy ride to Perez, terkala and back to bt 18.
He will be there at 7.30am

On sunday 6.30am Bkt Aman, easy run 15 - 20km , btw there's KL city run 10km at dataran .

12.00noon Halim's place for pot luck on sunday..


KL Towerthon March 1, 2009

KL Towerthon is back and its on MArch 1, 2009.

Can register at FTAAA, closing date Feb 22, 2009.

Those not going to Langkawi.. and will be joining me for the Mt KK climb in
April.. its good for you to join and climb 2,035 steps.


Feb 12, 2009

Sunday Feb 15, Precint 6 Putrajaya


This sunday at Precint 6, Putrajaya, last training for the Ironman trainess.

Time : 8.30am

Will start with bike - 3 hrs followed by 1 hr run then swim for warming down...

Pls. be punctual 'cos those who are late will chase the pack.


Feb 11, 2009

GE 30k pixs by Chan WK

February 10

Hi Guys..

Feb 10, 2009 is Eric's Teo Birthday..

Many Happy Returns Eric, ... hope u join us back in action
bringing JR with U...


Feb 3, 2009

Simulation Race - Langkawi Ironman

last Sunday, Jason, Rum, Tomatoman, Michelle, Bernard, Hugo, Bobby, Halim, Ben, Lee, Steven came for the simulation race at Putrajaya Precint 6.

Started at 9am and ended at 3.45pm . The weather in the morning was cool till 12noon after that it was really hot and all of them weight loss about 3 kilos.

This saturday, Feb 7, 2009, same place and time but this time cycling will be 3 hrs instead of 5hrs..

9.00am - swimming
10.00am - bike
1pm - run

On March 1, 2009 is the KL Towerthon.