Sep 25, 2009

Mt KK - Sept 27 - 30

Will be at LCCT tmr staying a nite at Tune hotel...

So be off for a week and will share my adventure & pixs on Mt KK...

Have a great week ahead..

Next week Ekiden Run and 70.3 at Putrajaya...

Will form a tem of 5 runners for the Ekiden run....

Sep 23, 2009

Mt KK Sept 27 - 30

This Sunday will be off to Mt KK and staying a nite at Mesilau Resort before ascending to laban rata on monday.

5 mountain guides for this climb... 'cos 3 climbers want to have personal guide to be with them.

Richard and Nizam will be the group guide, these 2 guides have been with me since i started my 1st Mt KK climb.

All the climbers are eveready and energizer for this week end.. yesterday saw them at Gasing hills doing light workout.

So stories on the Mt KK will be posted next week...


Mulu Pinnacles Pixs

Bats exodus

On the way to Kuala Litut

At the peak

Camp 5 before hiking up to Pinnacles
Pixs taken by Evelyn.

Sep 19, 2009

Mt KK Sept 27 - 30, 2009

Teresa, the evergreen climber for this coming Mt KK climb

Low's Peak

Today, will be at Gasing Hills as part of the training for the above its a tapering week..
after 3 mths of training and all set for next week hike to Mt KK.

Tonite the climbers will be meeting up and brief the basic nescessities, do & don't's while climbing and what to expect. Where's the best spot to snap the sunrise, low's Gulley, 'RM1' peak, donkeys ears, sacrificial pool etc

It will be my 15th climb to Mt KK and also part of the Mt KK Climbathon next month end.

This trip will be challenging in view of the climbers going as 80% are masters or i can say matured ppl.

With the Raya holidays.. it carbo loading and also simulation training for powerman....

Happy holidays and safe driving.


Sep 16, 2009

8 trails of Fraser Hills

The Rompin trail (500m)
Luas dengan rintangan yang minima
Di buka pada lewat tahun 1980'an denai ini dinamakan kerana Banglo Rompin yang berdekatan

The Bishop trail (1500m)
Keseluruhan sempit dan curam dengan berapa halangan :
Pada tahun 1917, C.J. Ferguson, Reverend Bishop Singapura pada masa itu, telah menemui 'Bukit Fraser' ketika mencari rakannya, seorang pedagang bijih timah bernama Louis James Fraser di kawasan kini di panggil Bishop's trail. L.J fraser tidak dapat di temui.

The Maxwell Trail (1800m)
Laluan agak sempit dan denai yang tinggi rendah dengan rintangan
Denai ini dinamakan untuk memperingati Sir George Maxwell.

The Hemmant Trail (1000m)
Keseluruhannya rata dengan sedikit halagan kecil
Denai Hemmant dinamakan bersempena nama Frank Hemmant seorang akitek

The Abu Suradi Trail (500m)
Keseluruhan denai luas dengan rintangan minima
Tahun 1899, Abu bin Suradi merupakan orang Melayu tempatan yang pertama mendapat pajakan melombong di Pamah Lebar.

Last weekend, i was leading a group to Fraser hills and trek 6 trails other than Pines & Kindersley Trail.

Trekking the 6 trails, u can see the 3/4 of Fraser hills

Took abt 3 hrs 30mins to complete the 6 trails and 2 trails which are leeches infested. ie Bishop and Maxwell trail, no way u can escape without getting a leech on ur shoes. All of us kena we stop, the leeches are just waiting to hop on.

It was a pleasant hike and the cool weather makes us want to hike 2nd time. started to trek at 12.30pm noon and completed abt 3pm and had teh tarik.

Met Adrian from S'pore with his gang after his hiking to Semangkuk

The Kindersly Trail (750m)
Luas dengan rintangan yang minima
Di buat pada tahun 1982, denai ini telah digunakan pada peringkat awalny oleh pegawai pegawai Inggeris untuk menghadiri perjumpaan keagamaan di Banglo Methodhist

The Mager Trail (1000m)
Laluan yang lebar dengan keadaan tanah yang rata
Dinamakan sempena F.W. mager seorang jurutera JKR Pahang yang mula membuat kerja pembinaan Jalan Gap pada 1918 dan siap in 1921.

The Pine Tree Trail (5000m)
Laluan yang curam dan mencabar
Denai Pokok Ru dibuka pada awal permerintahan British. Denai ini digunakan oleh orang ornag British untuk mengdaki ke muncak Gunung Pokok Ru yang terletak 1505 meter psl. Pandangan yang menakjubkan dari puncak gunung ini meliputi Bukit Fraser dan bukit bukit di sekeliling nya.

Speednez - Exceed your limit

Lately I have been taking SPEEDNEZ, its a energy boosting drink formulated with Ribose and Superfruits to enhance, optimize and maintain energy level throughout the day.

This product is new in the market and the company promoting this have supplied some samples for me to try out for the group that i took them to Mulu Pinnacles last 2 weeks and also for next week Mt KK climb.

The recovery period is ok, as i took after the climb down from pinnacles 12hrs gave to 2 climbers to try out and next day they felt better. Will try it out for Mt KK climb and also the powerman simulation.

What ingredients in Speednez.

Ribose :- 5 carbon sugar found naturally in all living cells in human body. It is used in the body to regulate the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy molecule of the cell and it is an essential ingredient in stimulating natural energy production.
Ribose are obtain by fermentation of glucose.

Superfruits :- refer to the fruits which are high in nutrient and antioxidiants. Speednez contains Mangosteen and Acai which are both high in antioxidants properties.

Hmm will be discussing with the company on sponsoring the team for Mt KK climbathon end of Oct.

Price : A box of 20 sachets RM50

Sep 15, 2009

Simulation Training for Powerman/SIM09 Sept 21st

Confirmed Sept 21st 2nd day of Raya , simualtion training for Powerman/SIM09.

Meet at Palace of Justice latest by 7:15am as I be starting at 7:30am.

SIM '09 - 20km run (to complete 2hrs 30mins)

Powerman - 10km run, 70km cycle, 10km run (to complete within 5hrs)


Latest - Climber died on the way up to Mt KK

Rec'd sms from lai kuan informed a climber died on the way up to Mt KK.

I contacted Tim at KK and was informed that he died probably due to exhaustion and felled at 5.5km (Panar labar) from Mesilau.

In 2 weeks time I off to Mt KK and will be meeting the grp this weekend for briefing on the do and don'ts.


Gng Ansi pixs

A week after i back fook the from Mulu Pinnacles took the Mt KK grp for training at Gng Ansi.
Another cool weather climb and the park were deserted in view of Ramadhan.. so we were the only climbers on that day...
Met the grp at Senawang Toll at 7am and off to Ulu Bendul. abt 3km to the car park, signal to Catherine to park her car at the stall and jump into Chey's car as the trek will start from Ulu Bendul and descend 3 km from the starting point.
Mt KK climb Sept 27 - 30....

Mulu Pinnacles - Aug 28 - Sept 1

Before heading to Pinancles

Getting ready to Camp 5

The Pinnacles

Mulu Pinnacles..... total hrs ascend descend 12 hrs.. 1st to reach the peak and last to reach back the camp 5.

It was a cool morning when started to hike Pinnacles.. as we started the journey at 6:45am, i took the lead and siew, ker Shing and Dathnie followed my pace, the 2 nd group were with Lawai(guide) and Eddie was accompanied by Jenny (guide).
At 9:30am , we reach the 1st ladder where the cut off time is 11am. 17 ladders to climb .. it just 400 meters to the Pinnacles but time taken for average climbers abt 1 hr. 95%he of t will be using the 4 limbs.
abt 10:15am, i reach the pinnacles..15mins later Siew, KS & Dathnie arrived and were amaze with the pinnacles formation. abt 10 mins later a grp of hikers whom we met at Camp 5 arrived (from NZ) were relieved when they reach the peak and amazed also. We sat for an hr busy taking 12pm, the 3 ladies started to descend while I waited for the rest of the climbers.

Fred, Chong and Ng arrived at 12:30pm, they were the last to arrived. we started to descend 30 mins later and arrived at Camp 5 at 6:45pm as the 3 were totally exhausted.

It was a gd experience for the climbers .. Eddie didn't reach on time to the 1st ladder but king enough to cook dinner for the grp.

Left Camp 5 next day to the park.

Visiting the show caves and seeing the bat odus were part of trip and the grp really enjoyed.

Next yr. it Mulu Summit.. 24km hike to the peak.

Sep 12, 2009

Fraser Hills - Pines Trail????

In 20mins time, i be off to Fraser Hills, to do the 6 trails and probably revisit Pines Tree Hills,
where i was stung by the hornets...

Last week was at Ansi... today off to the hills.. as part of Mt KK training for the grp in view of this month end climb.....and also for the Mt KK climbathon end of Oct

will staying overnite there.....

Hari Raya next week.. simulation for Powerman and SIM'09 is on 2nd day of Raya....details to be posted by Monday.


Sep 8, 2009

Powerman Simulation On Raya 2

The powerman simulation will be on 2nd day of raya at Putrajay ie. Sept 21st.
Meet at Palace of Justice 7am.. will start at 7:30am

Distance :

Run 10km, Cycle :70km Run 5km

The 2nd simulation will be middle Oct.

Those taking part in the SIM09 can also join for the simulation.


Mulu Pinnacles - Aug 28 - Sept 1


On the way to Camp 5 by boat

'No way i going back again' these are some of the hikers whocame down from the pinnacles at Camp 5 ... but the next day hmmmm different song ahhahah..

I was the last to reach back at Camp 5 , total 12 hrs as we started at 6:45am.

Was the sweeper for Fong, Lai Chin & Fred as they reach the pinnacles at 12:30pm and i was waiting for them for 2hrs 30mins.

It was really a challenging climb for all them as they didn't expect the terrain and the time coming down is much longer than going up.

So if you keen to climb the pinnacles, train at Tabur A & B for 2 months and will be ready for the climb as it technical esp the last 400 meters. 100% focus.

pixs will upload soon...

Nxt year MULU summit 24km from the National Park to the peak.


Sep 3, 2009

Gunung Ansi

Hi... Just got back from Mulu...

To those who wish to join me to Gunung Ansi this Saturday, ps meet up at the Senawang Toll at 7am sharp... hoping to start the hike at 8am!!

Will upload pics about my trip to Mulu soon...