Apr 27, 2011

Ada Gaya

Sabah Adventure Challenge April 22 - 24, 2011

Singapore Blade Runner - Shariff - 75% will power

Adventure participants

LK, Me,, Ee Van, Steven, Edwin

The Scorpions

Its was 71.3km instead 60km trail run last week at Tmabunan Sabah.

The trail run of 60km was done over 2 days. It was a challenging, tough as participants need

to navigate & orienteering their way out from check point to check point.

on the 1st day the lead group took the wrong turn and ran 1 km off course before reliasing they were 'lost'

A miss calcuation and wrong orienteering, on 2nd day, cost steven a 1st place as he was leading till CP 5 , 15 minutes ahead on the 2nd runner. In the end he got 3rd placing.

It was a wet, muddy, hot run, the scenery of the kampong was beautiful and the friendly local folks cheers rhe ruuners.

Will post more pixs soon.. next year .. will sure go again...


Apr 19, 2011

Sabah Challenge Adventure

The above pixs were forwarded by Avtar (SAC Director) informing the participants what to expect as he and his crew were out to mark the trails for this weekend race.

So its just 3 days to the 60km trail run and Edwin, Lai Kuan, Yip and me are all eager and set to go. Been busy emailing and called to get all the mandatory items.

Today went to the insurance office to collect the sports PA, and also pharmacy for the blisters plasters.

Will be back on Sunday evening and upload pixs of the race.

Its will a busy 4 weeekend for me...

Keep healthy and smile always

Ada Gaya

Me, Jason & Kelly

Pix taken before the ENR at F1 Sepang

Got no comments to the ENR last saturday, but the organizer need to do post mortem
on what when wrong that night.


Apr 14, 2011

T2 - Tmn Melawati this sat

Will be hiking T2 this sat. meeting at the pipe 7.30m.. this is gathering of the T hikers to celebrate LK b'day which fall this sat. In the evening will be at Sepang F1 track for the energizer run as part of last training for the SAC which will be on April 22 - 24th. Weather in KK been raining lately hope by the time i at KK for the 60km trail run it will be dry. yesterday register 2 ladies for the Kl Towerthon on May 7, and i ask the receptionist on number of participants .., its more than 2000 ppl taking part in the KL Towerthon and the registration yet to be closed. Look like the race will end till midnite. May 14 - 15 - Gng Irau Cameron revisit .. P3

Apr 8, 2011

Sabah Adventure Challenge April 21 - 24

Mum carry her daughter to camp pacat Just rec'd update from the organsier on the 60km ultra trail run solo. 1st day it will 40km and 2nd day 25km total 65km ... Lai Kuan was shocked to hear as her longest distance is 26km ...therefore the SAC is a challenge for her Tomorrow will be relax climb for me at Saga as ast week I had a bad fall, hurting my cheek and mouth. Todate my mouth still swell and have difficulty in eating. Was lucky my jaw was ok...

Apr 4, 2011

SAS Eco Challenge at Tioman Island

May 14.. Eco Challenge International SAS at Tioman Island..distance 24km keen log below site. http://eco-challenge.com.my/default.ASP Mich & Ray have sign up/