Aug 6, 2015

Penang Round Island Aug 9

This saturday will be driving to Penang with Dato' Steven , Kah Hoe , L2, Ho and Eileen as on Sunday we will be taking part in the Penang Round Island cycling

It will be my first round island ride and the total distance is about 82km

All set for this week cycling event will enjoy the scenery in Penang

Pixs of cycling training at Bt 14 Cheras

Mulu Pinnacles Jul 30 - Aug 3, 2015

34 hikers got the taste of Pinnacles on Aug 1, and 80% reach the peak.

It was a challenging hike as it been raining the last week and also the eve of the climb.

The ground was wet and slippery especially descending which take average 5 hours for 2.4km

It was a good experience for all of them and they won't buy my stories when i organize any mountain hikes

as i told them it OK .

The group also enjoy the Show Caves and also watching the Bat Exodus on Aug 2.

Most of them didn't expect to walk average 10km per day for 5 days.

My cousin Adelene told me that i 'conned' her saying it a walk in the Park ..

hmm yup walking in Mulu National Park.

Some pixs of the Mulu trip